Monday, January 02, 2012

Kevin & Ginger

It really does feel like a new year. I know it's just a date on the calendar, but sometimes a clear start and a clean heart opens the front door to a new walkway. I do have some creative hopes (not goals, nope, not going to fall for that one!):

I hope I finish this book of mine this year. Finish to the point of having the writing done, the chapters ordered, the manuscript ready to be published.

I hope I work my tail off to entice a publisher to take a chance on said book.

I hope I finally pick up a pencil, begin to sketch whatever comes out of that pencil tip, jubilantly employ my colored pencils, and maybe even learn Adobe Illustrator.

I also hope the economy and stock market stops its wild unnerving ride and JB and I can be a bit more reckless about how and when we spend money.

Because we have lost Stella, JB and I were not in the mood to celebrate New Year's Eve. We had invited a few friends here to # 9 but we canceled; then at the last minute we changed our minds again and decided on a scaled down version of food and drink and guests.

The best surprises are the ones that arrive unplanned.

Our friend Liz arrived mid afternoon on Saturday. She is as close to a sister to me as anyone could be. I'm pretty sure she and I coined the term 'sisterfriends' and I have to laugh when I see it used elsewhere on the blogs. There is no need to plan ahead with Liz: she and JB and I just fall into an easy rhythm of doing whatever we do.

We frosted cupcakes and Liz told us all about her trip to China and we exchanged the best little presents and we poured drinks and ate cheese and cried about Stella and talked about work and life and summer vacations.

At nine pm my friends Marsha and Norm arrived with their friends Kevin and Ginger. We had planned a last minute potluck. JB made shrimp feta and chili cheese cornbread, Marsha make a mushroom quiche, Norm made a salad, I made Trader Joe hot appetizers and a chocolate cream pie.

I don't know how or why we all started laughing, but we never stopped. Not until 1:30 am. JB and I didn't know Kevin and Ginger beforehand but something magic happened to all of us that night. It was as though our laughter would push us into the new year in a healthy auspicious way. We each felt that. I feel it still.

There was so much uncertainty in 2011. Scarcity. Rigidity. Disagreement. Loss. Wars and political messes.

I don't have a clue what's ahead, but I have a feeling a correction is taking place, individually and collectively. I know it is not going to help me to look for answers and certainly not guarantees. What's my alternative? Well, I guess I am going to take things as they come. I am going to trust that I am a good person with good intentions and a good mind and I am going to trust myself. I am going to try to keep my feet directly under me, not leaning into the past or into the future. I am going to let myself feel and be excited and sad and light and deep.

I did not expect to laugh my way into 2012 with Kevin and Ginger and that turned out very fine. So I'm staying open for more Kevin and Gingers, and I'm falling into the safety of my family and Liz and Marsha and Norm and some other wonderful friends, you know who you are.

Oh well.....okay. That's what I'm doing. How about you?

love kj


  1. Fingers crossed that you are right and laughter is the best way to start the year. More on my nye later - fairly boring but that's good!

  2. Laughing is good. Very good. It heals our soul. ♥

  3. I am glad to hear your night went well!


  4. mim, laughter is ususally a good choice! and so is boring for busy people!

    cs, scientifically proven ♥

    hello wander, thank you. i wish you a good day and a good year.

  5. Take it as it comes one day at the time....
    You will be ok KJ and your book will be finished and published.
    Glad New Year Eve turned out OK after all. I don't like that night at all.... :( but I survived :)
    Glad you had fun. Life is sometimes already difficult enough. A bit of humor and laughter helps us to cope with all.

    No resolutions here.........


  6. I am sleepless too and did not know about your Stella...I am so sorry and I know how you feel. My Una girl was my dear friend and I miss her still.

    Remember, the light stays on...and it is a comfort to all who know you.



  7. May all your hopes become realities...
    Wishing you the best of what 2012 has to offer!


  8. The world needs more Kevin and Gingers. I am glad they popped into your life at a time when you and JB needed to feel lighter. I hope you are right about this year, kj! I am tired of pulling the blanket up over my head! :) I am with you on writing and finishing and amazing publishers. Let's do it. xox!! Pam

  9. Someone once said that you have to start as you mean to go on. I would like to expand it to include intentions because sometimes you can't start right off the bat like that ... you have to work up to it you know?

    I think intending to be open is a brilliant resolution. I've no doubt that your next book will be even better than the last. And I hope for many good things to come into your life in 2012.

    I went to a barbeque on NYE, fireworks and then hide n seek in the dark with lots of kids and kidults :). I have resolved to keep walking the path this year, and am just so delighted to have your company beside me KJ. xx Jos

  10. many more days of laughter to you. sounds like a lovely New Years Eve.

  11. Happy Newyear,and wish for You the loss of Stella gets a place....

    Its so unfair but hey thats Life just not fair ((;


  12. Yes darlin it's gonna be pleased to hear of your you've asked a couple of times how I get the sparkly stuff on pics...i use upload a pic and then edit's me if you have any
    love chrisy

  13. ah kj i'm so glad for you. so glad that you and jb changed your minds, and then such a lovely couple appeared in your home. and that you laughed.
    i love more that you were open to it, just like i think you will be to the rest of the things you might be thinking of for the new year.
    all good things in 2012 my friend, thats what i'm wishing for you!


  14. marianne, what an up and down year. it's good to have a fresh start ♥

    sharon, you tickle me too ♥

    ditto, kristin ♥

    pam, i'm holding on to my blanket just in case xoxoxox to you :^)

    jos, right beside you. i am so glad. as for intentions, that sounds good. i'm taking it as it comes. i'll navigate, and i'll lean, but i'm going to do my best to avoid tantrums xoxox

  15. laughter to you too, suki. here's an offering: hee hee hee hee hee and of course ♥

    mar,no life is not fair. so i'm not going to define what 'fair' is this year. :^)

    aha, thank you chrisy. i know you'll be laughing abit too xoxo

    i'm glad you are in my life, lori ♥

  16. friends are the best gifts — so happy that you could find comfort and laughter in the arms of yours.

    wishing you and jb all the best that 2012 has to offer. may it be a good year. may it be a great year.

    i love the foto of stella on the sidebar♡



  17. Ah yes, take things as they come. Brawny Man's attitude these days is, "It is what it is". And we simply live each day in gratefulness for another day together on the Pretty Blue Planet. If 2012 does not include his funeral, it will be The Best Year of my life. Laugh, yes. We fall asleep holding hands, making silly jokes and laughing. We laughed a lot at chemo today. Life IS worth living. Thank you for your visits and all your kind words. They mean the world to me.
    Big Love, Deb

  18. thanks, amanda. i wish you a wonderful year for sure. i'll be staying close!

    deb, i know you don't want compliments and i imagine you would say you are handling your Brawny Man's illness like any one would, but you are amazing. i think you have it right, deb. you and he are creating and sharing memories and moments that you will both hold forever. no funeral in 2012: i am adding that to my prayer beads. ♥

  19. It does feel new doesn't it?
    I think you are in tune with the world too.
    Last year was yuck.
    New Years day lightened and it felt good!
    The world feels new.
    I am open to the magic all around me.
    I am so sorry for your hurting hearts. I will miss Stella too! I will miss how lovingly you treated her. When I die I want to come back as you and JB's dog.
    Is that weird to say?
    Awwww who cares, it is true. You were great and wonderful dog mom's, the best!!