Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily & Marianne

from my best friend Marianne
Hello everyone, it's me, Emily! Can you even believe that kj tried to sneak in that pensive post on Animal Wednesday? I think she thought I would be too busy to notice, and just because I have been punished for a week for staying out all night, that is not a reason for her to take over my time to write, don't you think she was pushy to do that? Plus wouldn't you be staying out all night too if you were vacationing on Cape Coddy and you had trees to swing in and an ocean to bob in and friends to play with?
I am having a very good time and being punished is not really a problem because I am sneaking out even though I am punished for sneaking out.
But my best friend Marianne didn't meet me and I feel bad about that. I wish she had thought to come looking for me at the beach or in that special tree I like but she was too busy having fun with kj and lololo and even JB and this one time I didn't mind because I probably should have let her know when I licked her ear.
Anyway, Marianne, I wrote you a poem from me to you. I hope you like it and as a special tribute to our being best friends, I am not going to charge kj any money this week for writing this, even though she might not have paid me anyway.
Yours sincerely,
Emily V.V. Rabbit
To My Best Friend Marianne
Marianne came to visit
While I was playing in a tree
She hugged kj and brought great gifts
And she probably looked for me.

I almost woke her up at night
But it was very late
And I had just snuck back inside
When I was supposed to be home at eight.

Marianne is my best friend
In case you didn’t see
So I am very sure, quite sure
All that candy is for me.

I ate the black licorice
And all the cookies too
I gobbled the stroopwafels
And loved everything through and through.

I know I should have been here
When Marianne arrived
I shouldn’t have been swinging
And trying to contrive

A reason to stay out late
With Gregory Squirrel and the ducks
I should have told them I was busy’
And not tried to push my luck.

I didn’t know that Marianne
Would leave the very next day.
I though she and lololo and that nice Felix
Would decide to stay and play.

Maybe this one time
It was my fault that I was not right here
But Marianne, you know know know
You are my friend so dear!!

I promise next time I will plan
to show you all my places
Where I love to get in trouble
And all these secret spaces.

Plus I will share my lollies
And even my jellies
I may even let you
Scratch my little belly.

Because Marianne, you’re my best friend
I’m sorry I missed
Your visit this first time
The next time I’ll kiss!

But just so you know
The night you were here
I snuck in and tickled you
In your right ear.


  1. heeeeeheeee!!

    Emily, I know you don't know this but Stella kept me awake and I saw you sneak in and tickle Marianne :)

    I'm pretty sure she felt it and LIKED it!


  2. ooh you little tickler you

  3. Hi Ya Emily, I think Marianne felt you tickle her ear, if Lo says it, it is true. I love your poem and I am sure Marianne will too! Hugs.

  4. eleonora, hello! i can make you smile and make you shake your head too. and do you already know how to throw a temper tantrum?

    lololo, hahahaha! next time i am going to tickle you!

    mim, i am thinking of teaching tickle techniques. do you think people would pay?

    ms. teri c, thank you very much. are you interested in tickle lessons? just wondering...

    hello annie, how are you today? are you staying out of trouble? i hope not. i hope marianne likes my poem. did you notice it is briefer than i usually speak? i worked on it because marianne is my best friend.

    emily r.

  5. Emily Wrabbit,
    You're in the habit
    of causing pure HAVOC!
    But, one thing is clear,
    Marianne holds you dear
    in her Heart her Ear!

    Love and Lollies,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  6. I knew it!!!!!
    I felt your presence!
    So in fact we did meet, only you caught me in the silent mode......
    But there will be a next time Emily.
    When we willl all meet in Chicago. I will let you know so you have plenty of time to hide in the suitcase.......

    Thanks for the poem dear!!!!

    LOVE from your best friend.

  7. Stroopwafels? Did I read about s t r o o p w a f e l s? Lovely poem, ms Rabbit.

  8. wrobin, you are poet! do you know it? heeheehaha! let's be a star!

    marianne, in chicago MAYBE i will talk to you. and if i do you can buy me candy. how does that sound?
    did you know lololo saw me sneak in? it's a good thing she was too busy with stella bothering her!

    ms. wieneke, those stroopy-wafels are very tasty. i was going to share them but they are so good i have hidden the can under kj's bed.

    yours truly
    emily rabbit

  9. I wish i were as good as a poem writer as you are emily, i guess i ought to practice more.

    stroopwaffles are addicting! i understand hiding the can. heehee.

    ♥ lori