Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily the Emerging Poet

wrobin, see?

Hee Hee it's me.


This is a poem.

I hope you don't moan.

It's spring and I'm happy

I feel silly and snappy.

I can teach you boo hoo

if you don't know what to do.

I can show you my stash

of jellybeans I eat fast.

I have recipes for people stew

but kj said not to.

Just because I'm small

I'm still a know-it-all.

Sometimes I sing

When I want something.

And sometimes I just grin.

I am trying to rhyme

it's hard not to whine

while I rhyme

at least sometime.

Do you know Pam's skellies

Go well with my jellies?

And do you know a good story

about Owen and Lori?

What about Lololo

where will she go

on Saturday

is she coming my way?

And my friend Marianne

who has a new plan.

I know all of this

because I really don't miss

what's going on

while I tag along.

This is the end of my poem

did you moan?

I didn't swear or whine

And I still had a good time.
Emily V.V. Rabbit


  1. An excellent poem...I did not know you were a poetess, Emily!

    Isn't it wonderful that it is Spring and that you're happy and silly and snappy!

  2. And what about Mim?
    Is she out on a whim?
    On a kayak or bike
    With a guy named Mike?

    And Lololo
    where WILL she go?
    Will she see number 9,
    will she laugh, drink and dine?

    Will she lie down with Stella?
    Will she bring her a fella?
    Or maybe a bone
    to call her own.
    Not a real one, of course,
    a cookie of sorts :)

    Okay, bye for now.
    I'm taking my bow ;)


  3. Emily, you are smart as always not to reveal all your talents at once - what a fun poem, I didn't moan once!

    Glad to hear you are still in the jelly biz - how's it going, when will you have your catalog out?

    Wow this comment seems so run-of-the-mill after Lolo's catchy rhyme - I dont' have it in me today!

    xoxoxo Susan

  4. Dear Emily the bunny,
    You are too funny!
    How do you find the time
    For jelly beans and rhyme?
    from Pam
    (who loves a ham).

  5. mim, i am bowing right now.
    mim, lololo had to go and point out i didn't mention your name in my poem. she is a troublemaker today, right? anyway, i didn't because kj told me just to use three names so i wouldn't have a poem longer than the one i wrote so that's what i did but i hope you don't mind even though lololo pointed it out. okay mim?

    marion, thank you very much. i like the snappy part the best, do you too?

    lololo, who is mike?
    is he someone to like?
    and stella says yes,
    on her bed lay your head.

    this is a good poem
    ps you are a troublemaker for telling mim i didn't include her in my poem. maybe she wouldn't have noticed if you didn't tell her. do you think she would have? she won't be mad at me, right?

    susan, do you think lololo is showing off? i am sorry if she made you feel insecure and i will talk to her about it over jellybeans i'm surprised she can rhyme so well, are you? but it is kind of fun on her part, right?

    dear pam ham,

    if you don't have time
    to rhyme
    then instead of skellies
    eat jellies
    and did i spell that right
    maybe i'm too light
    in letters
    and sweaters
    but who cares
    to make sense
    when you can
    jump over a fence?

    yours truly,
    thank you for rhyming any time,
    emily r.

  6. Emily, you are a poet like our Kj!
    Lovely, please write poetry for us anytime you get in the mood.

  7. Dear Emily,

    Mim asked me why you didn't mention her in your poem so there I am not a troublemaker.

    Um, now I'm a liar though!

    Another poem for you:

    Dear Emily Rabbit

    I've quite a habit

    For reading your rhymes

    And your witty lines.

    I'll help you plant J-beans

    And crown you the May Queen

    When I come to town

    Piggy-back, on a clown!

    Do you forgive me?


  8. "Emily, Emily,
    Your poem is fun.
    It shines like the sun!
    But your mind was a'bobbin -
    Cos' you forgot to say...Wrobin!
    But I'm still impressed,
    You still are the BEST!"

    Love and many j'beans,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  9. Emily,

    "Ha-ha! I'm appeased,
    tho' you are such a tease -
    but I guess it's a habit
    for an intrepid Wabbit!"

    Wuv ya, and say hi to KJ!


  10. Wow I love your poem!
    I think I will meet you soon............

    Emily a big hug from me your far away best friend!


