Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Places and One Small Problem

This is where I am this week....

My street...

And walkway....

and little space of a place....

and in contrast this is where I work....

in a struggling city with an above average crime rate....

with a neighborhood variety store offering not your run of the mill products and services (the sign is worth looking at).

I straddle different worlds and I appreciate all of it. Of course I'm thrilled to be here in the little coastal town of Provincetown relaxing and writing and enjoying time with JB, but I like my work and I like the farm and college town I live in most of the time and I love any time spent with my family and friends.

I wouldn't have a complaint in the world right now iffen my f'ing interim computer didn't decide to freeze up microsoft word on me (ah I'm writing a novel here, dammit!) AND to add insult to injury also prevent me from visiting and commenting on my favorite blogs. GGGGRRRRAAAAGH!

Sigh. I'll get over it. This too shall pass. :^) Here's wishing everyone a good weekend.

love kj


  1. OMG. I'm sorry. I have no right to be judgemental. But I should send you some pictures of where I live. Actually, I took some audio today that would make you puke...but the damn iphone app won't transfer to the computer. Life is relative, ain't ? I would give my eye-teeth to live-work where you live. From here it looks like paradise...and somewhere else it is far worse.

    Love you


  2. Might be worth upolading the current draft to google docs KJ. Creates a back up and because google docs is so simple it tends to be quite stable. The formatting mightn't be quite the same but at least the text is there and available to tinker around with.

    When I go in to work I deal on a day to day basis with many guys on or close to minimum wage. There are no airs and graces with these guys and it can sometimes be a little too "real". I wouldn't change it though.

    I like the sea shot. PC problems aside, I hope you are having a lovely time. xx Jos

  3. the pictures brouget me back to more than a year ago...... such a Lovely place and time.....
    What contrast those 2 places. Your world is a bit like mine I see all kids of things and situations. But in the end we have to have a content feeling.
    Love the poem on your sidebar I think it goes well with this post.
    Hope your pc problem will be solide soon
    Love M

  4. Let it go! You're away for a few days. Enjoy.

    The pics are so interesting tho. I thin it's best to know both worlds, nothing worse than living in a bubble.

  5. Think not thin

    I sounded like Ricky Ricardo in that last comment

  6. What Mim said. With the Ricky Ricardo accent. ;) xox!

  7. You live a lovely life, and so do I, yes, things could be better, but they could also be worse and I am a glass full kind of girl.
    Good luck with your internet!

  8. beautiful pictures. Interesting the contrasts life hands us. ah, I agree w/whomever said let it go and enjoy the present where you are moments.

  9. annie, what are you apologizing for?! i imagine where you live is pretty okay....?

    'uploading the current draft to google docs'--tell me how and i will, jos ♥

    omg mariannne, what you see, all over the world! i am so glad you have been here in ptown

    mim, no problem letting go, but grrrr when i planned to write. ricky ricardo hahahhaa

    pam, heehee

    annie, keep that glass of yours full. i know you will! ♥

    suki, no black without white....

  10. Very interesting the contrasts indeed! enjoy both; right now blogger seems to be playing games on some blogs not allowing us to leave comments; some are coming up white blank pages all together. Very frustrating. Don't think it's my computer as like here I had no trouble getting to leave this comment. But on others I cannot. So if anyone reading this wonders why I am writing here but not on your blog that might be the problem.
    YOur Province town is so quaint. I'd love it there.
    I hope you get to work on your novel. Might have to write by hand!

  11. all this is why your so appreciative of everything!

    i'm sorry your having computer troubles still, you could be like hemingway and use a typewriter!
    (kidding, kind of) :)

    beautiful photos kj, it is so pretty in ptown. i know your enjoying every minute.

