Friday, December 04, 2009

Rosie Girl

Before Stella, there was Rosie. She was a very special dog and a very huge presence in my life. I know I will see her again.

Rosie Girl

Rosie girl, tell me about heaven.
I expect you to greet me,
Your soft stub of a tail wagging so effortlessly
That I will see you even in the back row,
And even in the faraway barley fields,
Your enthusiasm rocked by the flow
Of something never lost,
Something never handed over.

Rosie, tell me what I should know about living
So I can get it right.
Tell me if abundance is real,
And if it is,
Tell me I can turn in my leash for a dance card
And stroll and roll through the back woods
Knowing that every sacred scent is in place.

Tell me, Rosie, that it is enough to try,
Enough to care, enough to prepare,
Enough to get it right simply because
It’s all right.
I’m unable to know these things myself
But I trust you, Rosie.
Now you know what matters most
And what matters not at all.

Can you tell me about hearts?
Mine is pretty deep these days,
But still I wonder how far hearts can stretch--
Especially In the moments when they work overtime.
I wonder if perhaps a heart does not break
But maybe snaps instead,
A little fragment breaking off to rest somewhere in isolation
So that certain memories and longings cannot be harmed.
Sometimes I wonder if I am up to the task
Of letting every broken fragment finds its resting place
Even if it means I can’t be whole.

Tell me Rosie, do I have to be whole
If given the chance for love to stretch me
So far outside my safe walls
That I forget I am confused and instead
Feel only gratitude and greatness?
Rosie girl, I will spend my days
Asking questions like this
And letting the answers and clues
Guide me home.
And Rosie girl, I will run straight to you
Even before your ears shoot up
For our hearts’ reunion of a lifetime.


  1. dear kj
    did you do your special secret assignment? and did you get your tree?
    i see you wrote a beautiful poem. a beautiful tribute to your very loved dog rosie.

    you are so lucky to have had a dog that you loved this much. i am hoping that rosie learned to read up in heaven so she can see this beautiful poem you wrote for her.
    you are one of a kind and most special kj. its true.

    lots of love,

  2. oh no, lori, it is you who is one of a kind and special. it tickles me to be your friend. my special assignment will be done tomorrow. what fun it has been. and about rosie, lori, she would lie in bed with me and put her paw around my neck, tight. i would say to her, 'rosie, the angels are looking down on us and they like this' xoxox

  3. kj, i wish i could write poetry. ;)

    It's a beautifully and well expressed tribute to a very special member, Rosie.


  4. kj . . .she's a dog. . . all she hears is 'walkies', 'din dins' and 'good dog' but at least she listens . . seriously though. Dogs are great listeners because they are non judgmental (alive or dead) still sit on your feet, give you a lick when you're blue, don't give a shit about farting in public and don't argue back. Your poem was lovely and sounding off to your dear departed very sweet. Have a lovely weekend honey bun.

  5. Oh I LoVe your angel dog!!! That is just too cute-cute!!! **kisskiss** Deb

  6. kj... the angel dog has made me smile and I love that you have written with love about your much loved hound in heaven.

    I too adore dogs.
    I have many a much loved hound in heaven (well a couple) and I now live with a 15year old much loved hound who I don't want to go anywhere, but by my side :)

    xx Ribbon

  7. So beautiful KJ ...awww love the tree topper...Your such a wonderful writer and poet....oh to have the words flow like yours...envious dera friend..Love ya sweetie


  8. ...and boy...was she loved!

    Lovely words...lovely!

  9. I love your poem to Rosie! Before our Beau, I had another dog years ago, too. I loved he way he would turn his head from side to side and look deep into my eyes, seeming to try to understand the secrets I would tell him. He is forever in my heart.

    So are you!

    I hope you have a delightful weekend and "get you back."

    Hugs and love,

  10. I usually try to read a lot of someone's blog before I think I know what they are about.

    I got as far as Stella with you and immediately knew you were a 'keeper'. Rosie knew it too.

    There are still things I'm reading. For instance, you seem to like lists of 13 things........... ;)

    Up to 2008 now.

  11. Kj,
    That was so beautiful you had some tears going. This is my very favorite thing you have ever written. Rosie IS wagging her tail.

  12. kj this is lovely. You are lovely.

    Now pissed to the eyeballs means as drunk as a skunk.

    If one however, said pissed off. Now that is angry.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. I agree that dogs have a simplified view of things, but I do think they have emotions and empathy. They have to in order to have evolved to be the biggest "kept" species of all time. I also think, on a bad day, that a lot of that empathy is more self serving than altruistic.