  11. dear emileee
    please don't feel too sorreee
    that you forgot to mention josseee
    and to say that she is the bosseeee
    wheee heeeee tee heee!

  12. Amazing!

    One CAN actually have a good time...without swearing or whining.

    I need to try that some time.

  13. Hey, I was not in your poem either.
    No fair. But I love you anyway.xoxo

  14. annie, WAHHAHABOOHOOBOO! it is not my fault! kj told me my poem was too long just because it was 7 pages. so i had to cut out all six lines about you, which i know you would have loved but i didn't know what else to do because i was afraid kj would get mad even though i really shouldn't care and i usually don;t. please put all the blame on kj and not me, okay because i am whining and crying.

    lololo, see how lucky you are that i mentioned you in my poem even though it was not my fault that i didn't mention anyone else as i said to annie already. now i am in trouble and i am so innocent. i should have done the poem i wanted and not be pushed around by rules, which you and i know are more trouble than they are worth. do you think mim is mad at me? what about everyone else except you and marianne and lori? owen the dog does not count because he goes with lori, and wasn't it good that lori rhymes with story? oh, one more thing: do i get presents for being a Maybe Queen?

    wrobin! i put your name first, right under the picture. i hope you missed it because you were so excited about my poem. but wrobin, see what happens when you try to be nice and especially when you try to be nice and brief? it is not my fault but i am still boohoohooing, wouldn;t you too?

    marianne, well of course i had to mention you because you are my best friend! i don't think anyone should be so jealous but i can understand if someone else wanted me for a best friend because i am not afraid to complain and whine and that could help them too, right?

    dear josseeee,
    i think you are nice
    i paid a big price
    for listening to kj
    instead of my own way
    so i am very sorreeee
    you can be bossieeee
    but don't be mad at lori
    because she is in the story
    and marianne
    has a plan
    that's why i can
    say her, plus lo
    couldn't go
    because she might cry
    so poor me, i tried.
    next time i will mention
    every name and intention
    and stay out of detention.

    linda, it is not really true but sometimes you can get by pretending to be very nice for a short time.

    thank you annie
    you are nice
    the next poem i write
    i will mention you twice.

    most sincerely,
    emily rabbit

  15. heeheehee. this should only be read after two glasses of pinot noir. wait, not you emily, only me. heheeheeheehee.
    you better stick with jellybeans and haiku for bunnys. you are so good at both!

    :) :) :)

  16. You've definitely got Spring Fever Emily!!

  17. Emily, you are so fluent in English that it only just now occurred to me that it would be a second language to you. I'm sure you picked it up while awfully young, but I suppose one of the rabbit languages would have been the first you were exposed to. Could you possibly translate your poem into that language?

  18. Oh honey I feel as if somebody has read me a bedtime story....found myself swaying side to side with the rhythm...and a smile on my dial....ta girl...my love to you...

  19. Dear Emily,

    In bunny-land, where you come from, there is a different set of standards. Everyone knows they are included in everyone elses thoughts, if not mentioned in a poem.
    Humans DO act differently....sigh...

    Emily the rabbit
    Was bright and profound,
    She wrote lovely prose
    When kj wasn't round.

    She loved all the followers
    And tried to recall
    Their names, quite in order,
    To mention them all.

    Alas, for a bunny
    Whose thoughts hop like wind,
    She forgot a few people
    And twas much chagrin.

    The lesson, dear Emily
    Is what's in your heart,
    And your poetry is charming
    And rhyming is hard---

    But be not discouraged!
    Keep writing again!
    And write for the Bunnies
    But perhaps, not for Men.

    Anne.....from the land of humans

  20. Oh, Emily, I was only teasing, no worries. No more crying, Okay? Love. :-)

  21. What a beautiful little poem Emily!
    Funny and can I share your jelly beans???


  22. Dear Emily,
    Thank you for your comment on my poerty...but sometimes...well, better said below:

    Poetry sort of comes and goes,
    I never can quite grasp it;
    A flitting muse on silvered wings
    Doth not come when I ask it,
    But leaves me short and wont for words,
    At times I most desire.
    That muse is quite the ornery one...
    And one I just might fire! ;)