Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On The Hills

This reminds me of a Bette Midler concert when she zipped on stage as a mermaid in an electric wheelchair. "I've always loved everything about the sea," she said. "Sea horses, seascapes, C minus."

Life happens on the hills. This is a new thought for me, but it makes sense. For someone who resists change and likes security, I don't live that way. Often, I take my chances. I've been noticing that many of my friends and fellow bloggers have chosen one word as a guidepost for the new year. Good words like Believe. Hope. Kindness. Today I thought about what my word would be and I drew a blank.

Blank. That's it! The truth is I have no idea what's ahead. I have some preferences: certainly I have a novel to finish writing and a family and children to love and care for, friends to enjoy and frolic with, a second home in Provincetown to reclaim, a garden to cultivate, a body to tend to. But I'm not looking for a road map and I don't enjoy endless flat highways. Blank sound good. Light. Unknown. Surprising.

Heck, why not? I have it on good word that the view from the hill is worth the climb. So I am herein this moment announcing that I kj am rejecting 'flat' and embracing 'blank.'

Come what may.

How about you?

love kj


  1. I live in an area that is all hills. If you get to the top of one and you dont like the viev it is easy to role on back down...makes for strong legs.

    this year is all about write, write, write, and write. I have so much writing to do, no strike that I have so much writing I get to do!

  2. Hope you enjoy blank, kj. (Doesn't work for me at all, but this isn't about me.)

    Just make sure your take emily rabbit with you.

  3. Oh, I love flat - living out in New Mexico and being able to see for 100 miles or more, looking over the flat marshes here, standing on the beach and gazing over the ocean... That said, I also love hills and mountains. Without the hills, the flat wouldn't be nearly as sweet. And withoutnthe flat, hills wouldn't be exciting at all...

    Enjoy that blank canvas of your life this year! I cannot wait to see how you fill it...

    Love, Silke

  4. P.S. Ifnp Emily Rabbit is anything like me, she will have spent her bail money on gummy bears. They trump everything!! ;-)

  5. My word(s) for the year is : hmmmm....what next?

    Love rolling hills - so enticing to see what is on the other side.

  6. gosh, I am coming up.....blank. LOL

  7. Flat is good, high is good. each have special qualities. Even blank is good as long as you start to doodle after you're done dawdling at the base of the hill.

  8. I think "blank" is a wonderful word for the year! When you are blank, you're open to so many new things - new ideas, new ways of looking at and doing things. Just think of the possiblities!

  9. Kj, I have always been a hill climber :-). If there is no hill I tend to make one LOL.
    I have also tried to embrace uncertainty, so blank works for me.
    My word for the year is:GRATITUDE

  10. I like Blank, but maybe Open is good, too. And I'm with Silke - I like the flat and hills both. Having grown up in the desert, I sometimes miss the long view, the open feeling you get when the horizon is so..big. :) That being said, one of my favorite places in the world is Yosemite, and it doesn't get much hillier than that! xoxo! Pam

  11. Freedom. I suppose I am looking for some kind of freedom within myself, as opposed to the hampster wheel of unproductive thought. Movement also. Flat for you is stagnate for me.


  12. I live in one of the *Hilliest* cities in the world.... and was once an avid Mountain Hiker in the Alps...there's something so powerful and inspiring about being up high and looking out - in all directions, looking up (still) at the sky.....

    I have never been afaid to climb hills (of all kinds)'s just part of who I am.

    I didn't choose a word this year...but I like Pamee's "Open" ..I understand where you are coming from by wanting to select "Blank"...but that's so not are so full of Energy, Zest, Life...

    As for Emilwee....I think she was seen at Ghiradelli Square the other day....stuffing ten tote bags full of Jelly Beans.....a chase ensued.....but she escaped! A-ha-ha!

    Wuv - and *Wive*!

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

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  14. Hills and Valleys. What is there but to travel where the road may take us? Discovering both our strengths and our weaknesses, transforming and regressing to reassess who we have become and accepting the journey as a good traveling companion instead of a uncompassionate taskmaster.

    Time softens the edges of everything, and in the process we find that the rivers run as they must and we no longer try to change their course. We realize that no matter how much we want the tomatoes to ripen, they will if at all, in their time. In the process we learn, I mean really learn how little we are truly in control if at all.

    May the journey be a constant surprise. Some times the surprises are painful and unbearable. Others bring with them an unexpected Spring and with its disorder of blossoms it will matter little then whether we are in the peaks or in the valleys.

    Here is to a journey plagued with wonderful discoveries, much love, laughter and all things that make this life worth living.

  15. Blank, for me, are the far too many canvases waiting to be painted.

    And blank is my mind, of late, tired and worn from trying to adjust to a new working life.

    so, to me blank is intimidating and unwelcome. But to you it may mean a clean slate. Starting from scratch. Newness! Now that can be exciting my dear friend.

    It's all perspective ;)


  16. hmmmm as you're asking and it's the first word (probably due to the wet weather here!)I'm thinking: Sponge - I can soak up whatever comes my way; hold on to the good and squeeze the life out the not so good ;)

    Kj, may your Blank call upon every combination of verbs, adjectives, question and exclamation marks to give it growth and colour throughout your year. Smiles*!*

  17. Interesting choice kj and I'm sure you'll be filling up your canvas to overflowing! I love hills - wondering what's over the next one. I'm feeling uncertainty mixed with excitement this year as DH retires and we don't yet know what is on the cards!

  18. I didn't pick a word and wouldn't know which to pick either but I love all those others and the ideas behind them.
    Blank sounds ok like open , but I do like all the others I have seen .
    Just hope your year will bring you all that makes you happy!

    PS lovely post and lovely comments and I like that hill story

  19. I love it..yes yes rejecting flat!! Count me in.I always pick a phrase or quote for the year,but this year I have had a hard time and I think that might be why I feel so..soo..lost.But no more,it has to be done,I must find my words and claim them,helping me to focus on what needs to be done.Thank you friend,I can already feel the breeze from high above,feeling the moisture of the clouds on my face and palms.
    Oooh love the new banner photo!!