Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poem # 17: Forgiveness

I went to the vortex at the Red Rock
and I asked for a good release,
wrung dry of shamed filled words
hurled from that reckless cowboy state.
How does anyone forget like that?
How easy it must be
To forget like that.
Or maybe not.


  1. It is human to forget...
    We just need to remember we are more than that...
    Just dropped into say ~i love You~

  2. vicki, thank you, be sure i love you too.

    i know you've read sweetmango's sad news: i think we are praying on overdrive. you are forever an inspiration, ms. nollyposh. we are:

    together strong

    (you know who insists) ♥

  3. Marvelous! Both the poem and the image.

  4. if anyone can do it, you can.

  5. Forgetting the specific slight/injury is a part and parcel of forgiving. Otherwise in my being it not completed.

  6. forgetting, forgiving, letting go. all are about you, not the person, place or thing you "forgive." Love those red rocks. what a great place to pray.

  7. That is my kind of church kj. I wish I was there. I have some releasing and forgiveness to tell those rocks about. Or just sitting and absorbing their beauty works for me, too. lol! xox Pam

  8. KJ, this is one of your most heartfelt posts. (You know je' comprehend....) The setting is such a perfect Cathederal....and one can feel the power emanating - even from a blog photo (or a post card).... I know being there and saying prayers for all of those who need them (that's pretty much all of us..) had to be a life-changing experience. I know it helped you.....

    You are one awesome BABE! And we are all blessed to have you as a part of our lives.

    Love, always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. kj, I have just caught up on all your adventures. I would have loved to have seen the water that danced to music!

    I have explored those Red Rocks and have left a few of my own prayers there. I can tell you the vortexes took my prayer and in the blink of an eye, gave me what I prayed for. I'm glad now, but at the time, I wasn't so sure, heh!

    You know it's all about acceptance, don't you? And it is not easy at fact, acceptance, forgiveness does not really mean you forget, just that it does not hurt to remember.

  10. Just forgot to say I love you, am thinking about you...and I'm glad you're having a great time on your lovely road trip with JB!! xoxoxo

  11. I've been to this place and it feels like the best church I've EVER been to. It's a good place to do many things... releasing is good, forgiving and crying and meditating singing and laughing as well...

    I'm thinking of you KJ

    Yea, I'm not really a glitter gal... and this is too much glitter! A him huh? I thought it was more of a her... : )
    Love to you Kj

  12. You made the very most out of this trip it seems kj. it'll be a journey to remember. i love what marion said, and i'll guess you gained some acceptance in and among those beautiful rocks.
    safe travels home,

  13. thank you lydia! xo

    mim, are you kidding?! here i am almost two years later still reeling and feeling. but thanks for the vote of confidence, mim, you know it means alot.

    mark, i love the way you say and explain things xoxo

    ah suki, of course you are wise and right. but sometimes qualities, perhaps betrayal or distain, make acceptance double difficult, don't you think?

    pam, it was good to just sit there, lie there, and feel the sun. if i had known i would have thrown in your releases too! haha! i did do that for a special friend and i hope she and i both feel the benefits. ♥

    wrobin, cathedral is a good word in this case. the whole thing did feel holy in a way; i think i decided in advance i wanted and wished that to be so. thank you now and always for your unwavering support. you are one special cupcake, girlfriend!


    'acceptance, forgiveness does not really mean you forget, just that it does not hurt to remember.'

    i've read this sentence a dozen times now. and you know what, marion, i will be so glad when this is true for me. i want it, i work at it. there are memories i hold precious and i think i'm afraid to lose them. not to mention i seem to have a propensity to deny reality in this case. thank you my dearest wisest friend for your incredible guidance. here and always, i cherish it. ♥

    pattee, maybe it's a him-her!!! nothing wrong with that! so you've been to this place too. it was a bit of a hike (stroll) to get to and that was pretty neat in itself. xoxo

    lori, i'm back home! it was a good trip. i see you've had a relaxing weekend and i'm headed over to your blog to read about it. TSUP! lori

  14. I definitely need to visit that place - literally and figuratively.