Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit Teaches Balance


It's me, Emily! Do you see me?

I am moving fast over the fence

while I keep my balance!

A long time ago I promised to write something for Marion of and I am finally doing it because kj keeps reminding (nagging) me about it so I thought, 'okay Emily, why not keep your promise this one time and maybe next time Marion will believe you again and that would be nice."
Marion asked me to write about BALANCE.
I don't think she meant the kind in gymnastics or rocket science so instead I am going to give you an example of good balance and bad balance and if you follow the example you will stay on the good side of things.
First I will tell you that even though I am a little rabbit, I know that the petals on most flowers and even on vegetables are pretty much the same size. That's BALANCE, right?
But some people let some of their petals get huge and they let other petals get puny. Here's what a person's flower would look like if they didn't pay attention:



And then there is me! See how balanced my flower is! Okay, maybe the "chore' one gets small sometimes and the fun one gets too big, but I am trying to teach you about balance so would you please just believe that this is my flower and most of the time every petal is about the same size.

So this is all you need to know about BALANCE.

Right, Marion?

Sincerely Yours,

Emily Rabbit


  1. Such a wise wabbit you are Emily ... and my word ... is that weally you sky surfing in a brightlight suit, how cool is that??!! If I didn't think KJ would be reading this I'd say you are just f*ckin awsome ... but I know she's told you about bad language ... and quite right too.

    Small pint about your flower ... I see no mention of mischief ... or jelly beans for that matter. Maybe it makes the petals too crowded though.

    xx Jos

  2. ha! small pint?!? Sorry Emily too much rushing and not enough time concentrating on spelling. Maybe my flower should have a bigger "school" petal! xx

  3. Wow Emily I'm impressed*!* you're almost a hare, that's a fast move Kj captured of your balance.

    I have a balanced four petal flower,

    play, eat, run, sleep

    Love, Harry

  4. Yes, Emily, I see you. My but you WERE moving fast!

    I appreciate your instruction about balance. Some of us get into it a little too much I fear, and can't sit in a chair if a picture frame isn't parallel to the walls and ceiling. Fortunately, we feel better once we get up and fix it.

  5. Great shot!

    Hm - can I have all my petals be fun?

  6. So true about balance, kj, all the petals have to be more or less the same shape. It's difficult,though. Have you noticed that one petal usually takes over for a time? Then the exercise, healthy eathing, and fun petal become so tiny! I hope all of yours are just the size you want them to be! Thanks for your charming story!

  7. the picture says it all, lol! great job in reminding us how we need to balance our lives better. More fun, less work :-)
    now have a carrot Emily :-D

  8. Apparently, if you are a student of anatomy, 'balance' is considered a sixth sense but I think they mean the ability to remain stable . . not the work life balancey thingy. Then I've never studied anatomy and I have trouble standing on one leg so what do I know.

  9. hello ms jos, that is weally me! you can say that F word, even kj says it. i think she told me not to say it because i said it in school and got arrested, ah, i mean suspended. you are SO right about my petals. WHERE are the jellies????

    harry, you have your priorities straight. but what about rolling down hills and stealing raddishes from the neighbors? and whining?

    snowbrush, oh that is so silly. who cares if a picture is straight or not? when kj gets like that, i purposely go around and make the pictures crooked. i don't tell her it's me. while she is busy straightening them i tell her there is free chocolate in the kitchen. i am trying to help her of course...

    cs, no you can't. that is cheating. do you like harry hare's four petals? and you can add one more important one...


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  11. dear cynthia, aha!! see, you are honest and obviously a good example that you can let those petals get out of hand! exercise and healthy eating should not interfere with your jellybeans and whining, right? i would like to see your flower. would you draw it? it might even be educational for someone else. :)

    hello betty, do you mind if i have a chocolate preztel instead of a carrot? do you like chocolate for breakfast too? sometimes i eat those dove ice cream bars too. don't forget to have more fun today, right?

    baino, i have no idea what you are saying. you must be very smart but i think a-strong-a-me means 'don't push me around' and a-nack-o-me means someone likes to collect things. no?

    clarity, thank you very much. but forget thanking kj, i have to barge in every wednesday to write my very nice column here.

    emily r.

