Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Happy Bitchday

Happy Bitchday to you,
Happy Bitchday to you,
Happy Birthday dear everyone

Happy Bitchday to you.
Saturday, April 10th, Sunday, April 11th,
and Monday, April 12th are hereby acclaimed
On this specially designated holiday you are
hereby allowed to bitch.
You are allowed to swear if needed,
to stomp your feet and pound your fist,
to complain endlessly, and,
best of all,
to expect total sympathy.
Our beautiful and bodacious bunch of international blog friends
and buddies dress up for a rare group (bitch) photo
Please Bitch Away Now.
I think we'll all feel better afterwards.


  1. okay, here is (are) my bitch (es):

    i cannot stand:

    that heavy plastic that just about requires a hack saw to open something.

    how come doctors don't apologize for making you wait?

    police cars that speed by you for no reason and could care less that they are breaking the speed limit (some day i am going to speed after them and make a citizen's arrest)

    customer service people who don't make eye contact and/or drop the change hoping but not caring whether it lands in your hand or not.

    betrayals of any kind

    people who don't remember table manners while eating

    i may be back with more.

    i am adding a new rule: you can leave multiple comments, if your bitches start free flowing.


  2. KJ, Renee would of loved this post! When ever I read about swearing and being allowed to, I think of Renee.
    This post just made me laugh. You make it sound jsut perfect to have this day!

    Here's mine!

    Harrogant doctors make me wish I had the power to strike them off and put someone there that really gives a damb!

    The Uk government here for keeping the south rich and the north poor as we are the work load.

    Still the same lack of entertainment and activities available to children as when I was that age. Hardly nothing.

    The world for having money as its first love and not each other!

    Argh, thats better!

    Guess what mt word verification is

    Isn't that so right for this!

    Oh lord...if I start my rant....

    Stupid drivers (which includes everyone but ME, of course)

    Price of gas---that is an endless bitch!

    Cleaning the GD house. Actually, I do little of that, so I suppose I just bitch about it being dirty....

    UPS---their *so-called* customer service line. In India. In FRIGGIN' INDIA, and I cannot contact the office 14 miles from me! That one about made me pop a blood vessle!

    Liars and small minded people. Okay, yes, I do have a certain someone in mind with both of those, but this is enough.....

    Hypocrits. In general.

    Politicians. No, wait, I think they fit in the above catagory!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Spammers. They need to be eaten by sharks...... >:)

    I better quit here......this could go on all night, and really, I have had a GOOD day! And I have to go cook for my hard working hubby.
    But I DOOOOOOOO feel a bit lighter in the complaint dept!


  4. oh! and forgetabout rush limbaugh and sarah palin as far as i am concerned. i don't mean to be political and i respect all points of view, but i can't stand hearing either one of them talk!

  5. julie, i thought of renee too. i wondered what she would come up with; i know it would have been a riot! that is interesting to me about your north and south. i didn't know that. money and who has it and who lacks it never fails to amaze me.... love to you, julie ♥

    hahaha anne! the one that GOT me is the friggin india customer call centers--i so agree (no offense to anyone from india, please!) you are so right: help is needed, an office is down the street, and we're directed to india, struggling to understand a language trying to explain about a teckie language. jeez louise!!!

    but anne, are you yelling at all those stupid drivers and do they make your blood pressure go up? because i ignore them. okay, every once in a while i raise my voice or my middle finger but these days i try to behave for multiple reasons, including my safety. are there more, anne? please continue anytime!! ♥

  6. hahahhaha! well, i am feeling pretty good, hahahha, no bitches here sorry, but thanks for asking ;) i am sure i can think of somthin.... :D hi pal!

    oh i do not like those litterbugs that throw trash in Topanga, and I am not real fond of the hideous buildings and ridiculous fences people are putting up!

  7. Well, I love how you declared not just one but THREE days Bitchday!!

    I've been sitting here thinking and I realize how rarely I bitch about anything anymore. What's wrong with me?!?

