Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday 13: the Christmas Edition

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

.When you read this it will be Christmas Eve. I hope I will be able to drop in here and at some of your blogs over the next couple of days. I wish my heart sisters (and heart brothers) a blessed and grateful and abundant Holiday, where ever you are, whatever you do, with who ever you are with nor not with. Let's continue to hold each other's hands as we have this year.

. Here's a bit of what I've been up to this week:

1. Look what showed up in my mailbox:

. If you can't read the fine print, the 'it' in question is a Marshmallow Shooter and a Marshmallow Blaster, a 'clever pump-action device that shoots marshmallows (and frozen Brussels sprouts) over 30 feet . It comes with an LED sight that projects a safe beam of red light to help locate a target for accuracy for fast non-stop action.

.I have solid evidence that Ms. Emily Rabbit was aided in this request by one Susan Morgan Rogers, an interesting impish woman who has officially become my friend, but who might have to pay for broken windows because she so inappropriately encouraging and abetting Emily.

2. This is the last of my 2009 Show Us Your Bra Calender. Every year in my town local artists paint, sculpt, and otherwise create bra art and all the proceeds support Breast Cancer Research.

Of course the anything-goes breasts from January through December now bring my heart sister and moon sister Renee to my mind, which is always welcomed, even when I worry .

3. HAHAHA! I made her while sitting at a small kitchen table with my 10 year old client, her mother, and two little boys, 6 and 3. I like them all. It's good when a family plays with clay and/or colors together and what am I going to do but encourage and then join them? Actually it's a great way to talk. I remember Bella Sinclair did a post on doodling and how research has proved that people listen and learn better when you doodle.

4. Honest to God, I think I'm the beneficiary of a true blue heart sister friend. I only have two others--Liz and Heather--and to have another good and kind and intelligent woman I can really truly be my own self with, who also makes me laugh and laughs in tune with me, and actually understands what's going on with me; well, how lucky is that? By the way, we met on the blogs just one year ago, and she has all but carried me back from a hard place. Her name is Lolo and I hope she doesn't mind that I am officially outing her as my dearest friend.

5. Near my mother's house and where I grew up is a specialty store named Russo's. Its specialities are fruit, vegetables, fresh flowers, homemade breads and pastries, plants, cheese, and FRESH! raviolis in three fillings. And the prices are cheap cheap. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the place. I bought some Italian cookies, a holiday bouquet of fresh greens for my Godmother, chocolate, local sausages, Cinnamon bread, apples, pears, did I say chocolate already?

And I bought this tin called Filice. The can said it was a mixture to make stove top old fashion chocolate pudding, but when I got it home and opened it, to my delight it also makes rich awesome hot chocolate. Plus I like the way the tin looks in the kitchen, on top of the Peets' coffee container, and behind the little fish that carry the Splenda.

6. JB writes messages on the back room chalkboard. Sometimes she just writes 'I love you' and sometimes I write back 'me too.' I like to cluster things together, can you tell?

7. I pulled off a really good Holiday weekend. JB and I went back to my Mother's house near Boston, thought more about how to get it ready to rent. We spent a good lunch and shopping around with our niece, took my 93 year old vibrant Godmother out for her choice of Mexican food, I spent some time with a couple of friends I don't see very often.
I always feel my Father's presence in and around this Cape Cod style six room house he and my Grandfather built with their own hands. This picture of the substantial community of birds that live in my parents' front yard bushes looks darker and more ominous than it did when I took it. Sometimes I wonder if my Father came back right away as a bird or a flower.

8. I planted three paper white bulbs and they're blooming at the perfect time. I know the scent is not the greatest, but I find it so affirming to watch them grow.

9. The newest ornament on the tree: you can't see the glow green glitter than this girl came with.

She cost six dollars: one of those gifts to myself or others that make me feel like I just bought the bargain of the century. I love a good bargain.

1o. This time of year I am buying groceries like there's no tomorrow. JB and I are cooking four meals for three sets of people over two days. The menu includes:

pineapple cheese and brie with crackers
cheese and meat/shrimp fondue
mixed greens salad
chocolate Christmas tree cakes
coffee cake
Cinnamon bread
honey dew melon with strawberries
eggs (only if desired)
chocolate cream pie
roast beef with roasted potatoes
mashed potatoes
green beans
candied carrots
butternut squash
repeat breakfast

always coffee

The kitchen counters are jammed with food.

11. These are the hands across from me on a clear Wednesday afternoon, when I drove to Rhode Island to celebrate the holidays with two new and terrific friends. "Ah, they know me and like me anyway," I thought to myself. For some time, I had a friend--I dearly loved her--and we just couldn't get along, so to have easy old-shoe comfortable friendships is quite a blessing for me.

12. Deborah of Midlife Poet made this yummy Christmas ornament. The only reason anyone would resist eating it right up is because it would break your teeth in a flash. Thank you very much, Deborah. It will be on my tree for many years and I will always think of you.

13. And look again at what I get to do with some of my clients. I've used Magic Model here, which is so easy to work with and totally clean on your hands. Sometimes I wonder if I might buy some real clay and a couple of sculpting tools. Nothing to serious though! Nothing even too much in focus!!

13 A (hee hee) My friend Willa gave me these little reindeer candles for Christmas one year and I'm always glad to see them again. Willa was one of my best friends and she died a few years ago, not fair. Like Renee, Willa had a hundred best friends. When we all met each other we were shocked that so many people thought of themselves as Willa's best friend.
I miss her even more this time of year. If she were alive, she would have taken me to heart healing workshops this past year. She would have read my tarot cards. She would have made better and higher sense of what seems like betrayal. She would be part of my healing.
Hey Willa! Are you up there! I need a couple of favors.