  12. (knock knock)
    Emily? Are you up yet?
    (waits to hear bunny hops to computer....)
    Where is the petal with FROZEN PEAS??? I have a big bag, but if there is no petal on your flower for the peas, I shall have to cook them for dinner, I guess. Sigh.....sniff.....
    Oh well, I'll try and write you a little ditty anyway as I hold my BIG BAG OF COLD FROZEN PEAS....

    Looking for balance
    is most hard to find,
    Petals like Emily's
    are one of a kind.
    We live in a world
    where demands are too many
    and rest and recouping
    is no longer plenty.
    Wise little rabbits
    can make it look easy,
    But truly, for humans,
    it does make us queasy.
    Spending too long
    with work or hard duty
    can just make us crank
    (and some people snooty).
    We all need a flower
    like the one you have drawn
    reminding us when
    it is time to move on
    from the work that's at hand
    to the rest that we need
    and then we'd be happy
    "Emilys" indeed!
    (But still, here I sit
    as the cold, cold peas drip--
    I'm wondering where our petal
    for *Trouble* has slipped!)

    Yours Sincerely,
    (with peas)

    Oh--vert word "kinkas"
    I am not even TOUCHING that one!!!:D

  13. Emily! You have written one of the best essays on balance I have ever read!!! It is short, succinct, and sweet...and your use of flower petals to illustrate is pure genius!!

    Who knew you were such an awesome, intelligent Rabbit? For a long time, I thought you were only interested in jelly beans...and here you are proving me entirely wrong!

    I never, ever thought you wouldn't write on balance...I know how long it takes for an idea to percolate, sometimes. Thank you for this post, my dear, sweet Rabbit friend!!

  14. Dear Emily,

    I am not mad at you for taking over my comments.
    I knew there was a *trouble* petal on that flower!
    You just hid it under one of the other ones, so it would be perfectly balanced, didn't you??? ;) It's okay; I won't tell....
    We can still throw peas. The phone repair man is coming and I think that would be a perfect target. See if he can work while being pelted with peas...... :D

    Anne with the soggy peas....heading for the freezer.

  15. kj,

    I'm saying, once again, you have a gold mine (don't frown on money!) and a really GOOD children's classic right under Emily's pink little nose.

    It's golden, kj.


  16. Emily, it's Wrobin! I want to thank you for your wonderful (for you) behaviour towards Stella as she recovered during the last few weeks. I know how hard it was for you NOT to throw peas and jelly beans at her.... you were (not quite) an Angel-Wabbit - but pretty close.

    As for "balance'.... thank you for your wise words... this is something your friend Wrobin has struggled mightily with all her life....I live "up in the clouds' or "down in the valleys".... always striving, but rarely achieving a sense of balance. KJ knows this - and sent me a beautiful painting by the beautiful Lo which states "Balance is Beautiful". I keep it on my table next to my pc so I look at it every day.... and I twy, twy, twy... now, I will think of your flower example too.

    Awesome Wabbit!



  17. Emily! This is your best post ever. I love it. I learned a lot and will get my flowers balanced out this week. xoxo
    And yes, I can see you!

  18. anne, this poem says everything i would have said if i could have said it the way you said it! your poems make me hop in mid air!

    anne, why is kj laughing her a-- off because you said kinkas? and is pam laughing too? oooooh, maybe i get it! i won't say it though. hee hee hee from em-i-ly.

    dear marion, do you like that this is short and siccinct because sometimes i go on and on and don't end my sentences when maybe i should but i don't and really i don't care that i don't because it's fun to just keep talking and stringing words together, right? anywho, i am glad you like this. do you think kj should pay me extra? drats! no, she is not even going to pay me because this was for charity. boohoohooboohoo. oh, okay, this one time. :)

    anne, what are you doing with soggy peas? you may need a freezer in every room! don't forget about frozen brussel sprouts. and maybe even frozen melons: can you just imagine what they would do if they hit the telephone man?

    linda, how much money can i make and will i have to share it with kj? and can stella handle the paperwork?

    wrobin, you have to keep twying. are you rolling down hills? eating enough jelly beans? kicking and whining at the same time? throwing your peas? you can't cut corners, wrobin. tell kj too, would you. she cheats sometimes and gets herself all into her own imaginations....

    annie, thank you very much. did you see my little eye? do you want to draw a picture of your flower too? why not, annie, right?then you can see if your petals are the same size.


