Monday, November 22, 2010

Poem # 18: Cow Droppings & Best Friends Don't Grow on Trees

I'm home from the desert. I should be in bed by now.
I am behind in my 30 poems in 30 days so you'll find one here, but first a word about this photo. The flat land of the desert is pretty much barren with some gritty catci and some yellow cottonwood trees thrown in, so imagine coming across three cows in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere, and seeing their food for the day lying on the ground in all this vibrant color.
I know it's just cherry tomatoes and leeks and peppers and potatoes but please give me your opinion: I'm thinking it might be my holiday card this year! For some reason I like the idea of festivity from food scrapes for three cows in the middle of a barren desert.
Okay, with that out of the way, my poem today was written a time back, but the blessings I have in the friend department are as true today as they were then. So here is my tribute to the best friends a person could have: I hope some of you will smile knowing you are one of them. Hey, maybe I'm one of them for you too!!! I wouldn't mind if you told me so :)
Best Friends
1. They grow in the garden
Where forget-me-nots remember

2. They grow around two hearts
Willing to be tamed

3. They grow toward the sun
Pouring light in quiet corners

4. They grow under unspoken secrets
Finally whispered out loud

5. They grow on top of trouble--
An umbrella in the wind

6. They grow beside what’s possible
Rallying and inching it forward

7. They grow in special moments
Roots that aren't overturned

8. They grow around tender wounds
Healing tears on the horizon

9. They might even grow apart
But even then they grow together

10. They grow through the thickets of laughter
And the blossoms of being known

11. They grow over time
And in the flash of a moment

12. They even grow in darkness,
When it's all you can see

13. Best friends grow ever strong and forever tight
But they most assuredly do not grow on trees.


  1. Best friends...ANY friends...certainly don't just grow on trees. They certainly grow in gardens that are lovingly tended.

  2. mim, you and i are up late tonight! ♥ p.s. you are a master gardener ♥

  3. Well, the colors are certainly Christmasy, and the season is about moving from scarcity to plenty...

    I do trust that the cows had more than that to eat, although I too have seen cows is such barren areas that I wondered how they survived--not to mention how they found shade. What could be more pitiful than a cow trying vainly to hide from the sun in the shadow of tiny little mesquite bush on a hot day?

  4. I found they don't grow on trees but the seed opens up on needs.

  5. Friends are the best. And chocolate. Friends and chocolate at the same time, well, that's just heaven. xox Pam

  6. You and JB are home! I KNOW Stella is overjoyed!

    What a glorious trip you many wonderful, unforgettable memories!

    And you, m' dear are a master gardener of friends too! (Like our Mim and Lo!)

    And's one vote for this photo to be your Holiday's bright and also meaningful!

    Welcome Home!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. snow, first off, i have been an absent blog friend and that is because i cannot visit your blog without time and thoughtfulness. now that i'm back from vacation, i will be by soon. secondly, i had the same thoughts about the cows in that barren land, including the absence of shade. i saw some on totally shadeless hills in the total middle of nowhere and wondered about their lives. more and more for me the line between myself and other animals gets thinner and thinner. ♥

    mark, haha! i know what you mean. even low maintenance is high maintenance when it comes to love and loyalty, but i can't live without either, mark. and i don't want to! ♥

    suki, why thank you. ♥

    pam, friends and chocolate and ____! ( i probably give the impression that i live for _____ and i don't, but i like it) and i probably should think more about my readership and image before i equal ____ to friends and chocolate, but i'm getting to old to care, pam :) p.s. isn't it funny that i feel compelled to say ____ instead of ____. where is renee? see, i really am a prude, but maybe a passionate prude :)♥

    robin, i like what snow said about my holiday card moving from scarcity to plenty. i just might...
    yes, i'm home and unlike JB i have the morning off. i'm catching up and enjoying my peet's coffe. ♥

    p.s. Notice: everybody gets ♥ because it's thanksgiving week ♥

  8. ♥ and this poem shows how you are such a very good friend ~ to everyone you meet, even if you don't know it. you are one very nice person kj ♥

    ♥ i like the thanksgiving ♥'s

  9. Beautiful poem from a beautiful person!
    Glad you arrived home safe with beautiful memories

  10. Lovely poem and fiends are worth the cultivation.

    Glad you are back home safe and sound!!
    Welcome to blog home!
    Love and hugs

  11. lori, will i embarrass you by confirming that you are one of my most special friends who doesn't grow on trees? ♥

    ah, and marianne. i understand why emily rabbit chose you as her best friend. emily, frida, and i: we all love you very much. and i miss you! ♥

    marie: my new friend who teaches and inspires me. thank you thank you ♥

  12. robin, i have something extra to say to you: TSUPMWAH!!!!!! ♥

  13. Oh Kj what a beautiful poem about friends... reminding me of Renee... and her friendship to us all... I still miss her....

    YES I say YES make that your holiday card... It's beautiful...

    Now rest up dear friend of mine : )
    Love and hugs ~Pattee

  14. And it is a pile of Christmas colors, so it would work well as a card, I think.

    Wonderful friend poem. I laughed at the last line.

  15. A beautiful metaphor, kj, and spoken from someone who truly knows the garden. Of course, you couldn't end without a bit of wry humor! Love you! ♥

  16. hi pattee, i love your mention of our dear renee. she is our friend for life. and beyond life. i am glad to share this poem. ♥

    cs, i'm calling you tomorrow night. is okay? because you are in my garden, right along side the purple passion plant (heehhee, i'm laughing at my own cleverness. are you laughing too? i hope so) xo ♥

    margaret! i love you too and i'm always glad when you pop up and pop in. how are you? thank you for saying my humor is wry. you know i like that!!! ♥

  17. Such a lovely poem - I'm working my way backwards through your posts and am about to read about your vacation! Thank you, my friend, so much for your super comments on the wedding - it was indeed a wonderful day!x