Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily's Private Garden

Hello everyone, it's me Emily. This week I am going to show you MY garden, which I planted all by myself.
Would you believe I got in trouble with kj because I used the knives from the kitchen to hold up the seed packets so I would know what I planted where? kj said people use wooden sticks, not knives, but how would I know that since I am a rabbit and not a person and besides the knives worked perfectly and kj has other knives--it's not like I used them all--so what is the problem?


Now I will show you everything up close. Lololo gave me all the seeds and Sonia gave me the ones that will be giant lollipops.


So far everything is coming along very nice, except the chocolate upside down cake, which hasn't come up yet. I will show you pictures when it does, and don't believe kj if she tells you it won't because I know it will. She can be such a negative nelly, don't you think? (It's not my fault if your name is Nelly and you think I am insulting you because I really don't even know what the phrase means).







This is the one kj is a negative nelly about

Thank you if you are impressed that I am planting my own garden. Even though I am little, I am not afraid to invest in doing things that involve jelly beans and lollipops and upside down cake because let's face it: if you stop and think about it, what could make anyone happier than that? And what could be wrong with anyone who does things that make them happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, and my garden definitely doesn't, right?


Oh, and one more thing. I heard JB ask kj how she could tell if something is a plant or a weed. I told JB to yank it up hard and fast and if it comes out of the ground when she yanks, it is a plant. kj said that was a bad idea, but don't ask me why; I'm just passing it on in case you appreciate my advice more than kj and JB do.

Yours Truly,

Emily Rabbit

P.S. kj says I should tell you that lololo designed the seed packets her very self, which is very true.


  1. 'Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?' will henceforth be officially known as 'Emily, Emily how does your garden grow?'! Laurel's seed packets are too cute!

  2. Oh Emily, I love your garden! I think Kj should just let you use the knives. I KNOW your upside down cake will grow, I just know it. I believe.
    Lololo's seed packets are the best!

  3. Dear Emily,

    OH my! that is the most amazing garden i've ever seen! and to think you did it all yourself. It was a wise move to use the knives, kj will be thrilled after all when you share some of your harvest with her.
    you are the most clever bunny i know.


  4. that is probably the most diverse and colorful garden i've ever seen emily, bravo to you!! I think the knives as seed packet sign posts is brilliant, as the wood ones, in my experience, don't hold up great - but even more the knives look cool :) and your advice about the difference between weeds and plants is pretty good, too! though you may end up with a pile of dead plants and a garden full of weeds... I'm sure you will be harvesting abounty in no time!!
    xox Karin

  5. caroline, hello, i had to read that poem in school and now i like it so much before because you changed it to my name. do you want some jellies from my garden? or lollys? but i am saving the cake for myself.

    annie, thank you. i am telling kj you told her to suck it up. hahaha!
    thank you for believing, annie. i do too. and yes lololo gave me the best seeds ever.

    lori, you like me now, right? i know i was a bit aloof at first but now if you really really like me i really really like you too. okay, right? i will tell kj you also said she should suck it up. i'm so glad i used the knives. easy peasy.

    karin, thank you for admiring the knives. kj says if they rust i will be in trouble. i don't think they will, do you? (i have no regret!) about the plants: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    emily r.

  6. This is a wonderful garden and useful too. The seed packets are pure art.

    OT: Monday last I have changed my own weblog to:

    It is all in Dutch, but maybe you like the pictures. :-)

  7. you are one clever bunny ;)

    love your garden

    best wishes always

  8. Dear Emily,

    You have planted a fine garden indeed, and I am sure the cake will pop out of the ground when you least expect it. (that's how some seeds are, like cathedral bell vine or moon flowers, and they are BOTH worth waiting for!)
    I should write a poem for you after all that hard work; I'm still trying to get awake. My coffee plant in the kitchen needs to work..er...grow faster!
    Give me a few minutes and I'll be back with something appropriate for your pretty garden!

    Yours Sincerely,

  9. Emily, are you jubilant?? Because you really should be after seeing how your garden is flourishing!

    I knew I gave you quality seeds :)

    When I cme out in a couple of weeks to take care of Stella, maybe you would share some of your bountiful garden delights with me.
    I would even eat these jellybeans because they're organic and don't have any you-know-what sprayed on them! (shellac...ack!)
    I think mostly what I would like is a Dum-Dum lollipop. They used to be my faves and there looks like plenty of them in your garden.

    I'm really happy you did this, and I think the knives are a nice touch ;P


  10. Okay Emily, my brain is not good this morning, but I must give you a short verse to encourage your planting! (you really did VERY GOOD!)

    Emily the Gardener
    with seeds she did go,
    planting them neatly
    all straight in a row.

    She planted with love
    and she planted with care.
    Did it matterthat
    KJ's knives were out there?

