Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

be light

be kind

be astonished

To my friends, family, and visitors:

The world needs you. Please don't give up. This is the view after pizza, taken from a parking lot in a strip mall in a small town in eastern Massachusetts. This is what the world can look like even in darkness. Don't let harsh circumstance or harsh people  convince you otherwise.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Blessings for any reason you choose to honor. And speaking of honor, that is how I feel to have the blogosphere pleasure of your company. 

Much love


  1. Much love to you from the NW! Merry Christmas :-)<3

  2. Merry Christmas! Thank you for your light, and your friendship! xox

  3. true in how the world needs light...merry christmas...hope you have a great holiday....and a happy new year

  4. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!
    Thank you for the hopeful messages, and "pep talks", over this difficult month, and the reminder to honour the season!
    Love, Hugs,

  5. Christmas Blessings! Same for all of 2013.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours, kj. Your words mean a lot.

  7. What nice words to start my day with. I needed a little encouragement.
    Thanks for your inspirational blog and friendship dear.
    Merry Christmas to you and the ones you love!

  8. Be kind ... ah yes kindness ... that much under-rated attribute. I believe there is great power in simple acts of kindness. Life astonishes me at times, and most especially when I find myself the subject of such acts. Love and light to you KJ. And warmest hugs too xx Jos

  9. Your words and unconditional love have meant the world to me this past year and all the years before too. Wishing you all many happy blessings and lots of 'silver linings'

    I leave you with two of my favourite sayings:

    "If you always do what you always did,
    You will always get what you always got!"

    "Life is a learning process and there are no holidays."

  10. Kj, I am astonished on a daily basis :-). Love, and blessings to you too. xoxo

  11. Thank you for the reminder. I forget so easily.

  12. smooches...and happy happy to you and yours. xoxo