Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last night I was kept awake by a sore throat including difficulty swallowing. How ironic. I am in Aruba with my family and we are having a wonderful time. But when I couldn't sleep I got up around 1 am and for some odd reason I opened my iphone to my blog. I learned in that early hour that our beloved Senior Angel Renee had died.

My thoughts are with every single person who has come to love Renee has I have. I am so sorry for your loss. I will have more to say at the end of my vacation next week, but for now please know that I understand how you feel and how could it be otherwise?

Oh Renee, how we love you.

Love always,


  1. Peace be with us all.

    be well and
    enjoy your time away.


  2. Feel better soon, dear kj, so you can enjoy being in a beautiful place with people you love.

  3. I've been thinking about you today! I hope you will still enjoy the wonderful paradise you are in! Much love, Silke

  4. I was wondering how to get a message to you, of course Renee woke you :-). We will all miss Renee. Sending love and i hoep you feel better soon and have fun!

  5. Kj - I hope you feel better soon. I thought of you today when I heard the news. Love to you - xox Pam

  6. Ah, I logged on to email you the news, but thought I should check here first. I'm grieving her, too.

  7. You felt it in your throat because you've been a voice for her.
    It makes so much sense.

    I'm glad she's finally pain free.
    We'll all be okay because we still feel her here. How could we not?
    What a woman. What a force. What an angel.

    Be right where you are.

    love and misses,

  8. Renee soars far above the bats, above the Universe, free of pain. I swear I saw her this morning hanging on the qurater moon saying HAR HAR. Watch the sun rise tomorrow in paradise and you will catch a glimpse of her. Love your family, hold them tight. And live splendidly. Love, Deb

  9. there are things in life we cannot swallow easily... loss is one...

    peace be upon Renee

    get well soon and thrive...


  10. It's amazing how someone in this little land of blog can come to impact the lives of so many people.

    I do hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy the sun.

  11. love to you dear, was thinking of you all day

  12. yes i thought of you as soon as i heard about her death. i feel unutterably sad yet so glad she is now at peace with her beloved mom, dad and sheldon.but it's a loada crap!

  13. Dear kj - been thinking about you too. Renee will be in a better place now. Try to enjoy your holiday. x

  14. It was only natural for Renee to let you know she was leaving...
    as Lo said, you have "been Renee's voice" for a while.

    Renee would want you to enjoy this special time with your beloved family...I know your heart is heavy, but you must try and relax, heal your own self a bit...Renee is still with us all. You KNOW that.

    Love to you, dear friend,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. my "word" is:, try for that, ok?

  15. So sorry, friend. At least the nausea is over. If she is as wise as I think, she is with you on vacation in a beautiful place.

  16. Feel better kj - I'm feeling lousy this week too - peace and blessings

  17. xoxoxoxo ♥

    we'll all keep the porch light on till you return!
    stay well kj
    enjoy aruba okay?
    renee is dancing now... :)

  18. Yep, she'll be missed.

    I'm so sorry you're ill. I hope you can throw it off.

  19. I'm so sorry you're ill on your holiday...perhaps you're better already!

    I thought of you as soon as I read about Renee, but Lolo said it well. You were one of her voices and very connected to Renee. Remember love is immortal.

    Have fun, kj, can't wait to read all about it!

    Love and blessings!

  20. KJ There's an award for you at my blog when you're ready....

  21. Yes, Lolo said it.
    I'm sure I felt her in a soft breeze on the patio last night.
    She's around,,whispering her "love you" around the world.
    Make some x's and o's in the sand, and feel better.

    I've heard that chicken soup also works in sunshine.

  22. Oh poor all of you dear friends and family of her.
    You must have felt something over there, maybe she passed to say bye........
    Your throat represent emotions also.

    Hope you will be able to enjoy your holiday! Please do


  23. I knew you would be so sad Kj to find our beautiful gypsy sister was gone and freed of her black birds and bats.... thank God....

    I hope you feel better and come back to us strong as ever...

    I love you ~

  24. Hi Karen, hope you pick up soon. So you can enjoy your holiday fully.