Sunday, May 03, 2009


I feel like I made an official debut yesterday. On impulse I signed up for a booth at a local Gay Pride event, another experiment to explore the best ways to promote and market my beloved book. This was the first time I made a "public appearance" as an author and the first time I explained the premise of the book to the gay and lesbian community (of which I am a member.)
I sold and signed seventeen books. That may not seem like much to Stephen King, but to me it was affirming, orgasmic, and awesome. I signed seventeen books. I talked about my hopes in writing 'The Light Stays On', I met dozens--maybe hundreds-- of gay and straight and transgender people and families, some fellow writers, some teachers and counselors, some couples newly in love and others together for a couple of decades.
It was a good day. I came home pumped and eager to support this book of mine. I'm approaching the sale of 1oo books and I'm shooting for 500 from that, then 1000, then 5000. What I may lack in confidence, I will fill in with elbow grease. And when my heart reminds me that I still have good reason to be sad, I will remind it back that yes, that is true, but we have to move on and appreciate the blessings and love around us. It's not all sad. By any means. And yesterday I knew that for sure. And yesterday I was a first-time author signing books.....


  1. GO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was a huge step for you yesterday.

    1)Marketing your book in a public forum! Yay!!

    2)Embracing and celebrating who you are! YAY!

    3) Knowing your heart is still strong and recognizing all the love you have in your life!
    Quad-freakin-duple YAY!!!!

    Pride? Yup, I'm proud to call you my friend.


  2. oh you lolo. you've come to me from the ashes, and i will be forever grateful for your special place in my life.


  3. Wonderful post, wonderful day...and I like what you wrote at the end, too...lots of reasons not to be sad!

  4. WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO! (loud whistle & arm pump) I knew you would sell! - Dang, wish I could have stopped by.

    Orgasmic (giggle) is how I feel after finishing a self-satisfying painting.

    Perhaps there will be a venue for you to sell while in P-Town this summer - or a place to leave or handout some of your postcards.

    Congrats on your courage to get out there and hawk your book.

  5. Oh! Good for you!
    It's amazing what we can do, once we've CHOSEN to be brave.
    (whether we really are or not)

    What an exciting day!

  6. Congratulations on the sales, Congratulations on the wonderful day... may you have many many more of the same to come! (Sales and wonderful days!)

    Best wishes for success and joy in all that you do...

  7. oh how WONDERFUL this is! I'm so glad you signed up for the booth - you'll be famous before long...but the heck with fame, it's the self affirmation that is truly great. I'm with the arm pumping and woo-hoo crowd.

    And...I have a signed copy myself - stays by my bedside.

    I hope you keep this feeling close - something to pull out when you need it. Write it on a little piece of paper and and remember the moment. Also remember - you are special...and angel...and a good friend.

  8. This is such a lovely story, KJ. Hurrah for you. I can feel the courage and the bravery and the good feelings at having folks want to read your words. Onward!

  9. my copy should be here this week, and i will get an inscription from you to insert in the front cover..i am so thrilled for you, and so thrilled that we have 'connected' here in this bloggyworld of ours. i feel strong vibes from you. go sister go!!

  10. Great idea! So happy that it buoyed you up . .next stop, a book launch in a book store perhaps? kj I understand excactly how tough it can be to be brave when you're feeling vulnerable. Well done you!

  11. That's a very exciting bit of progress. When does the book tour start?

  12. KJ....

    Yay KJ...You go lady...Lolo put it exactly right...Embracing yourself and celebrating it...I started reading this afternoon...I am so excited...and my daughter and her girlfriend want it next...Congrats KJ...I would do a cheer for ya...But hell I was never the cheerleader type..So I wont kill ya with the awful rendition...LOL

    Sonia ;)

  13. grats kj, that's truly awesome!

    with that attitude and determination you'll soon surpass your 5,000, then 10,000 :)

  14. my friend, i read your book while away on retreat and it was the very best thing i have read in a long time. i have been looking forward to taking a moment to write a proper letter to you about how much i loved it (i mean LOVED it!), but this seems like as good a time as any to tell you that your book was amazing--from cover to cover. in reading your book i felt so glad to be able to call you my friend. you are a talented writer filled with insight, heart, energy and extreme beauty.

    you know how to write about love better than anyone i know.

