Wednesday, January 04, 2012

An Ode to Nutrition

This is a rerun. I hope it is fun. I'm actually done,

but I did eat a ton. Now I can't bend. The end.

Pass the cake
for heaven's sake!
I need a donut
This very moment!
Please please
Where's the cheese?

Who cares for lean?
I want ice cream!

I'm ready to bite
A mocha delight!

Muffins and candy
Come in quite handy

Salads and fruit
are yuk absolute!

Look! I see licorice
inside that cute dish!

No scale for today
Instead creme brulee

Vanilla icing?
Who cares about pricing?

Portions and diets?
Don't ask me to try it!

Sweets take their toll?
I'll have two eggrolls.

So what if I'm taking
three slices of bacon?

I'd tell you to chill
If my mouth wasn't filled

Yum! Whee! Give me more
til my stomach gets sore

Unhealthy? That's right!
But what a fun night!

Happy hollidaise?
Here's brownies to praise!
What's that? I look ill?
I'll take a chocolate pill!!

love kj


  1. Chocolate pills... I love it!
    As addictions go, how bad is that one?

  2. Hi, kj, I just wanted to say hello, again!
    Thanks for dropping by and reading over at my blog about Herbert and Arthur.
    I've read down a few posts, and I'm truly sorry about Stella, she sounds like a wonderful friend, and sweet animal.
    I can hear how much you loved her.

  3. so clever you are. gave me quite a chuckle.

  4. i'll take two eggrolls and several chocolate pills.....this is adorable kj - great rhymes! an ode to nutrition and an ode to holidays past!

    i am so feeling this right now......the eggnog is gone from the fridge and the last christmas cookies were eaten over the weekend. withdrawal has set in ;-)


  5. Giggling and chuckling from beginning to end. Also, licking my lips. Oh the yummy anticipation.

  6. It's extra funny reading this as I am DEBATING going up and getting on the treadmill! OR NOT.
    LOL Thanks for the morning giggle.

  7. So much fun you talented thing...i'm ready for my morning coffee over this side of the world...and now..thanks to you...need, yes need a big slice of cake to go with it!

  8. I'm so with you on this one. I feel like i am going to pop!!!

  9. Oh, pass that creme brulee please,
    and just one more small chocolate donut.
    I may never drink eggnog again, but then I say that every year.

    Too, too clever and funny, kj.
    Be careful though,as we're beginning to expect nothing less from you. You have an image to maintain, you know!
    But of course no pressure,,,

  10. I'm not walking anywhere. Just waddling. :) One does go through just a teensy bit of withdrawal this time of year. We finished the last of the fudge. It's a little scary. haha. xox

  11. Yeah OK I finally get all my coronary fats just perfect right on the money damn good for a diabetic and then I come to kj's bakery and blow it all. *shrug* Pass me a couple of those donuts will ya?

  12. I'm so glad the last of the Christmas cake is almost gone, along with the fudge and butter tarts. I think there must be a reason I make those things only at Christmas!

    I love your chocolate pills...I know they'd be good for whatever ailed me! Great photos, kj...xx

  13. This is the first holiday I've been on the stress eating plan, as in not. I had to go out and buy new pants yesterday. I figure one black, one gray, and one brown makes a wardrobe. Your post made me realize I have not eaten one Christmas cookie, no See's candy, and no Eggnog Latte this past holiday. It may have well not have existed. I resolve to make up for it next holiday and eat my way through it !

  14.'s not the food that's my problem, its the chardy. Always time to get back on the horse.

  15. You know me, it's not the sweets but the wine as Baino laments (as far as my extra calories go.)

    I do love creme brulee though, and an occasional Ho-Ho, although chips on my hips and my lips are fine too, as well as cheese doodles and oodles of goo!
    Have I mentioned I love cookies, oatmeal or molasses, Bri and I on the couch like a couple of fat asses, indulging and moaning as we eat every crumb and then we complain when the eating is done but then when it's over, (the binging I mean) we look in the mirror and muffle our screams as we SWEAR next year we'll be better for sure because if we don't curb our habits we won't fit through the door!


    Love you Kj!


  16. Love all things sugary, they don't love me! Sigh...