Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 13: Summer Time...

The transition to summer is taking place on every level here in New England and here within myself.
For example, this....

2. ...has become this:

3. Those rhubarb flowers that prevent the rhubarbs from healthy growth have found a decorative home at #9

The kitchen window is splashing color all over the place,

Does anyone recognize the fantastic artist who painted this sweet sentimental dog (haha)?

5. And the garden is cleaned up and ready for six tomato plants and mounds of summer squash.
6. Summer is my season to relax. I move into second, maybe third gear, and try to stay there. I think I wrote this poem last summer, but it could just as well been written two hours ago:
The toilet’s fixed
The grasses cut back
The appointment’s made
The snacks are packed.
The taxes aren’t done—
You can’t have it all—
But the trip’s been booked
& the garbage hauled.
The work’s wrapped up
The car’s been serviced
The stoops are painted
& no one’s nervous.
The time got spent
Finally put up the sign
Put the car in reverse
Put aside the divine.
The garden’s weeded
New bulbs on their way
& detoured hearts
Have had their say.
The weight’s been moved
To a straighter line
I might even be
Almost mostly fine.
Still, I’ve got this loss
It’s a mile wide
I’m trying my best
To put it aside.
I’m familiar with hope
I can wear it well
But do circles really close?
Only time can tell.
7. It's no surprise that most of us have found enduring friendships through blogging. I am surprised though that most of us rarely mention our in-person, local, or long term friends. One of these days I am going to do a Thursday 13 on my friends (I'll have to include level two friends to get to 13). I'm more private than I probably sound, and I can count my close friends on one hand. Two are men. I am blessed by my friendships--they are filled with love and good people. Still, sometimes I wonder who I would call at 2 am if everything dear to me had fallen apart. I'm not sure, and I don't like how that feels.
8. I'm not really a very neat person, but I like my kitchen to look organized. Except lately it hasn't been. Here is the freezer. If I took ten minutes I could have it stacked properly, but I don't seem to make it a priority. And that's alright with me. (See comment # 6).
.9. I'm only including this shot of the kitchen cabinet near the stove because this post is called Thursday 13.
If it were Thursday 10, this would have been cut loose. Anyhow, I tend to keep my baking, spices and salad dressing supplies here.
10. My little town is known for the Miss Florence Diner. The food is past prime time--I've only been once--but the neon sign is one-of-a-kind.
.12. I remember how I felt when this picture was taken. I think my facial expression confirms I felt important and shy.
13. I only recently discovered this pie chart on my blog's sitemeter. It shows where my friends and visitors live. Baino and Kate and Bimbimbie, look at that--12 % from Australia (did I leave any Aussies out?) I can tell you that one Australian in particular--ironically named 'Anonymous Bird' and affectionately called 'Anon' will be missed as long as I blog. She went on vacation one normal day and never returned. In my heart I believe something not-good happened because I don't think she would have just left in that fashion. And not knowing is one thing I do NOT like about the blogs. The truth is I still hope she will come back some day. And almost every day I think of her and wish her health and happiness.


  1. Oooh I love a little peek into your pantry! I'm not overly tidy inside cupboards I must admit. Not helped by people WHO DON'T PUT THINGS BACK IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
    That's one scary Rabbit! I'm surprised you didn't burst into tears!
    12% Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!

    I miss Anon too and in my heart of hearts, I too think something awful might have happened.

    And kj sweetie, circles do close . . slowly but they do.

  2. Wonderful 13!
    I would never show pictures of my closets or fridge...... I am terrible in keeping things tidy.
    You live in a beautiful place.
    Who can I call at 2 am? I liked that thought and could think of one name and that is exactly perfect because I can do a lot of things at the same time but only can make one phonecall , that's enough.

    hug >M<

  3. wow.. this is one of the better tags i have seen.. loved the garden pics best!!

  4. The garden is looking great. I couldnt't make the tree pictyure enlarge - are those hostas underneath?

    I mention in-the-flesh friends on my blog but don't go into detail aboutthem out of respect for their privacy.

    And finally, which site counter do you use that makes a graph like that?