    Although right now, I find myself complaining about the gnats here in GA. As soon as the weather is perfect, the gnats come out in swarms, fly into your hair and bite. You can tell it gnat season when everyone outside is scratching their heads and waving their arms wildly...

    That's about it for now... I'll probably think of more and will be back!

    Wishing you a most amazing weekend with nothing to bitch about at all!! Much love, Silke

  8. I hate the people who call my house and act like they are my closest friend and can't even pronounce my name - and they are calling for a donation. they get my blood boiling!

  9. happy bitchday to you kj!

    i am thinking...i don't really bitch too much (thinking thinking thinking)

    okay!,why can't people just be nice? even if your having a not great day that's no reason to treat others unkind. it costs nothing to be nice, and it always feels good for everyone.

    oh! and talking on cell phones everywhere, i espically don't like it when someone is being ignored while the other is on the phone.have you seen those couples at dinner? one always looks sad. cell phones are the best/worse invention.

    maybe i'll be back for more!
    have a lovely bitch day!

  10. Unlike some here I have been planning my list :-). I can find plenty of things to bitch about :-). For now I will start with the top of the list.
    People who don't use their turn signals, it is in a very handy spot, takes no effort and alerts me when you are turning, why won't they use it?!
    Bad drivers in general.
    The fact that the man who owns the mines that just killed all those miners is not in jail for murder!
    Sarah and Rush and both Bushes.
    The same police cars that Kj mentioned.
    Injustice of any kind!
    Plastic lawn chairs. People, they are UGLY!
    Doctors in general, the fact that they don't ask enough questions and rush people in and out of their offices.
    Okay, that will do for now I will come back tomorrow and add some more.
    And this is for Renee: FUCK.

  11. Hey, what is this? Another feminist whoop-te-doo for women only, or can men play too?

  12. P.S. "how come doctors don't apologize for making you wait?"

    Sometimes, I wonder if they even know what time they were supposed to see you.

  13. Oh joy!! If I start I may never stop!!

    Doctors that tell you it won't hurt very much. They should all have to go through the treatments they give to others.

    Having to exercise, unless I want to.

    Not being able to eat anything I want.
    Gaining weight.

    People that cut you off and then flip you off, like you are the moron. LOL!!

    Some one eating the last gluten free cookie and then saying they aren't that great!
    Eat the other ones then, dammit!

    Oh, I can feel this building LOL!!

    Someone who does the dishes once in a blue moon and then expects to be praised for it for days and days.
    What, me doing the dishes three times a day, every day, for years and years doesn't qualify for praise. WTF??

    Gray hair.

    Waddles. Memeber when you used to take pictures with out "1-2-3-Hide your waddle"?
    Oh, I gotta stop.

  14. Bad drivers. My God, they irk me.

    Bad movies - I hate it when I realize I've wasted 90 minutes in a movie that never was worth watching to begin with.

    Restaurants menu items that have cilantro secretly added.

    Mosquitoes who plague me when I am trying to weed.

    Oh, I could go on and on! :)

    (ha ha! word verification is "telit" - tell it.

  15. I have nothing to bitch about.
    Sorry. Hope you got it all out of your system though! Love the cake and group shot.

  16. snowbrush, are you kiddding???! of course you are supposed to contribute your bitches! this is not a girly thing: it's a free for all. so please, let's have it. :)

    i'm starting to think there is no need for me to respond to these comments. i am surprised and delighted with the number of no-bitches, and i am loving the bitch lists, one by one!!

    i love love love each of you. you are the best commenters anywhere.

  17. Hahaha you should have asked me this last week!!!!
    Then I would have come up with a hugh list!!! And I was swearing even without permission.......
    Now things are back to normal and I don't even remember most of my list.
    But I love the idea of a bitch day.

    You see after my night sleep your the first blog I visit ;)

    My bitch from last flight.
    I cannot stand:

    People throwing a dirty diaper on the floor and expecting you to take it away.....

    After asking them to do it theirselves they store it a while longer...............

    When serving breakfast they want to stuff it in an empty breakfast box and present it to you anyway......