Merry Merry Christmas.
Happy Happy New Year.
I hope some surprising warmth curls right up in your lap during the next few days, if only for a second or two, I hope it's obvious you are not alone and never could be.
Thank you for the best gift of all. There is nothing that comes even close to friendship, in its many forms.

P. S. It's late. I can't adequately proof for mistakes or better layout. It's more important that I get this posted. So if you happen to function as my faithful proofreader, please cut me a break on this one. Thank you.


  1. Merry Merry Christmas to you KJ!

    Your Christmas meals sound amazingly like ours...down to the fondue for Christmas eve...and roast beef for dinner!

    You always leave the BEST you for that. Thank you. May YOU have everything you need this season!

  2. What a great set of Christmas photos. I absolutely love that new bird ornament. And although paperwhites can be a bit overpowering, I love their heady scent. Mine are in bloom, too.

    Happy, happy Christmas to you and JB!

  3. I'm glad you had time to post this last night, kj, since I had time to read it this morning before I leave on my trip. It's a lovely, heartfelt post, and my day will go all the better for it.

    I love those marshmallow thingies...I got one for my granddaughter a few years back. We had great fun with it, but let Emily know it might hurt her, just a bit, if she gets to close to the thing!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to you and Emily and JB. xoxo

  4. Lovely and for some reason made me teary eyed.

    Happy Chirstmas to you, and everyone you love

  5. You're outing me???

    That's very sweet KJ ;)
    For today I'll cut you some slack on typos! (I don't think I noticed ANY at all.)

    Thanks for just showing my hands. Man, what a bad hair day I was having. Mim had to see me that day! Actually, that was a highlight of my day orchestrated by you. Thank you both again!

    I love seeing photos of your house and hearing about the fun things you are doing once again.
    There's a lot of love in that house KJ, and lots and lots of it in your life. Even here!

    Merry Always, dear friend.
    I'm so glad our friendship came out of the ashes, like you said.

    You're a treasure.

    love you,

    P.S. I will chip in to buy Emily that marshmallow shooter!!

  6. Dear kj this is the most beautiful and wonderful post.

    I love reading all of it and you are such an amazing friend to all of us.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  7. man could i have any more favorite people-comments on my blog than these?!

    linda, i'm lovin' your blog. wanna be a heart sister? :)

    cs, merry christmas my friend. we made it!

    marion, NO marshmallow thingies in this house! emily would reek havoc!
    marion, i'll be thinking of you these few days. i'm glad and super glad to know you. you really are my heart sister. i hope you know...

    mim, i know what you mean.
    i love you. ♥

    lo, NO marshmallow shooters. i love you. ♥

    renee, thank you for not suggesting the marshmallow shooter. i love you ♥

  8. Happy, Happy Christmas!

  9. Merry Merry KJ!!

    I love these posts because it's like sitting in your living room for a bit. And in two weeks (eeeks!) I will actually be there! I can't wait! Thank you for the gift of your friendship and your blog, my friend. Hug JB for me, have her hug you for me, and both of you hug Stella for me!

    (I finally caught up with things this week and left a comment for your Dec. 21st post, too)

    Love to you and yours!

  10. Goodness, there is a LOT of content here!!! I love the photo of the wee birdies...very good shot. The Fanciful One sent me an email stating that she doesn't know why I said not to eat them...she said they tasted just fine to her! Wishing you a Blessed Christmas. Love, Deb

  11. annie, a blessed happy christmas to you, my friend. ♥

    melissa, i will be so happy to see you. please give hugs to eli and the girls, and josephine and the dogs (and cat?) for me. i'm hoping our food will be as wonderful as yours... ♥

    deborah, every blessing to you and yours. vanessa is a hoot. i know milo is having fun. please please keep an eye on roweena, deb. i know you will supervise well even if i didn't :) ♥

    debra kay, to you too, my friend. don't forget to breathe in and out!
    thank you again for your many gifts, many of which are just who you are. love you, dk. ♥

  12. Happy, Blessed Christmas to you, KJ. All your photos are wonderful and I can picture all the warmth flowing through your home.

    I am a "newbie" to your world, but just want you to know that although this is my worst Christmas ever, it is a bit brighter thanks to Annie, my best friend, YOU and the amazing Renee. OMG - and Emily, too.....can't forget her. Say a prayer for me, ok....I really need one. I will keep all of you in mine.



  13. robin, would you email me please so i can email you back? i have your address somewhere nearby....

    my worse ever was last year. next year will be better for you, i promise.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and all you love, kj dear.
    Love and hugs,

  15. Merry Christmas to you, KJ! I am so thankful to have met you and to know you. You are a truly special person and a gift to us all!
    Merry Christmas!
    Have a wonderful, love-filled holiday!

  16. angela, i am sending a special christmas blessing that will slide into your pocket and stay with you all day. you are wonderful! xoxo

    kelly, thank you very much but what have i done besides carry my camera on my shoulder, my pen in my back pocket, and my heart on my sad little sleeve? :), no, really, thank you. it's nice to get to know you. xo

  17. Emily Rabbit~ I'm glad to see kj's friends support your Xmas request. I don't understand why kj would think you would use anything but marshmallows :-D