Monday, May 11, 2009

Sky Diving

Well, maybe it's more sky floating. But in a period of 18 hours, the sky decided to pick up a paint brush. And in the midst of her comtemplative and sometimes confusing thoughts, a certain woman looking for answers looked up instead and decided to notice.


  1. We should look more often to the sky! Good you did!

  2. Aaah, God's canvas, the sky!
    Love the birds.

  3. man oh man KJ, these are awesome shots!! How did you do this grid format? I love it. I think you should start doing Skywatch Fridays. Wow.

    Thanks for the call today. It means a lot when someone just checks in to see if you're having a good day ;)

    My friends are starting to panic about my move. They know I'm really leaving.But I'm not leaving them. I hope they get that.

    I do love these photos. Really. And those Mass signs!!


  4. answers sometimes are not found within...the with out is a potent place to ask questions of.

  5. Looking up is good...we should all do it more.

  6. Lovely!! This morning Iris asked me what would happen if all the clouds fell on us. :) I said we'd get very wet and she cracked up. Have a great day, my friend!

  7. yes these clouds are like thoughts... questions... beginning with a vague stripe and then accumulating and covering up the sky of the mind...
    then they rain... and sometimes they don't... they just pass... some questions fertile the mind... some just come and pass...

    the sky always has something to tell us...

    these shots are great, KJ...

    and your arrangement is a deep story...

  8. it is always inspiring to look up. yes, i too like this picture format. be well, suki

  9. spectacular, yes do join us on fridays ...sometimes it's hard to look up all the time, but i have stopped looking down so much since blogging! huggles friend.

  10. Sweet. Beautiful photos.

  11. We do take the sky and it's amazing colours forgranted sometimes don't we. Nice shots. And Lolo, you take your time, just don't disappear.

  12. sidney, you left a comment before i could juggle these photos in the proper order. i am tickled by your return. xo

    babs, nice eyes, girl!

    lo, man oh man oh man oh jc lo!

    walking man, 'the with out'. good thought my friend, good thought.

    mim dearest, what should i look up? :)

    melissa, please give iris and charlotte a smooch from me.

  13. hb, 'my arrangement is a deep story?' hahaha, this makes me laugh because even though i don't understand your words, i know what you mean and i like that you know that about me!!! (love you hb)

    suki, yay! that i've discovered how to show three pix side by side!

    soulbrush you imp, it's always a smile when i see you've commented. how are you today?

    annie, thank you. i read your news on your blog and i'm happy for you!

    baino the beautiful, i'm getting mushier by the minute, aren't i? it must be my weight loss. or maybe my butterfly wings...anyway, you just might meet lolo in person, you know... xoxox

  14. A beautiful sky - ours is pale grey all over just now, so it was nice to have yours instead to look at!

  15. I absolutely love when the sky takes on that pink tint.

    (word verificiation is "kabroken"!)

  16. I was like, don't tell me she is sky diving.


    Love Renee xoxo

  17. I'm searching for your parachute.

  18. very nice. we only really get clouds in the winter when we get the rain; miss those columbus clouds. and so fun to see the babies on the right. sticker books are the best.