    I think not!
    Because Emily--that smart little bunny,
    knew that knives could be bought
    with what humans call money,

    And jellybean farms
    are much richer treasure,
    and lollipop rows
    should stretch far beyond measure.

    And her deft observation
    between good plants and weeds
    proves indeed, she's a gardener!
    She's learned with much speed!

    So I close this Dear Emily,
    with hopes for a crop
    so rich and so plenty
    that you hop, hop, hop, HOP!!!!

    that's the best that is happening from this grey matter this morning.
    Save me a few jellybeans and I'll trade with some frozen peas.... >:)


  11. Those seeds must be a very high quality, Emily...look at the packages they came in! You can always tell when seeds are viable, just from the package!

    I planted an upside-down cake once; the only problem I could see was that it grew right-side up! And so, there was a lot of squishy cake crumbs that dropped when I tried to make it grow the right way. Take my advice on that one, dear Emily, just let it grow the way it wants to.

    I've never used knives as row markers...but I have used spoons! That way, when harvest is ready, I can just scoop those jellybeans right up...

    Have a very happy and joyful harvest, my dear friend Emily!

  12. Emilwee.... hi! I am so impressed with your garden and how it is bearing "fruit" - or rather, j-beans and other sweeties! You have the magick touch, o wascially wone! Knives make the most sense -they will discouwage theives from wobbing your candy!

    Wo-Wo is the bestest fwiend, isn't she? Wovely packets - and look at the wonderful wesults! Can I have some of the licorice j-beans?

    Wove, Wove,

    Your Partner in Cwime,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  13. Is this the prototype for the full scale jelly bean farm Emily??? Looking fabulous already. I never thought about growing upside-down cakes ... I do think a knife will be necessary at some point.

    Keep up the good work, it will be worth it when you are rolling in jelly beans and lollipops. xx Jos

  14. Emily, not only would I use my kitchen knives to hold up seed packets but often use my kitchen spoons to dig in the garden. Dont tell anyone though. Your garden is coming along deliciously.

  15. Looks like you are all set for a sweet harvest!

  16. I have just discovered how difficult it is to write comments when I am falling around laughing. I am now off to plant the first two volumes of Lord of the Rings, on the basis that they will grow into volume three, which I've lost. Fingers crossed.

  17. Wow Emily!
    What a cool garden!
    I don't have any time right now in the garden nor will I have the next 2 weeks.
    Guess the weeds will take over here.....

    Glad your garden is doing so well Hope the lollipops will give seeds so you can start all over again and grow more and more.

    Maybe you can sell the rest you don't need?

    Take care!

    Some bunny loves your ;)

  18. Emily that garden rocks. Love it all, you go girl.


  19. wieneke, i told kj you changed your blog address and i suggested she pay me $ 2 for the information. she refused. do you know if rabbits can read dutch?

    thank you robyn. that is nice and i like it when i am clever.

    anne, you have a coffee plant? does it grow chocolate coffee or just plain? i know you wrote a poem. that is SO fun and good!!!

    lololo, i hope the rain doesn't affect my garden so you can see it when you get here. by the way, do you want me to stay with you when you come?

  20. anne, i do not give out many compliments because i like them for myself (i'm little) but your poem is SO GOOD! it couldn't be better!!! do you want to write a book with Me? we could be rich.

    marion, you are my kind of gardener. i hope my upside down cake is upside down. if it isn't i'll let you know but i might throw some frozen peas too.

    wrobin, i like that idea about discouwageing theives. that is very smart. i will save you the black jellybeans. i can't guarantee what is licorice and what is dirt but i know you are smart so you'll know.

    jos, YES. you sound like you know what you are taking about. do you think i need a business manager? are you a business manager?

    kj, i've seen kj use spoons to dig too. so why the fuss about the knives? so far they are doing great.

    ms. agent, it's all about SWEET!

    HAHAHAHA!i like everything you said. please let me know if the book grows. that could be another business.

    marianne!!!! HELLO!!! i wonder how many jelly beans i will have. i want at least 300 for myself...

    sonia, did you see the lolli's???
    don't they look great?

  21. Psst Emily it's me Jos. Since KJ is off to something called the Big Apple (sounds pretty bloody odd to me but there you go). Shall we expand your garden from prototype scale to mass production scale??? I'm sure once you explain the in's and out's of economies of scale to KJ &JB they will not only not mind ... but thank you for providing yet another income stream. What do you think? Up for it?

    From your business-manager-to-be ... actually better be truthful here. I am a lowly an engineer but I think some skills may be transferrable to jelly bean production even so. And I roll down hills verrrrry fast. xx Jos

  22. Hi Emily,
    I'm going to try growing jelly beans in my garden. There is a bunny in my neighborhood and I think she'd like them for dessert after she eats her salad of clover.