  19. i'll have to check out my petal situation. thanks Emily. after all i'm a libra, queen of balance, right?

  20. Love this post Emily!
    My life is all about balance........
    Right now the petals in my flower are pretty much the same so in balance you would say.
    But there have been times my flower was weird and I know these times will come in the future too.
    Just want to keep my flower with equal petals as long as possible ;)
    I know you will!
    Hugs and HAW to you my best friend!

  21. Emily, it is so good to meet such a wise and witty wabbit. HAW.

  22. Emily, that was very informative, thak you!
    You can bet I am busy checking my petals. So far, so good,,,but I haven't gotten to all of them yet.I'm kinda stuck on one which I won't tell about, but I'm working on it.
    For charity? How sweet of you!

  23. Oh my, Anne that is a wonderful poem! I did not have time to read it this morning.
    Emily, I am afraid that the work petal and chore petal would be huge. But I will try to do better from now on.

  24. hahahahaha! I'm so glad I'm taking time this evening to visit blogs since I was self-indulgently posting away today.

    I'm afraid my sleep, school and church petals have wilted and fallen off. Unless you count nature as my church, then I go every day! And life is my school and I try to show up. And sleep, well it still eludes me some nights. I think it's because I haven't found the right pillow although my pretty pillow shams kick ass! Oops, sorry. I do love a pretty pattern and fabric:)

    This is wise advice Miss Emily V.V. Rabbit! I'm so glad I stopped by.

    Please tell your mom hello and I'll be talking on the phone next week.


  25. Emily...can you balance on your toes with your eyes closed????

  26. haha mim.

    i think i need to be one of those flowers with 25 petals, maybe 26. then if i were a wee bit out of balance, no one would know. anyway, when the wind blows i am all over the place.

    i'm just teasing emily, your lesson was brilliant and i will remember it!

  27. suki, kj has libra in her too and she walks ten blocks to avoid a conflict, but when she stops walking, oh boy sometimes!

    marianne! if one of my petals is too big, it is NOT the chore one or the work one or even the school one. i hope this is true for you too!

    dear lisa, the pleasure is mine especially because you said i was wise and witty and did you say cute and fun too? anyway, kj said she went to your blog and walked in your garden and really liked it.

    WHICH ONE, BABS? WHICH ONE? i won't tell anyone. i am dying to know. is it something i know about or is it some of that grown up stuff?

    annie, keep that work petal down to size and you will have time to play. that's just basic math, right?

    lololo, a pretty pillow? no way! use pinecones and pine needles instead. they give you good dreams and they smell so nice you fall asleep before you even know it. i am concerned if your petals are falling off. you need new ones then. three new ones by my count. what are they? see what babs said. you too?

    mim, of course i can! can't you?

    lori, when the wind blows i am all over the place too. i spread my paws out and try to fly. do you?
    26 is a lot of petals. with 26 petals you cannot have an extralarge one or kj says it will look like something i don't understand but you do and she does, that's what she said, lori.

    yours truly,
    emily v.v. rabbit

  28. Then can I make them all fun things with different labels?

  29. ms. secret agent, you should try that idea, but i am sorry to tell you that you will probably have some hidden puny petals if you don't give them enough space. i don't think it's fair but kj says life isn't always fair and when she says that i ignore her but she might be right just so you know..

  30. Dear Emily,

    I think this is a very timely post. My petals are definitely in need of arranging. Some of my petals are falling off, and I think I might have to resort to Gorilla Glue to stick them back on again. A few of my petals are missing completely! Oy!
    Luckily the fun petal is very strong, and so far has only had to be propped up now and then.
    Happy peas to you, and carrots, too!
    xoxoxo Pam


    Don't know how I missed that post, but I must have just read part of it for some reason.

    When I am reincarnated and if I have a choice, I want to be your pet. What a life!

  32. Emily I's a boy Hare
    Boy Hare's box
    sometime we rolls down hills
    but we never
    we leaves that to
    girlie rabbits
    ^ ~

  33. Hi emily :)
    it's always lovely to read what you're thinking...
    I'm not convinced that balance is the key to a wholesome life...
    I think that sometimes we need to tip the balance to achieve dreams...otherwise nothing would ever change.
    I could be wrong... as I have never lived a perfectly balanced life ;)

    xx robyn