Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Life: Part 2

 My friend Gordon's self portrait (do you see him?)
 Robert Cardinal's Martha's Vineyard painting embellished by kj and JB mantle flowers
 the yard
 Ah Provincetown
 for you Dad: I'm growing them...
 Cookie breasts
 someday I am going to rent one of these Truro/Cape Cod flower cottages and several more for family and friends
 for lo
drew climbing where no way could I reach him

and a lesson best learned asap: now now now.

I hope you've enjoyed this. There may be more....



  1. These are all delectable images but the clock? Major score. I NEED one! xo

  2. All so very present tense, with a bit of past and future thrown in, too.

    And emily just couldn't stay away, could she?

    1. No rob, and she towered over a miniature golf course :-)

  3. I love that clock!

  4. That clock is hysterical. :) Your flowers, kj!! OMG. So beautiful.
    Love seeing this peek at your life! xox

    1. Pam, I might end up doing 130 posts called My Life :-) thank you xo

  5. kj,
    These are lovely glimpses into parts of your life.
    I also love the flowers and the clock has a great message!
    I love the two paintings,and the photo of your drew is so interesting! What a wonderful place he found!

    1. Hi Brenda, drew was at a children's museum and fearless in climbing this contraption :-)

  6. I can't believe nobody's commenting on my cookie breasts :-)

  7. You're renting a cottage for me? I'm touched.

    I like Gordon's paintings, but I don't understand why the corner studs in the top one are spaced as they are and why the corner stud itself is a single stud. These things really do puzzle me in case you are wondering why I mentioned them.

    I also like the photo taken near Provincetown.

    My word, you've never been to Oregon or to Mississippi, the two states in which I spent 61 of my 63 years. Should I take this personally?

  8. "I can't believe nobody's commenting on my cookie breasts :-)"

    I had rather not think of my chocolate as representing body parts.

  9. I think of them as cookie nipples.

    love the NOW NOW NOW. want one bad

  10. oh lord, a grid of cookie nips.

    you NOW have 3 comments on your cookie breasts.
    Four if we're counting yours.
    No no, not your breasts,,,,your comment, silly!

  11. Okay, to begin- LOVE the header, sparkles, love Gordon's portrait, love the breasts, love it all. Huggles from London!

  12. oh hell yeah i'll comment on those cookie breasts - they are the best!!!!

    oh kj, these images are a transcendent peek into your inner life - they are all provocative and emotional in their own ways, but your friends gordon's self portrait is ah-mazing.........i want that truro cottage too......and the nownownownow clock? must have one of those as well - please tell me where you got that! will put in on my birthday list...

  13. I DID!!!!!! These bring a smile on my face :)

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