Saturday, May 09, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Shake off the love?
But why?


  1. I like it.

    No to French and No to the garden.

    I forgot that you were having the ladies over. Have a fantastic time.


  2. then how about a few yes's ms. renee? :)

  3. perhaps
    to spread it out

  4. perhaps
    on a moonlit night
    the warrior
    should take off
    his shiny

  5. perhaps
    it is needed on the path
    not on our back...

  6. a great six-word... so inspiring... i can sit and write till morning...

    now here it's night... 10:46pm...

    love you Karen... a lot...

  7. if there is why... then don't.

  8. I love when HB gets a creative spark with word play.

    Here's when to shake off the love...and why.

    When it hurts you.
    When it's toxic.
    When it's a lie.
    When you've been used.
    When it's unhealthy.
    When it isn't returned.
    When it keeps you from living your life to the fullest.

    But I love you which is why I can be so brutally honest.

  9. Maybe turn off the connection but not the love? I don't know that denying a genuine feeling is ever necesary, but self-protection is important.

  10. Life in 6 words huh. Not an easy one.

  11. LOL well now it seems that what ms. kj wants ms. kj gets LOL
    dropping by to drop off some love to you this morning...oh and never shake off the love...shower in love, roll in love, be in love but never ever shake it off...
    love to you from ms. sm
    who can always find some time somewhere for someone who asks LOL

  12. God I'm far too verbose to put it into six words. Lolo is so right good reasons to shake it off! The only bad love is unreturned love or misdirected love . .the rest just fine and dandy.

  13. Makes me think.
    No! No more!


  14. got your book today (monday) and i am so thrilled -not only to own a copy of it, but to be named in it too, i am so terribly touched...that is a request, would it be possible to write me a personal inscription that I could put in the front cover (maybe to 'foreveryoung')? that would be so wonderful. my niece and her partner whe are here for 3 weeks will be getting a copy to take back to south africa with them too! e mail:

    congrats KJ you are a very very talented lady.