Sunday, May 17, 2009

Someone's Dog

Someone’s Dog

Some fierce and brutal words:
They’ve stopped me cold.

But ‘someone’s dog’?
The same dog you lay with,
Who let you run your fingers
Through her gentle hair?

‘Someone’s dog’?
It’s Stella.
Why did you have to erase her too?


  1. KJ, was this meant for the people who abandoned her? I hope everything is okay. I just love her!


  2. Yeah, what lolo said. Big hugs. XOXO

  3. no, this reflection looks at an important failed relationship of mine, not stella's. sometimes i wish i were a painter because words alone can mislead and/or limit interpretation. basically, it's time some of my hurt (and unexpected) feelings moved from inside to outside. that is my hope in writing this.

    still unclear? sorry: it's the best i can do...


  4. I flinch visibly when anyone who is close to me refers to "just a dog.....JUST a bird..." etc. I wouldn't expect a stranger to understand, but for someone close not to grasp the importance of a special relationship of mine, well, it's not only disrespectful to the animal, but to me.

    Moreover, it makes me sad for them too-because if they don't get it, it may just be that they can't get it, and never will. So much sadness from one simple phrase.

  5. you got it, debra kay!

    and when done intentionally, there's not much more to say....


  6. Yes, when done intentionally - I'm thinkin' - drop that person like a hot potato cause they're mean! (Like I would ever do that...I'd make excuses and try to be nicer arggh!) -

    Sorry to rant, but little comments like that make me SO mad - but of course, I think it must be coming from a deep hurt inside them - and they hurt so bad for whatever reason that they have to take it out somewhere.

    But of course, maybe that person is just plain mean.

  7. you draw with words, better than most artists kj. letting the pain out is very important too. hope it feels a whole lot better now. gonna finish da book tonight...can't wait...have ordered another copy for my niece who is here on's 'splendiferous'.

  8. so terse and cutting!
    i can feel the hurt feelins through your great work...

    yes why erasing?!... perhaps we should let it be to undergo a metamorphosis... when the bleeding wound turns into a sparkling gem...

    and poetry is the catalyst of this process..

    the way you let you feelins move from inside to outside is so beautiful... it's a song not a harsh cry...

    love you

  9. KJ, it's been a while since I've been to your blog, so I had a lot of catching up to do. I had forgotten how uplifting it is and how your entries really brighten my day. Those spring pictures of your town were priceless, thank you so much for posting them.

    Keep on enjoying Spring, the best is yet to come!

  10. mim, thank you for your comment. i appreciate your thoughtful words and clarity so much. xoxo

    soulbrush, aww, thanks girl. i need your address you know... xo

    hb, from a bleeding wound to a sparkling gem... have you outlined the roadmap for me, hb? because that's what i want. i want to continue to honor and care about someone i love and care about even though....

    hello lauren! i've wondered how you've been. please stop by from time to time!!

  11. I thought something had happened to Stella for a moment. kj I really hope someone didn't actually speak to you that way. You don't need to paint to make your point, you do it in words just fine . .and sometimes a little ambiguity is a good thing in such a public forum.

  12. baino, come closer so i can hug you...

  13. Oh thank (insert diety of choice here) that Stella is OK! LOL
    So, did it help you to get it out there? Your poem is very powerful!

  14. Oh, ouch. But it's vicious pettiness, KJ, it really is. It in no way diminishes Stella.

    (Oh my God! Word verification is "wooffea"! See, Stella knows it doesn't matter.)

  15. All living creatures deserve our respect !

  16. my sweet perceptive lavender, yes it helped me. i am surprised how much.

    thank you cs (with emphasis). xo

    sidney, yes, especially a creature you are obliged to love and protect.

  17. My grandmother -in -law once referred to our dog as "just a pet".
    I mean,,,come on,,,,what did she want her to do,,,expect of her?
    Of what MORE worth could they possibly be, these,,, our furry children?
    I never liked her much after that,,,,(well, and didn't a whole lot before)
    You sure didn't need that person in your life. "love me, love my dog!"

  18. ha har har that is so funny. Mr. Ryan and not.

    I am leaving comments all over people's blog pasts and having fun seeing what was going on back in the day.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. So glad Stella is okay, and I would like to smack anyone mean enough to put her down. I would not actually smack anyone, but I'd like to :-).xoxo

  20. babs, the language was more a rejection of me, not my dog, but it stung because it is such a clear message...

    good idea, renee, i've actually done that on your blog more than once. but i didn't leave a message. maybe i will now... xo

    annie, see my comment to babs. and thanks for adding your two cents :)

  21. Oh, KJ ... to hurt our children or pets is a more painful hurt than one aimed right at us. I'm so sorry -- Stella deserves better! xo

  22. The ones who win in the end is you and Stella. It took a minute for this to hit me between the eyes and figure it out.
    You do know you're surrounded by love and white light, don't you?


  23. KJ I thought the worst had happened to Stella. I can't stand cruelty, verbal or physical. It's a sign of a mean spirit. Give Stella a big hug