  5. I never would have thought that Ms. Emily Rabbit was that big.

  6. The sign from the restaurant is marvelous. I love the old retro signs...

    Friends in flesh or not are always in can never have too many friends anywhere.

    Sonia ;)

  7. I am neat, but I don't care much for the worrying about the insides of things :-). My freezer is just as bad. I love that sign! You got me thnking and I actually do have someone to call at 2AM and that made me so happy. Everyone should have a buddy like that. I did not know Anon, but I am hoping her life just got busy and she will be back, how long has it been?
    Always nice to know more about your life. xoxo

  8. kj I always love these and I love your about towns too.

    The freezer please don't ever stack it properly.

    I wonder if the Australians blog the most in the world. Does anyone know. I always love them and even though they are a world away they feel just like home.

    Thank you for your lovely comment kj it means a lot.

    Also I like how you keep mentioning your friend that doesn't blog anymore. I hope that nothing has happened to her.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  9. Isn't the transition from winter sleep to summer lushness awesome? Your place is beautiful.

    I'd love to see the diner sign at night. Maybe one of your posts it will show up :)

    I have a couple of people I could call at 2 am. I'd say you could call me KJ, but Bri turns the phones off at night. We missed the middle of the night call when his dad died. I was pissed and sad.

    Hey, is that Uncle Russell with you?? ;P

    I liked guessing the stuff in your cabinet last night. That was fun!

    You must be some kind of stalker because the word veri is PURVI !!!



  10. baino, i always like your comments, but i especially appreciate your last line here. thanks and hugs for that.

    marianne, i'm glad to hear you know exactly who you'd call. that is a gift and blessing!

    cs, yup, they're hostas. i love hostas in a circle. i use sitemeter--nothing too fancy and of course it's free. xo

    ha! the word verf is "nonsure".
    what message lies within?!

  11. mr walking man,


    yours truly,
    e. rabbit

  12. sonia, how damn true! so now i have a friend is austin... i like that! xoxo

    hi annie, anon's been gone a year or more. she was a gem and many of us worry for her. have a nice weekend!

    renee, i know what you mean about our aussie friends. we are all so much alike it seems like we could live next door. of course, that's true to the brits and the canadians and the asians etc etc and even one certain illustrator in japan...

    lolo, i am going to wait to take the night photo of the diner when you are visiting here. so there! are you calling me names on my own blog? lolo! only nice words allowed, with the exeption of the f word. :) last, about your phone, maybe bri could leave it on and turn the ringer down. or let it vibrate. just a suggestion, girlfriend.... xo

    how do we know, thank you for your very nice comment

  13. Love this one! I see the precursor to Emily.
    There is a service that you log in to every thirty days to let it know you are alive. If you fail to log in, it will send an e-mail of your choice to people of your choice. Morbid, but relevant today.

    I still keep Anon on my list and check in every now and then-and last time I did I thought of Greyfriars Bobby, the dog that went to the train for his master for like 12 years. And now I understand what Bobby must have felt. Ok, I may be a little weird.

  14. debra kay, you ARE alittle weird. that is a wonderful quality you have.

    i forgot you know anon. is her blog how you and i found one another?

    i am totally frustrated and upset not to be able to somehow figure out what happened to anon. i would appreciate knowing she is alright. and to think we lost her one day after jack became jackie.

    about bobby, debra kay, that is the saddest damn story. i'm afraid that could happen to me...


  15. Lots of food for thought here Kj ;)

    I keep hoping Anonybird hitched a flight with the last lot of migratory birds and is stalking them with her camera right now*!*

  16. A lot of food for thought and as always beautifully wrought and writ! :)

  17. I believe Anon is fine and we'll hear from her again in the not too distant future i'm sure :D

  18. the journey through your poem... from the world without into the world within... with that ending... brought tears to my eyes... then all those pics i could see had a touch of Monet...

    "I’m familiar with hope
    I can wear it well
    But do circles really close?
    Only time can tell."

    this poem
    and this blurry Monetsque life...

  19. Internet friends... I have one very close friend on the internet who lives an ocean away. I asked her to join Facebook with me, and she "friended" my brother. If there came a time when she didn't hear from me and became worried, she could contact my brother or any of my other family members through Facebook.