Sunday, August 08, 2010

Buy the Balls! Day 3 in Provincetown

Today was my birthday. It was a day of easy moving, my favorite brunch, beaching at low tide, giving thanks.

JB has gone home until Thursday. I am here in this coastal town at the land's end where each day I will write, blog, catch up, draw, walk the beach and walk Stella, shop alittle, socialize alittle.

I do not spend much time totally alone and I welcome this chance to make my own acquaintance.
Then, when JB comes back, we have written a list of things we want our vacation to include:

tuna sushi at the Mews
visit the metal man
look for a beautiful water container for the yard
visit the galleries
see "eat pray love" with liz
dinner at terra luna and front street
check out and hopefully blow up flo the giant giraffe
bike in the dunes
beach or pool every day unless it rains
fine arts center auction
look at real estate
jump up and down when lo and marianne come
meet jess and mike and mr. ryan and mr. baby drew at the Fishermen's wharf ferry
buy the balls!*
I can't resist a good play on words. forgive my use of male body part street slang here, I can't help it. :) I really mean buy several blown glass balls for decorative purposes. (I'm sorry) (I can't stop giggling) (hahaha)

So far I'd rate my vacation a solid A- to B-plus.


  1. What? It sounds like an A+++++ vacation to me! :) Happy Birthday to you and I know you will find lots of balls - hahahaha!

  2. Pam took the words out of my mouth,
    what's with this A- stuff? I am glad you have had a good Birthday and that you have some time alone.
    I like your list, but I would go to the beach even if it's raining, you could not keep me away. I don't get the pool part, don't you swim in the ocean? To each his own :-). Show us your balls when you get some :-). Kisses to Stella.

  3. Happy Birthday KJ. Sent you a BD Email Love all the pix

  4. pam, it's not A plus because i think too much! it will take me another day or two... :)

    annie, the pool is beside the beach, and the pool is where the food and drink is and sometimes i lie on their lounge chair, let myself get really hot, and jump in the cool pool. plus it is a hoot! in provincetown, it is not surprising to encounter hoot! experiences :)

    camille, OMG! what a birthday present you sent me. thank you so so so much.

  5. did you say giraffe??

    dear birthday girl,
    next time i come by to see what you are up to i hope to hear your vacation has turned into a A+ x's 100! (with such a fantastic list i know it will).

    i'll be thinking of you tomorrow while i'm at work. in the cold, cold fog.
    hee hee.

    have fun!!

  6. Happy birthday, KJ. I am a day late, but nevertheless: hughughug!
    Lovely pictures of Provincetown. This coastal area looks like ours here at the North Sea. Beautiful beaches and the same dunes. Have fun there! Greetings from the Netherlands.

    OT: I have put a few pictures of an art walking route on my blog. Maybe you like to take a look.

  7. Aww I haven't commented on all three posts but have read them and drooled at those prawns! You do mark your vacations hard I must say! Why didn't I know it was your birthday, Facebook didn't warn me. then my internet's been a big fat poo so might have missed the notification. Happy birthday darling, I hope it was wonderful.

  8. Well happy yesterday B-day KJ - miss "thinks=too=much=to=make=it=an=A+=day" I think it's the Italian in you - afraid to say "I'm having an A+ day" cause then something would happen to make it A= (well..that's what I would do anyway).
    anyways - enjoy the balls, enjoy the beach, enjoy, revel, enjoy

  9. sounds pretty A plus to me too. Look at Real Estate!!!! Where? In Ptown? On my walk down Commercial St i stopped at every real estate office and looked at the pictures and prices. so for something in the high 200's or sometimes a bit lower, i could get a 400 sq' condo. would that work??
    I mean for me.

    Glad you treated yourself to wonderful things on your bday and have such a great list of more wonderful things to do ahead. cheers to ye, Suki

  10. wise Bhuddist saying: dont think.

  11. BEACH will bleach your brain of unwanted stain.....

    (Ok, that sounds like a fortune cookie)

    Happy Birthday-I'm having trouble with mine-but not as much trouble as I was...50 is hard. I'll get there.

  12. I can guess why this holiday might "just" be an A-..... the heart still remembers...and as we said, it takes time to heal.....but trust me, A- sounds damn good to me! And, who knows, when JB returns and you have seen Lo and Marianne (and Mim?)....and have 'found those balls" could end up an A+!

    Saw Lori's you know if she is having fog....sigh, I am too....

    Love, Love - and kiss Stella!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. is it a+ yet?


    i like what sukipoet said. hee hee.

  14. lori, flo is a GIANT blow up float. she has a huge neck and head and can hold several people. but you know floats: over time the spring leaks! so we have to check because it may be time for mr. ryan and mr. baby drew to meet flo.
    honestly, lori, i will be very happy to have a B vacation!

  15. dear wieneke, how are you my friend? your north sea coast must be beautiful. i am going to gallivant with my camera over the next few days. i want to take pictures of 'signs'! i will be over to your blog. i so wish i were better at languages i don't know. thank you for never forgetting me even when i don't visit you ( i do visit, i just don't comment sometimes) ♥

  16. hells, i miss just about everyone's birthday, so don't fret there. new job going well so far--double yay. you deserve a double yay. :)

    mim, the italian, maybe even the french canadian. and of course the girl who trusts too much... :) thanks for your wishes. time here is feeling very great. ♥

    suki, i can't resist looking at real estate here. you could get a one bedroom for around $ 325, and a studio in the high one's, low 2's. but this is not a place to move to unless you are prepared for winters of solitude and summers of hustle bussle. we lived here for two years: the best and the worse. i am going to rejoice when you move where ever suki. and yes, it is totally wonderful for me to be here. i am estastic.

  17. debra kay, what a little poem you've written here!!! 50 is hard? yes, i know, it's one of those round # birthdays. but what about 63???? i cannot believe i've turned 63. i don't feel 63. i am saying it outloud so i don't start being embarrassed by it, which i kinda could be. wow! i always thought 55 was OLD! but really, i am lucky in every way to be my age and healthy, still immature and headed backwards by the minute ♥

    wrobin, yup, bittersweet in that way but heading toward bettersweet. time does its thing, which is a good thing.

    dear lori, it's an 'A' this morning. TSUP!

  18. Oh, a fellow leo!! How wonderful! Happy Birthday to you and a great year ahead! Your vacation sounds like an absolute dream - enjoy every minute of it whether by yourself or with your family and friends. Love, Silke

  19. Just catching up. Happy, happy Birthday!

    (Booked my flights and car last night!)

  20. Thanks, Karen, for your e-mail. I have given you an answer right-away, but this morning I opened my inbox and saw that my answer was AGAIN returned undelivered. It is so frustrating!!! Somehow it is impossible to e-mail you. I never have troubles with sending and receiving e-mails; you are the only one who I cannot contact properly. So don't think I am not interested, I just cannot manage(crycrycry). Anyway, all is fine with me. The weather is nice and not too warm. Of course I understand that it is difficult for you to read Dutch, but I appreciate it very much if you drop by now and then.
    About a visit to the States? Hm, not in the near future, I think, but I never say never :-)
    Yes, I would like to read the blog you mentioned. Let me know how and when.
    I hope you will have a wonderful time in Provincetown together wit JB, Stella and the visitors.
    Have fun!

  21. Seeing your posts, makes me long for time at the ocean. I even looked up pet friendly b&b's in rehoboth, delaware (about 3 hours from me) and found a couple of lovely ones. Not sure when I'll go, but I will...

    www, and