Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holiday Mish Mash

I'm tired. I had quite a weekend doing very little. I am posting some holiday pictures from years past because my tree is still outside, the decorations are still in the cellar, and I am contently taking my time making and buying presents for whoever I want to.
I love giving presents, I like that more than receiving them. I put some thought into gift giving so I don't make the preparations easy for myself. JB and I and Jessica and now my son-in-law Mike and of course Mr. Ryan all have Christmas stockings and we fill them with abundant little gifts that say "I think you'll like this because I know who you are." We sometimes take two hours just opening our stockings, one present at a time, ooohing and laughing at each little thoughtful present. On Christmas day we will cook a great dinner--this year roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, shrimp scampi, vegetables to be determined, and dammit, I'm going to try for the fifth time to make popovers that RISE!
This weekend JB and I went to a craft fair and bought several gifts for our family and friends. There are gifts and bags all over the house, not to mention my scattered efforts to make my own cards and maybe create a few special little gifts for a few special friends. This weekend JB and I also finally began to tackle the cord of fire wood that has been piled mile high in the yard. I love to stack wood. I try to do it so it looks like a photo opportunity. My back doesn't like it, but I do.
Anyway, it's late and I'm rambling. I am not feeling stressed about the holidays and I'm glad about that. Last Christmas I was close to a basket case and I'm glad I'm not a basket case this year. I'm putting my efforts into being grateful and generous instead.


  1. kj,
    i love holiday mish mash.
    i love not stressing either.
    and you know what? we do the same thing with the stockings. my kids tell me that is the favorite part, selecting and filling each others stockings. i think everyone should have a stocking, one that holds all those little things that say i know you and i know what you like. and i love you.

    and yes, i may have to use some of those tips of yours, or maybe emilys... :)

    sleep tight,
    have a wonderful monday,

  2. I got my elephant and pink lights strung outside. Getting a cord to an outlet just about did me in. I finally got one of those socket things you put in a light bulb socket to make an electrical outlet. Only the cord wouldn't fit inside the "lamp cover" on my porch light. So, hollering HO HO HO, I smashed the side of the cover that doesn't show, plugged my light cord in and called it a day. HA HA HA.

  3. I am very glad you are not a basket, altho emily would love it if you were a basket of jellybeans.



  4. i am ambivalent about xmas, as i hate the fact that people (who usually can ill afford it) overspend and then suffer in january, and i too like giving, but it is all over so quickly, and tell me, do you remember one gift you got last xmas??

  5. I can't tell you how many times I failed at pop-overs before finding this foolproof method. Here it is.

    2 eggs
    approx 2oz plain flour
    approx 1/4 pint milk
    pinch of salt and pepper
    3 tbsps vegetable oil or lard

    1. Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees C (gas mark 6).

    2. Ten minutes before serving, place oil in pop-over tin and place in oven.

    3. Line up three identical glasses. Add eggs to first glass. Add flour to the second glass to the height of the eggs in the first glass. Add milk to the third glass to the height of the eggs and flour in the first two glasses.

    4. Whisk eggs, flour, milk and salt and pepper in a mixing bowl.

    5. When fat is hot, add mixture to the pop-over tin and place immediately in the oven. They will be well risen and ready within 4-5 minutes. (serves 6)

    Good Luck! xx Jos

  6. lori, xoxo if i were queeen i would make stockings mandatory twice a year!

    oh debra kay, are you channeling my electrical problems? ho ho hee hee

    mim, emily is now throwing frozen brussel sprouts. the situation is serious. xoxo

    joss, i don't let it be over quickly. i consider the season starts at thanksgiving and ends at new year's. and i have no sympathy for anyone who overspends and then complains. better to just do one or the other. :) xoxox

    jos, aha! i will try it! thank you so much! nice to see you here!

  7. I love the one-eared doe. I would adopt her ;)

    Did I tell you I had perfect popovers at Thanksgiving? I even took a few home ;P

    I love giving gifts too. I really love it! Brian reels me in though because for some reason he thinks I'm a spender ;)

    Ya think???????!!!!


  8. Christmas is simple here, all the festivities being at my daughter's in Dallas.For many years I was crazed from Thanksgiving through New Year's,keeping all the balls in the air, for both home and work.
    I am quite content now with not being the Holiday Queen.
    Stockings are still great fun,,,,

  9. lovely post kj. a joy to read.
    it is good to take time over buying presents. and in my family we have always opened them one at a time so we can all ooo and ahh over whatever anyone has got

  10. Ah we have a very disceplined present opening ceremony too . . we go one pressie at a time from youngest to oldest. That way everyone gets to see what's been given and received. And you're very grateful and generous no matter what the season kj. Love your cosy little house and Christmas spirit

  11. I am going slow too. Not sure how much I will get done or if I will ever get everything done, but who cares. Love and hugs,

  12. Have you had those cute deer forever?

    I love the Christmas look of your house, and especially like that last photo. I was just working on my own decorate dhouse post for tomorrow.

  13. Oh the little dearies! ♥ the little dearies! The photo of the wee bike is excellent. **kisskiss** Elfin Deb

  14. I love those reindeers, especially the one with the broken ear. The house looks especially beautiful and cozy. You Christmas stocking opening sounds like so much fun!