Monday, May 25, 2009

Six Word Saturday

"Never cut what can be untied"


  1. 'I'll get there in the end.' Yep. That's mine!

  2. Your book arrived thank you so very much!
    My daughter Hannah read your story and she loved it.
    She only took a two days to read it.
    Hannah said it Is a wonderful story and really feel for the children at the end and makes you want to cry. She said she laughed in parts. Hannah is not letting me know exactly so not to spoil the story for me.

    Thank you so much for your gift, pleasing Hannah, going through these difficult times for her is hard and you kept her captivated for a few days away from her worries. I am grateful for this so much.

    Are you planning on writing some more stories?

    Sending you a BIG HUG!

  3. i have learnt this only as i've got older.great words. huggles.

  4. Now *that* is a classic, KJ! Well done!!

  5. Very good one - thought provoking. OK - I'll put away my knife

  6. kay, i think you're there already.

    nollyposh, hello! i'm glad your computer's fixed. i'll be dropping by...

    how do we know, thank you. it's always nice to see you here. xo

    julie-ann, awww. jeez. i am SO glad to read your words, julie-ann. i can't wait to see what you think too. yes, i will write always now. i am just beginning a second novel--it's slow to find words to the the page, but this summer it should take flight. i love the angels you create. they are very wise...

    walking man, hahaha! you are so right, my friend!! i get such a kick out of the way you think!! i just love it.

    me too soulbrush. i try not to make incisions any more, unless i have no other good choice. xoxo

    melissa, i've held on to this expression since the first time i heard it. very zen-like, which i think it is. xoxo

    mim, now what are you doing with a knife anyway? you're supposed to be using scissors, i thought. no? okay then, but what kind of knife? a little knife? like a swiss army knife? not a scary knife, right mim? xoxo

  7. {{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

    Very wise words.

    Sonia ;)

  8. Unless there's a big, choking knot in it ;)


  9. sonia, hello!

    lo, okay, okay, i hear you. you are going to drag me to the finish line whether i kick and scream or come along quietly and you know, i feel loved by it! the verf word is wakeup hahaha :)

  10. I came back to see if you were upset with me.
    The word verif made me smile ;)


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  13. amen! dearest Karen

    modern life is for shortcuts!!!

    untying requires patience and respect to others...

    @walking man...
    what you said reminded me of a poem by Rumi...

    he says (to the beloved) when the bond between you and me is cut, i don't get sad because the retying makes the distance between us shorter...
    (see the image?)

    lover---------- ----------beloved


  14. kj I love the saying, so true.

    You are so funny that you would re-read my musings. har har

    I love you back.


  15. Oh my. You know, I struggle with this, sand at times I wonder if my untying goes too slowly!