Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Bugs & Bonds

Milo, would you like to go to a movie?

Aw, no thanks, Roweena's going to teach me to play scrabble.



Milo, would you like a hot fudge sundae?

Not right now, Roweena and I are just relaxing.


Anybody for hot chocolate?

That sounds nice....

but would you mind if Roweena and I have it here

so we can keep talking?


Video games? Want to play video games?

Maybe later? Roweena is telling me about her family

and what it was like to grow up in Bunnyville.

Milo, do you like miniature golf?

That sounds nice, but I'm teaching Roweena

some silly jokes.

Hey you two: we could take a walk in the park.

Oh but we're so comfortable here in the back yard.

Wow! How about we go to New York City

for the weekend and see the giant Christmas tree

all lit up on 42nd Street?

Gee, we kind of like looking at this tree.

Milo, you just have a couple of days left here.

We could do anything you want.

We could go shopping.

We could ice state, roller skate, stay up late.

What would you like to do?

Would you mind very much if Roweena and I took a nap?


You can't put a price on friendship.
After life in the closet and midway through his world wide vacation tour, Milo Bug has found a best friend. He and Roweena can be quietly heard wondering how they will maintain their connection with one another once Milo leaves for his next destination in a couple of days.

When I saw that Milo was feeling pretty sad about leaving Roweena, I told him that love has deep roots, strong glue, and angel wings.
Thank you Deborah
for letting Milo come to # 9. I'm quite sure he had a very nice time.


  1. Oh I'm with Milo. When I visit my very best friend in Philly, I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to sit on her porch and talk, read and drink G&T till it's time to get back on the plane to the UK

  2. Well, that is just too cute, little stuffies getting friendly. Sounds like my kind of visit/vacation.

  3. Oh my, I thought they were big but they're teeny bless their cotton socks! You are a twit of the highest order. I can just imagine you placing your little playthings strategically for a photo and them saying "Oh for goodness sakes, we were doing just fine on the chair!" Oh does he have to go home . .they look so sweet together.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling on the floor laughing at Baino's comment.

    Does Milo have a scrapbook?

  5. Oh, how sweet!! What fun it was catching up on your blog this morning -- it always gives me something to smile about and something to think about. You are such a fabulous writer! xo

  6. LOL...Love it...made me smile KJ ..I needed that today...Hi emily xoxoxox

  7. This is the sweetest, really. And that last photo tore me up :(

    I think they should have babies!!

    Roweena's dad would probably knock the stuffing out of Milo though!!


    Thanks for starting my day with bunches of smiles.


  8. That was just so darn cute! I LoVe the last photo. That Roweena is quite the touchy-feeling type!!! ♥ cute-cute ♥ Deb

  9. Ooh look at that snazzy new header!! Dear Milo - he's too cute for his own good -love that pic of them gazing at the tree! By the way, I've also been known to spend time arranging and talking to soft toys (apart from my teddies, I have 2 meerkats and a monkey). I'll post a pic one day!

  10. Ahhh, true love. I am a sit in the back yard looking at trees kind of person too. xoxo

  11. Nothing like sitting back with a cuppa and a couple of good friends, it's like being in your own little world-the friendship world.

  12. That is so cute KJ. I think Milo should stay, it looks like it might be a case of ...true love!!!
    love and hugs.

  13. mandy, sitting and talking and drinking and eating is my favorite thing too. :)

    mim, emily wants to know if you call her a little stuffy too. please please say the right answer or i will have hell on my end....

    baino, aw, what a sweet comment, and hysterical. what can i do, hells, he has to go.

    linda, no scrapbook, you might want to take that up with deborah. she is quite a talented debfest.

    melissa, i feel like i aced the paragraph... (love and miss you)

    sonia, it is my mission to make you smile. i'm on it girl!

    lo, there are so many reasons i absolutely love you and your sentimentality is one of them. aaw, that heart of yours...

    deborah, cute? cute? i wanted FAB FAB! (clears throat) maybe i didn't supervise milo well enough? or show him enough of the sites? but deb, he was politely insistent. milo knows his own mind... :)

  14. caroline, i knew it! i knew you would talk to your stuffy friends too! yay! :)

    annie, i think a word or two of your comment got cut out but i get the point. YOU talk to stuffy friends too. We are all the new normal. :)

    deborah kay, may i be your heart sister?

    marie, hello and welcome. i see you've been sick and i hope you are on the mend. milo can't stay--he has commitments. but truth be told i'm not sure how to handle the goodbyes... xo

  15. Wheeeaaaaaa
    All very nice but where is Emily????? I miss her.....


    And ps KJ of course I will help you!

  16. marianne! it's me, emily! i am in cleveland with uncle bunny but i will be back in time to complain about the holidays and give good advice. i sent you something marianne. don't forget it will be your favorite present.

    yours truly from your best friend,

    emily rabbit

  17. I for one wouldn't want to have to witness those good-byes!
    What a fun thing, traveling Milo!

  18. Um, you could use an ornament or two on that tree.

  19. babs, i'm avoiding even thinking about it....love takes twists and turns sometimes, huh?

    cs, just because you're ahead of me.... :)

  20. update: they sit quietly and whisper.....

  21. Oh Milo and Roweena: how lovely. I'm sure they did have a lot to exchange and to learn from one another. I do love the photo on the bed: so sweet. Milo is getting more and more sensitive I think. Thank you for this post. Isn't it fun playing, Ladies ?!
    And thank you Debbie, too

  22. would you believe I have tears in my eyes? this is the sweetest post i've ever seen.
    gee whiz kj.

  23. Oh! I don't know how I missed this post. I do hope this couple can continue to be friends, even if it is long distance. You almost made me cry...you have such a way with your photos and writing, kj...it's lovely!