Monday, June 18, 2012

The Barn

 The barn has been in their family for three generations. It's a barn that's in every sense still a barn.

Our friends invite us during the summer and we kayak and canoe and cook impromptu dinners.

 We walk to the lake

Besides for magical dragon flies and we sometimes see a magical monster or two

And lest you think it's a little barn, this is a partial side shot. It's a big barn.

Sometimes at dusk we go outside and look at the house across the street as one, two, six, ten, twenty bats at a time fly out from its chimney, dozens, maybe hundreds.  We stand still and they fly so close but never touch us. It is incredible to see those bats emerge.

I had a nice weekend. I hope you did too. :^)



  1. OH!
    I remember this magical barn!
    Don't I,,,from a previous post?
    Or maybe I dreamed I visited there. No matter which, I could feel so at home in that space. The dappled sunshine leading me to climb the ladder,,, maybe partake at that table.
    I can almost feel the barn breezes from my chilhood horsey days. Sigh,,,,perfection.
    Thanks kj, you just made a large deposit to my memory bank.

  2. I love bats.

    So do they live in the barn?

    1. No cs, they live in the chimney of the house across the street

    2. Not the bats, silly, your friends!

  3. Hello my dear Twinkly Twin! I love old barns, people who find a way to restore them and live in them, and bats, too. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend.

  4. sounds idyllic. they dont live in the barn do they? just set up to eat in there sometimes? there is an old barn here too but not clean enough to eat in.

  5. Jeeze KJ! Is everywhere you go beautiful? Can you just for once post something that I could possibly relate to, here in the hood! I mean seriously!!!! I envy you your blessings friend.

  6. And a lovely weekend it was too! I love the walk to the lake and then seeing the actual lake. Looked cool. Did you swim in it I wonder?

    Glad you had such good times.

  7. Wow you could make a great house of this! How big and love that wood inside, those beams and so.