Monday, December 14, 2009

Colors & Words

Okay, I'm back again with a poem that still rhymes but is more to my liking. I wrote this a couple of years ago to a special person I met on the blogs. Today, I read it over and I find that the colors and words I felt and appreciated from blogging then has expanded to many special people now .
I know so many of us are scratching our heads wondering how the hell AUTHENTIC relationships take root in this way. I have my theories, but that's for another day.
Today, this is as close as I can come to describing the magic that happens:
Colors and Words

No skin.
No sound.
No hand at the elbow
Should the shakes come round.

No face or place.
No fashion. No fad.
No coffee. No wine.
No movie line.

Just colors and words
Finding their way
Through some connection
too hard to say.

No history. No blood.
No travels. No mud.
No workspace. No church
No neighbors. No search.

No shopping. No munch.
No face-to-face hunch.
No beat to the punch.
Not even a lunch.

Just colors and words
Quietly heard
A painting, a poem
A friendship, a home.
Happy Holidays. And thank you, with love,


  1. Hello my friend, just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your poem, really neat. It has magic in it.

    Send you my love KJ

  2. this.. i like.. this poem has a warm and cosy feel to it.. just like the holiday season... :-)

  3. .

    no past or future
    just a present that flows

    no wings or feathers
    just a soul that flies...


    Karen... this is more than beautiful... it cuts deep through my soul... i feel it...

    more than a poem... it's life...

    love and peace to you

    wish you a great holiday season

  4. No fuss, no muss
    for people like us.

    It's natural,breezy
    easy-peasy ;)

    I like this poem~
    sounds like 'you're home.'


  5. Well, sometimes you do get a coffee :-). Lovely poem. It is weird, but wonderful how we find each other and connect. I am surprised daily. xoxo

  6. Lovely poem KJ. Not being a blogger, I didn't really understand it when Annie began hers. But, after reading some, and seeing how friendships can really develop - I GET IT!

    Fingers crossed for me - going to a job interview with SF Opera today (a dream job for me).... I need all the positive thoughts I can get.

    Happy Holidays to you!


  7. Love it.

    Some of us connect via words and images-blogging is a natural outlet for that, and I believe that people who are authentic are authentic in any medium-chalk or digital. The essence sings through.

    In today's world, authentic connections are few and far between-we have the ritual greetings of business, the acceptable social banter....bah! Give me real, REAL, even if it's raw.

    I'm blabbering-but you know the subject is like chocolate and coffee to me! And you know I REALLY love you.

  8. There is something very safe
    about friendships found in
    It's free and open drop over anytime don't need to pick the place up first no fear of being caught with out makeup or make up any lies to cover flaws of anykind
    I suppose we are exposed in other ways our art shouted out there for all to see but hey unless someone is bold enough to write it we don't hear critisims just praise and if it's otherwise we can knock them off our followers list as quickly as they signed on
    hey, I can pick and choose my friends here I've only once met a blogger I didn't like most are warm and caring loving human beings who warm my heart each and every day in ways they don't even realize themselves for the most part I bet its the best thing I've ever done for me in a long time and I hope it continues for a longer time to come as it's fun free legal and makes my day start and end with a smile most times or a hug however virtual that hug may be it still feels there~!

  9. Hey - Ms. Post-A-Minute Queen!

    Just got back (two days away) and am so behind! I loved the poetry. You always manage to find just the perfect words to paint pictures that I remember. Just like a snapshot, it fills my mind...'just colors and words quietly heard'...

    Love mom too! 'Didn't know there were two skies' wonder you know how to use words.

    Merry, Merry, Messy, TreeLit (hopefully) Christmas!


  10. And...I wanted to say how much I admire a house like yours. Every thing seems to be a considered choice and I'm sure most things have meaning and memories.

    Isn't it fun to put your feet up inside your own life!

    xo ;@

  11. It is a beautiful poem kj.

    And just so you know, of course you would not share the cake. Who ever heard of anything so silly as sharing a cake?

    Love Renee xoxo

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  13. thank you everybody. i've had a day--too late and too tired to respond to each of your comments but i will at some point.

    i love my heart sisters and blog friends. love them!!

  14. it cuts to the heart
    right from the start.

    you are a love kj. now i'm off to make more santa vids (it's completly addicting). :)

  15. Hey I can identify with that.
    I did meet my last relationship courtesy of blogging. Even if it didn't last it was great fun.
    And I have travelled to Virginia US and Usedom Germany to meet bloggers let alone the ones who've been to my blog parties.
    I think there are many like minded souls here, who just happen not to be next door, and that works for me.