  12. Aren’t computers a pain in the a#$ some times? I got my first computer a little over a year ago, funny thing that was about the time I learned to write…Yes I couldn’t write a year ago. Back to my point I had a paper due in a writing class and it was to be on the uses of irony. As usual I waited until the last minute and my Word program expired. No problem I’ll just download it and whip that paper out. Not so! Five hours later the computer was still arguing with itself. Not a big deal for most but I have the spelling ability of a five year old, and I really hadn’t been writing long and I needed the help Word offers. Instead of using Word I used some default program that had no spell check, and the essay I was going to write became an essay describing what I was going to write if I had a half way decent program to work with. The professor marked the heck out of that paper until he got to the last two lines and got the irony of the whole situation. His words “oh, I get it…nice example of irony. A”. I guess that just goes to show that you have to roll with the punches sometimes and hope it goes well. Good luck getting your issues fixed

  13. Enjoyed your photos - it puts life into persective to see both sides. Hope you enjoy your break and your words are safe!

  14. I love seeing inside the rooms where you live.

    As for technical difficulties,,,,,well, I sure wouldn't know.
    But it is kind of a small problem in the overall,,though I know it sure doesn't feel as such.
    I like that Mim said "let it go".

  15. aw lynn, i've had my computer problems lately. i'm sorry i'm comforted to know it's not just me. i'm sure you would love ptown. you'd be sketching up a storm!

    lori, a typewriter! where would i find one?! i remember reading how richard bach (jonathan livingston seagull) used a word processor for the first time, how exciting it was for him to correct his words and sentences and paragraphs and pages! p.s. xoxo

    i would like to see that paper, wander! that is a very cool story!

    oh caroline, i've been worrying about safe words! but finally tonight, i think i'm okay. i had to time travel to india to get the problem fixed, but i did and it is. i'll be visiting you soon. i saw your great names and and drawings. you know my little guy has one! xoxo

  16. babs, i kept telling myself it's just a small problem but dammit i was writing, after not writing since the holidays began. and it meant i was on the phone for i won't say how long and i had a computer headache.

    but you and mim are still right. a very tiny problem, now history.


  17. Kj, I am sending you a copy of that paper.

  18. is mercury in retrograde? i always wonder when computers act up.

    enjoy your time in p'town - hope you are able to get some work done. i understand that love of wanting to move between different places to accomplish different it a geographic cure ;-)

  19. KJ, what state do you actually live in?

    I enjoyed the photos.

  20. Wow, KJ, where you spend your time right now is so beautiful!! And I think most of us straddle two or more worlds at times. It's only now for me that I feel like all of my worlds are really coming together. And that, too, is probably temporary - life is always changing, isn't it? That's part of what I love about it... Hope your computer is working again!! Love, Silke

  21. I just discovered your blog through Amanda's--the archaeologist.
    As a fellow writer, although a travel memoir, not a novel, I could relate to the computer issues. I do love the place you live; not the place you work though. Hop over when you have time. As a writer, you might enjoy the "My Gutsy Story" contest I have going every Monday a new writer's story is featured and perhaps you'd like to submit your story too. Like you, I'm fascinated by the world and people. I used to live in Paris, still visit my dad there yearly, but now I live in southern California.

  22. chris, i read your paper and it is INCREDIBLE. it made me more excited to be reading your poetry.

    amanda ♥ there is something about provincetown, perhaps because it is at the land's end. my words just flow more easily there. there are artists and writers and playwrights and photographers every ten feet (not now in winter!)--that may contribute to the vital energy

    snow, i live in massachusetts. both provincetown and my small college farm town are in this state, the former on cape cod and the latter in western mass, about 3.5 hours apart.

    silke, i know what you mean. even though i resist change, i seem to chase it. happy you are at such a good and appreciative place. it's contagious! xoxo

    hello sonia, thank you for coming by. i did the same and i will do my best to read and hopefully participate. been knee deep in a wrestle of a novel and i'm recharting the map so i can write other things too. (gotta love amanda)

  23. Computers - such a blessing and a curse! Hope you can enjoy your time in P-town anyway!