Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Animal Wednesday: Uncle Kitty

First he purred, because he knows that purring relaxes JB and for that matter mostly all humans. But then he told JB that he was very upset that area behind the Magic Cottage has become a piled mess of old leaves and broken branches. His tail got caught in a pile of twigs and he was nearly stuck there for an hour until he chewed through the top twig.

Uncle Kitty told JB that he called the Department of Public Works to file a complaint.

"Uncle Kitty!" JB said, "You reported me to the DPW?"

Uncle Kitty looked guilty.

"I was advised to..."

"By WHO, Uncle Kitty?"

Uncle Kitty looked chagrined.

"It seemed like a good idea."

"But WHY, Uncle Kitty?"

"She promised me jellybeans."


"She told me I should purr first and then ask for candy."

"She didn't....!"

"She did."



  1. I knew from the git go it had to be Emily behind such acts! She promised me jellybeans... indeed! LOL.

    sure is a pretty kitty.

  2. Of course she did!
    Very persuasive that Emily girl.
    Probably seduced many a Tom with her wiley jellie ways.

    He really IS a beauty,this Uncle Kitty!

  3. Oh Uncle Kitty. You are worthless and weak. But when you're that pretty we all forgive you.

  4. Sorry about your tale, or tail, Uncle Kitty.

    That Emily v.v. can cause a lot of problems. You should know that by now. And know not to trust her. Or at least be very wary of what she says. Especially if it pertains to jelly beans or gummy bears, or the like. (Real Bears, on the other hand, you can trust! Implicitly.)

    Poor kj. Not only Emily, but now some torment from you. Just be careful; you could end up in a CAGE! Permanently. (It's called life with no parole.)

  5. Never a dull moment with Emily. :-))

  6. Oh that poor neglected kitty! Life'd be difficult tho with a long fluffy tail wouldn't it....

  7. Well, if the PILE OF BROKEN BRANCHES hadn't been left there by....*ahem*.....some HUMAN, Emily wouldn't have had to resort to such extreme measures.
    I mean, she really did the right thing considering it is, no doubt, a hazard to cats (but not rabbits because we all KNOW they are extremely intelligent) and possibly CHIPMUNKS.
    And a few jellybeans after such a harrowing experience can't be all bad.
    A little pick me up to get Kitty back on his paws....

    P.S. Emily did NOT ask me to write this comment.

  8. Well, of course I fell in love with Uncle Kitty! I think that, although Emily had some sporting fun with UK, she probably is smitten also. (Darling post!)

  9. Uncle Kitty, you are a most beautiful cat!
    Yes, that would have been a trial, being stuck in the twig/woodpile.
    Glad to see you're out and can tell your tale.

  10. such a cute kitty and tail. tale. i've one too today on my blog!
    Love your header! So red and love-y! HAW!!!

  11. I LOVE the irony of his name!!! I really do not think that Uncle Kitty should accept the jelly beans...I am seeing a very stick mess requiring scissors with all that fluff. He is such a handsome kitty.
    **blows kisses** Deb

  12. I KNEW it~~ that silly wrabbit.

    tell uncle kitty to mind his own P's and Q's