  15. teri, some times life just won't let you shake the sadness or accept a loss, but it's good to know there are reasons not to give in. i know you know that and i so admire you. xo

    chewy, it was AWESOME! thanks for the woo hoo. and yes, ptown this summer: i have plans already! xo

    babs, i'm trying to be brave and you're right: i often fake it because i don't want the alternative. xo

    lawatha, thank you for your good wishes. xo

  16. oh mim.....

    suki, let's follow one another...

    soulbrush, i will send you a signed inscription. send me an email with your address. i hope you like the book. i will want to know what you think of it. xoxo!

    baino, i know you understand (mostly) exactly. and i appreciate that more than you will ever know.

    cs, the booktour? i'm not sure. but i know i've begun to plan it out! xo

    thank you sonia, i am glad to know you. and glad you will be reading this book of mine. thank you for that.

    wolfie, thanks so much! 10000 sounds fabulous!!

  17. ah, jessie. i fall upon your comment and stop cold. it means the world to me. you are special to me in a way i cannot describe and always will be. that you loved my book is such a huge compliment i don't know what to say. so let me just say this: i love you, jessie. you are my soul sister. and i look forward to the time we sit across from one another again.

  18. Wow KJ!!!!
    Must have been exciting!!!!
    Change the 22 in 23 in your sidebar!
    I have just bought one, too bad I could buy a signed on on hte parade.
    hug >M<

  19. Congratulations KJ and I jest nicely; ... may you get RSI from signing your outgoing books *!*

    PS have you sent one to Oprah? have to start at the world's largest book club. x

  20. How can one not be excited for you KJ? Excellent! May your hand weary from signing but your dream never falter from fatigue.

  21. And when your heart reminds you that you have good reason to be sad I also hope it reminds you that you have good reasons to be happy.

    So much fun. Congratulations Ms. Author.

    Love Renee xoxo

  22. Wow! A hundred books is awesome. KJ, something I have found from just finishing my book, is just the fact that you wrote a book, is a huge thing. Be proud and give yourself a hug :-). xoxo
    P.S. There is always a reason to be sad, but there are so many more reasons to be happy. Glad you are finding your way to that happiness.

  23. I'm SO proud of you!!!! I wish I could have seen this happen, but I have a lovely mental image of you standing behind your table of books *glowing*. :)

    I loved your last post ... the memories of Andrea, the garden growing, and the shot of your mom with her great-grandson. Awesome!

    xooxox I raise a glass of seltzer to you my friend the WRITER!

  24. I just wanted to stop by and read all the kudos you're getting ;)

    yay you...again!!

  25. marianne, i'll be sending you an inscription to put inside the book. you are an angel for buying it. thanks so much. xoxo

    bimbimbie, you've made me laugh, because i DED think of oprah, only to learn that little book of mine would not make the 100th cut...

    walking man, you are so sweet. thank you.

    moon sister renee, yes, let's both remember that with sadness comes joy. but i have to say a broken heart and a broken relationship is no fun. i'm not looking for a sympathy vote--it's just a sad fact... xoxo

    annie, i love your optimism. hang on to it, girl. and i'll hang on to you... xo

    melissa, you and i at the same table, signing our books. what do you think of that picture?!

    hello lo, i'm always delighted when you stop by. and i'm truly blown away by all these comments and all this support. it feels
    WONDERFUL. (love you)

  26. YEAH! YEAH! High-FIVE, KJ! That is just AWESOME! Congratulations on selling and signing. You ARE A WRITER!

    On a separate note, I wanted to thank you for always leaving such sweet and encouraging comments for me. They mean a lot. Hugs!

  27. Yay you real writer you!

  28. watched you joyously
    riding gracefully
    on your horse of pride

    and suddenly
    i cried
    for i knew how much your horse
    hated to hide...

  29. bella, ah, but the rose bella. one silly casualty and one awesome statement! hugs back at your for your support and sweet comments.

    kay, oooooh. so this is what it feels like, huh!!!

    hb, i've read this comment three times. you are amazing....

  30. That's awesome!! Congratulations, kj.

  31. Hugs and kisses to you kj.

    It is a small world.

    Love Renee xoxo

  32. Well aim higher KJ send a copy to her make-up person or chef or even both, they will be her biggest influences on a day to day basis ... unless the dog walker is *!*

  33. How exciting!!! Good for you and I know that you can sell the ---- out of this beauty :) Rock on!!! It sure looks purty :P

  34. liz! hello!

    renee, i welcome your hugs and kisses happily!! :)

    bimbimbie, you are one clever girl. great idea.

    val! val! you won't believe how many people comment on your painting. they say the cover is just AWE-SOME! i will never forget the gift you gave me. xoxoxo!

  35. *squeal*


    I can imagine how great that felt :D

  36. milady, i've been waiting for you...