    I wonder if that is the true nature of empathy. Now my head hurts cause I have to think about that.

    I loved your poem. I had a "Dottie moment" last night-I miss her at times as much as I did the day she died. She was my right hand dog-keeping my pack sorted out, and my head and heart together-accompanying me across the country on errands of family import.

    But some of that is my own creation-there is not a dog in my pack that wouldn't do all those same things. I guess what makes each relationship special is not what you do, it's the time you spend doing it.

  14. silver, you do write poetry. what i read on your blog last night was poetry. xo

    baino, you are too funny! as if you aren't madly in love with your beautiful dog! you have a good weekend too, honey hells. xoxo

    deborah, thank you. rosie will sit atop the tree as she does every year. xo

    ribbon, i am GLAD this made you smile! 15 years old huh, what a love she (he?)must be. i love when the hair on their faces turn white--a sign of such to you, ribbon

    sonia, love to you too sweetie! almost time to catch up abit, right? i order you to enjoy the weekend xoxo

    thank you, linda, nice to see you here. i'm going to your blog for a shot of color. your doorway...what a lovely space!

    oh angela, you've taken forever residence in my heart. i know how much you love beau. we both understand. i'm wondering if you're painting right now! i wouldn't be surprised. later, aligator xo

    linda, you madam, it turns out are one special person. you touch me in many ways (okay i'll keep it a secret but how incredibly thoughtful). and you are reading my blog from back to front. so you will probably know the course of events.... xo & :)

    aww, annie, that means alot. xoxo

    renee, HAHAHA! well, i'm STILL pissed to the eyeballs that we're worrying about cancer cells. okay, i'm pissed OFF too. but let's keep dancing, okay?

    i don't know, debra kay. i think empathy is one of my strong suits and it feels genuine inside me. to me it's just: i understand. and when i feel that from someone, including my dog and other animals, i am better for it. xoxo

  15. It is a term used often by a Scottish mother.


  16. Oh, I think all the Rosies in this world (and the other) understand far more than we always give them credit for.
    I think they are very nearly 'perfected'.The unconditional love, the gratitude,,,I could go on.

    This writing leaves nothing wanting, kj. The line: "turn in my leash for a dance card" says multitudes.
    I'm glad to have read it today.
    I needed to.


  17. a repeat of my comment on your blog, renee: this french canadian aspiring hiccuping babe wants you to be her dance partner for a long long time.

    babs, aaaaw, babs, i love what you've said here. and you've chosen my favorite lines in the poem. love love.

  18. Touched my cracked heart ... *!*

    (hope my email reached you ok)

  19. you are sure to get answers as along as you keep asking...

    you know I love you kj, you are a light...

    much love

  20. bimbimbie, hello! your heart may be cracked but that just gives it more room for love

    stacey girl, aaaw, thank you. i've come to look forward to hearing from you. i'm glad we found one another. xo

  21. This actually made me well up.

    I think it's because Bliss is having such a bad day.

    Jeez, we love them, don't we?

    Love you too by the way ;)

  22. lo, there are certain people i love as much as rosie and stella...

    ps i fixed the error, ms. proofreader editor. what would i do without you? :)

  23. Goodnight God bless you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  24. Aww!! I did have to look twice at the photo! What a wonderfully loved doggie she was - heart achingly so!

  25. just peeking in to tell you i hope you have a wonderful weekend kj.
    i am going to be busy busy busy, up and down the coast of california.
    did i tell you that i really like those photos at the top of your blog? the one of you and then the "remember"? so great.
    so happy december 5th, okay? :)
    love love love

  26. Beautiful words, dear KJ. I am a fellow-empath and believe that animals do have emotions and deep feelings. I miss my cat, Isolde, now dead for 9 years and now, my ex-boyfriend's lab, Bofie....who I (still) love as my own.... animals love honestly and openly and we would all do well to learn from them.

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Poetess!


  27. renee, good night, good morning, and God bless you too. actually, i think you are watched over in a special way because you are an angel walking among us.

    thank you, caroline. my favorite part of decorating the christmas tree is topping it with rosie. she looks down on us with doggie blessings :)

    lori, tsup! have a great weekend on the coastline. see you soon, love love love too.

    robin, oh how true! we had a dog psychic 'talk' to stella when she first arrived here because she was so scared and stunned. it was amazing. i like all those fancy titles you are bestowing on me, robin--haha! xoxo

  28. tears are rolling down my cheek