    People looking at you in utmost surprise when you explain them they have to take it to the loo themselves, because we are not allowed to handle things like that........

    When I think about it I think I can make a long list! This was only one incident.

    I will be back here when I am in a better bitch mode............

    Have a great day!

  18. Wow, what a bitchin idea! (do you remember that word? pretty funny-sounding now, although I defended it when my mother criticized fact, I thought she was a real bitch for not liking such a cool word!)

  19. cute idea. i can only bitch right now about mine own self who is stuck in the Fing mud and cant get growned up and is such a slug.

    i will also bitch about my brother who lives next door and takes off for days without a word to me about where he is going. if i did that would he notice, would he worry?

  20. Kj, did you mean to type "happy BIRTHDAY dear everyone?"' If not, would you please fix it so I don't add it to my "I hate typos" list?!!


    My list:

    snobs! WTF, who made you so special and righteous?

    People who tie their dogs out and leave them there. Dogs are NOT a backyard decoration folks!

    On the same note, people who think cats don't like attention. What? Go hug your cat!

    Cellphones: is every driver required to be on the phone? I thought the law was just the opposite! What is so important that it can't wait until you are parked or at your destination? I don't like my life being at risk because some people can't shut up.
    (Please don't think I think you can't shut up ♥)
    Having to walk through someone's cigarette smoke.


    Gossip. I just won't go there. It's right up there with judging people.


    Noisy eaters and people who snap their gum! Both set me on edge.

    Litterbugs! That includes tossing your cigarette butt out the window. I'm seeing way too much of it here.


    tailgating! Again, stop risking my life because you need to be there five minutes faster that everyone else.


    People who don't use their turn signals and you sit at the corner waiting, waiting, waiting...and then they turn!
    And then there are those who leave their turn signal on for miles but you don't dare pass them because that could be the moment they decide to turn!


    People who bitch! haha, just kidding!


    Happy bitchday KJ! This reminds me of Debra Kay's "Kiss my ass Tuesdays!"

    ♥ lo

  21. Oh, dang! I had allergies and almost missed BITCHDAY WEEKEND!


    Small-minded people who are sure they have the answer to everything, including the directions to Heaven.

    Sara Palin.

    Rush Limbaugh.

    Did I say Sara Palin? Oh, yes, I see her up there. Well, her.

    Rude people. They not only annoy me, but they baffle me as well.

    How our society makes old people feel invisible.


    Did I mention Rush? Oh, yes, I see he is up there. Well, him.

    Cruelty in all of its myriad forms.

    The fact that no one has invented no-calorie gourmet food yet. Honestly, could they bump that up?

    Banning books.

    Discrimination against people with freckles. Yes, there is, too, kj! And don't tell me they are kisses from the sun, because I'm not buying it.

    I still have one more day of this delightful holiday left, so I might be back!!
    xoxo Pam

  22. Ok. I WANTED a Happy Bitchday, if I recall my comment on your previous post. I WANTED to bitch about everything and everybody on that day. What's happened? Today I find the World to be magnanimous and happy and just plain great!!! What a difference a day makes!

    And you know what? the word verification for this comment is "joyablot". After seeing this, how could I bitch and be all negative and crabby? I keep thinking about the Happy part of Bitchday, releasing garbage and whatnot.

    But the sun's out, birds are trilling their different calls, I'm expecting visitors from afar, the dogs are happy, Graham's busy puttering quietly...and I'm enjoying reading your wonderful blog! Thanks for the opportunity, kj...I will come back on a bad day and add to the list. Happy Bitchday!

  23. KJ, I am late to your blog! (I do share some similiarities with the "White Rabbit"... and I don't mean Emily!)

    This is HYSTERICAL.... and as you and so many before me have commented, Renee would have been the first to respond. God, how I miss her witty, pithy (don't you love that word) and spot-on answers.

    I must say that there are some good replies.... Lo pretty much covered all of mine. And, of course, I will echo your "betrayal" one.

    Did you know the word "bitch" in German is: "Hundin" - or, a female dog. "Hund" is masculine - and is where we get the word "hound" from.

