Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pick One...

This marble plaque hangs in my bathroom, a gift from JB a few years ago. Yesterday I found myself looking at it (don't ask what I was doing please :)) and wondering which of these alphabet purposes I would choose if I could only choose one.
Connections and needs and inspiration and opportunities arrive at different points in life. What is paramount today may not be next month. But from where I stand today, what is important to me?
Before I tell you mine, how about taking a look at this plaque: if you were to choose only ONE of these today, which would it be and why?
Mine: Seek Wisdom
I can't speak for anyone else, but for me there are times when my life is calm and predictable: easy going days enjoying simple pleasures. And there are other times when it seems that the universe has thrown me a volleyball and insists that I be a fast and attentive learner.
The volleyball time is now.
I am learning so much about myself, my relationships, about children and class and poverty, writing, art and drawing, friends and connections across the world, gardening, photography, forgiveness, healing, and still yet and again, perhaps always now, about deep love.
I have always been a learner, but what seems different these days is that whatever wisdom I am given is no longer mine to keep for myself. This is a time of learning and sharing. And I am glad.
And if you don't mind a bit of introspective sharing, what on this plaque calls to you?


  1. Oh, this is funny. I wrote my comment on the post before before reading this. Looks like I was right!

  2. The one that popped out at me was "Nuture Hope." And no, that would not be the hope that I win the wrestling match - hahahaha! I've been thinking about hope, and how life dims when it goes missing. Hope gets tangled up with 'something to look forward to'. I don't like that feeling, the one where you feel like you are just 'doing time'. I think hope gives you purpose (or maybe they are the same thing). Or maybe I should go back to stitching up my costume for the wrestling match. I am going to look fabulous! xoxoxo Pam

    PS My verify word was "hookedeb". A coincidence? hmmmmmmm....

  3. Hmmmm wow I love the one you chose..seek wisdom. So very much comes from this...so many of the other things on the list start here..seeking. Truth, love, understnading, beauty..etc..so I think I will choose with you hon!!
    What a wonderful plaque!! Wow!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. The one that really struck me was Jettison Anger. I could write reams of stuff about the anger inside of me and learning from it. And then the one about nurturing hope...I love that one. Hope is one thing that keeps me going, like the Easter Bunny rabbit, heh heh.

    Your wisdom is already huge; I'm glad you want to share it with the rest of us. We learn as we go on the path of life; reading about someone else's wisdom helps me along tremendously. Thank you.

    Uh...what WERE you doing studying that poster in the bathroom? You knew I'd ask....lol!

  5. cs, more synchroncity. i am loving how that works! ps your bunny hospital was clever and touching. xoox

    pam, i agree. i think the absence or loss of hope makes it hard to even get up each morning. sometimes i picture this familiar image of a hand reaching up into the sky and i think that the attainment is what matters, the reaching for is. pam, please rethink your costume: why not be an aspiring babe along side me?

    hi sarah, so many ways to live life fully and for real. i'm now on my way to visit you. :)

    marion, i always admire how honest you are about anger. maybe it's actually fertilizer... :) i like the verb 'jettison' in this context. i think it says alot. marion, i get excited when i see you've commented: the sign of a good and cherished friendship. ♥

  6. It is hard to pick only one, but the one that jumps out at me is BE KIND. So that is my pick, but DREAM also jumps out, Then SEEK WISDOM, so I am breaking the rules and picking 3.
    Love. XOXO

  7. OOOoooo this reminds me of the seven gifts of Pentecost! When I taught at church in the Montessori program we had a presentation of the seven gifts...we would light each candle and explain what the gift meant and they would get to choose which gift they would like to receive and light their candle from the candle representing the gift. Now me, I always chose Fear of the Lord, to know how great God is, but one wise little 4-year-old in my class asked, may I light my candle from all of the gifts? That child had vision! **kisskiss** Deb

  8. Hi hon... thank you for the sweet congrats..am so thrilled..don't think it has really hit me yet LOL!
    Ya know I was thinking about Renee this morning..that I felt so strongly that she was here with me this week...cheering! I will try to get you my story and the picture I did for her sometime this week!! Hugs, Sarah

  9. KJ, so many possible answers...and sometimes, as you stated, one's response could change hourly.... but I must go with "Love Truly"
    one of the many lessons I have learned from Renee, from YOU, from so many wonderful people - and also from the deepest recesses of my heart and soul. "Nurture Hope" is my second choice....

    All the sayings are wonderful!

    ♥ Love, Love, ♥


  10. Value truth it makes the world go round....

  11. Well today (and I vassilate endlessly) mine would be 'Seek More'. Funny because our biggest job website is "SEEK" . . plus I need a little excitement, try something new, precipitate change . . .we'll see.

  12. Harm No One.

    The others maybe on other days...but that is the one that jumped out at me.

  13. Dream & Imagine...
    big and beautiful
    stretching my mind

    that's what shines for me.

    love to you
    Robyn xx

  14. I would definitely go for the x-factor- I need / want more 'xeresaping' in my life! (And I love catii! ) Thanks for the inspiration - a most unexpected one at that! :)

  15. annie, i can see you choosing 'be kind' and 'dream.' i can see you breaking the rules--good! :)

    deborah, fear of the lord? why be afraid when you are embraced and loved?

    sarah, ♥

    robin, 'love truly', ah, yes. definitely. :)

    lani, 'the truth will set you free'. i remember that from my childhood and i know it's true, even when i resist knowing....

    baino, please fill in the blank: seek more _________! (giggles on this end)

    mim, you are totally wonderful in every way. really truly. ♥

    robyn, do you think you could imagine and dream your way to my house for morning coffee? how i wish.... :)

    kay, yikes, i have to look up the word!!! ♥ kay

  16. The one that jumps out at me is the way I try to live my life, Be Kind.
    Many of the others resonate with me as well, but if you're kind all the time (which is hard) goodness usually fills your life.

    And I guess if you're just 'sitting around' you may as well focus your eyes on some worthwhile reading!

    ♥ lo

  17. Just one? Then I choose 'count your blessings'.

  18. I like it...pick one each day and that would be a nice accomplishment...

  19. again, where have i been??

    i would choose pack lightly since i think it can cover all the rest, having a conciousness, carrying less biases, judgements, keeping an open mind, letting love in. i love reading all your comments too kj. it is such a pleasure coming here.

    lots of love,

  20. My gosh I have missed so many poosts here.....Shame on me.
    Will return tomorrow and read some.
    Right now I am home from Panama and will go to bed early, but I will be back tomorrow with new energy.
    Hope your flue is much better!
    Take care


  21. What a nice plaque!!!

    I have difficulty picking just one......
    When I read the next I think yes this one etc.
    There are so many which are important for me, some because I want to, some because I can't, some because I think I already can.

    Again what a nice plaque!

  22. What a great plaque ... I'd have to go with Master Something, I'm a shocker for starting something and not finishing ;)

    I was curious about Xeriscape until I found out it's another word for how we garden down under*!*