    Anyway, I LUV this and also LUV the fact it is a 3-day holiday!

    And.....sadly. it is RAINING here -a big storm - wind, cold, waaaaah!

    Please send some sun and warmth asap!

    Hope you are feeling much better!

    Froliche Hundin Tag!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  24. I am back, but today, I am too happy to bitch! It is Sunday after all :-).
    Maybe tomorrow.

  25. Kj, it's early am Monday here so my bitch monitoring sensor hasn't been plugged in ... I'll return once it's operating and I can cast my mind over my weekend rants ;)

  26. I have to go to work *bitch and moan* I hate childproof lids, only children can open them. And that guy that cut me off in Traffic and didn't even give the 'thank you' wave. And the person who took all my washing off the line and didn't even fold it! I have more but have to take a shower ..grumblemumblebum!

  27. My husbands body hair on the bathroom floor EVERYday SHITeS ME!
    There it's out... (Guess that's what you get for marrying an Italian!) sighhhh...

  28. hee hee, thank you all for making me laugh and laugh again. i'm so thankful i've decided to comment on your comments afterall:

    silke, gnats? in your hair? yuk, like maine in summer. i'm scratching right now thinking of it. or why am i scratching...? :)

    val, trash and buildings and fences that offend your sensitivity? well, for sure i don't like them either then. your judgment on these matters is impeccable. no doubt. i know.... :)

    mim, i hang up on them. i do. i am not normally rude to anyone but i don't even give them time to talk. i say, 'is this a sales call' and at the first milosecond of hesitation, i'm gone. xoxo

    happy bitchday to you too, lori. i agree with you on both counts. i think if people just smiled more, they would be naturally nicer. how come we don't make eye contact and smile at one another anymore? myself, i smile and i get smiles back 90% of the time. cellphones: i have my own love-hate relationship with them, but i don't use them in restaurants. xoxo

  29. You are fun :)

    my bitch...
    why do we complicate our lives which in turn complicates others and before we know it... life's complicated.

    Let's keep it simple and allow more room for fun :)
    war on any level is stupid.

    x Robyn

  30. ps... oops I forgot to say fuck ;)

  31. I must be mellowing, the only thing that made me suck in my breath and grumble were Saturday shoppers who insisted on sauntering at a snails pace in front of my trolley, don't they know you do that at the beach or a forest*!*

  32. Well, Pam covered a lot of moy other bitching that I was going to list, But I have to add--AGAIN--

    SARAH PALIN (ack! ugh! ptooey!)

    And yes, I yell at the drivers because I have incredibly low blood pressure and it gets it up to normal range! (no joke...)

    While I'm at it:

    Fox News "We Report, You Decide"

    Okay, if it is truly NEWS (unstilted,unvarnished) then one would not have to MAKE a decision.
    What are we supposed to decide? Which rube in the studio made the story up? Which network we can go to for real facts? Why they even exist other than to make me mad???

    And reality shows. Those aren't real---it's just a bunch of spoiled whiners that managed to get on the tube. And where are the writers that write good text? Unemployed because of *reality* shows.

    That's all. It's Monday and I need to shut up and move on, because as I said....this could go on FOR EVER! (and it's only entertaining for so long...LOL!!)


  33. Ok, KJ, I have to bitch for a moment. And I'll do it here rather than publicly on my blog.

    We have these neighbors with many children and even more cats. They are really quite nice, but they don't believe in getting their cats immunized or neutered. So, every spring there are litters of kittens and more and more of their "pets." The cats are all tame, but never get to go in their house and are thus roaming our neighborhood like feral cats, constantly hanging out and doing their business in everyone's yards.

    This is just the prelude bitch. Here comes the real one. One of their darn cats just took one of our wren babies. I am heartsick and I am so angry that I want to call animal control on them. And I would if I didn't know that the cats would pay for it and it's not their fault. They just do what cats do. Can I call people control on them?!

    Ok, feeling a little better! Thank you!! Love, Silke

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