Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit & the Power of the Purr

This is Uncle Kitty. He has a little rip in his left ear because he gets in fights but not because he starts them. He lives behind the Magic Cottage in kj's yard and when he visits sometimes he rushes by and sometimes he stays awhile but no matter what he purrs and JB always relaxes when he does and she might give him milk and little pieces of tuna fish but sometimes she doesn't give him anything because she is already in bed and the purrrrr puts her to sleep.
A lot of times Uncle Kitty, who is related to Mr. Kitty but I don't know exactly how, shows up late at night and purrs. If you think this sounds weird I agree with you but I have never said that to JB because why tell someone they are weird if what they are doing relaxes them and then they are more likely to be nice to you and maybe even take you shopping?
So anyway, did you know that purring is very healthy? How many cats do you know with orthopedic problems? They usually don't have problems with their hips or ligaments or bone cancer and they don't have arthritis like Stella does and even kj does but of course I don't because I am too young but still, most animals and people get stiff but cats don't.
If you are wondering why I am telling you this, it's because this scientist studied something called bioacoustics which is about animal sounds, like their pitch and frequencies and loudness and duration and guess what?!
Purring can heal people and animals just by the sound of it. I am not going to tell you about the Hertz frequency ranges that create this healing because who cares unless you do and then if you do you can research it yourself, right?
And I'm not just talking about cats purring either, but also cheetahs, pumas, even lions and tigers. And I think--this is just my opinion but you know I can be very smart sometimes--I think even if you purr to yourself it can help calm you down. Okay, maybe this is not as good as kicking your feet in the air and crying BOOHOOHOO from your stomach, but why not try a little purrrr here and there?
There is some fancy research that says that cats can sympathetically help cure illnesses in people (and I think in rabbits too) simply by being around them because the purring can lower blood pressure and eliminate headaches and even vets say "if you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal."
So I called my Uncle Bunny who owns that pellet business in Cleveland and I told him he should talk to Uncle Kitty because maybe they could start a purrrrring business and if they did I would get a bonus for coming up with the idea and then I might even do kj's blog for $ 8 instead of $10 because I wouldn't need the extra money so much and kj and maybe other people too would think isn't that nice of me and I would like all the nice attention from it.
I think when you go to bed tonight you should include a purr. Maybe you have a cat or a cheetah already so that would solve that, or maybe you have a family member or friend who would purr to you but if you don't why don't you just purr to yourself and see what happens?
I am not charging for any of this advice this one time.
Emily Rabbit


  1. Hi Emily! You certainly are a "Wise Wabbit"! And you draw so is hard to draw with paws? I love the sketch of Uncle Kitty.

    I am a believer in the "Power of the Purr" relaxing and healing.

    Are you getting excited about Easter? Do you know the Easter Bunny?

    Sending you a big hug,


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. Please give KJ a big hug and some jelly beans, ok?

  2. Wow, thanks Em for the advice, I'm glad we caught it before you start charging! I love your drawing of Uncle Kitty - Cosmo says some scars, scratches and tears (which he has a lot of) add tons of character and can even make you more beautiful or handsome - I agree! I love the power of purrrrr, there IS a lot of research out there that says just petting an animal or even watching a fish tank can lower blood pressure (which us animal lovers know already) so it doesn't surprise me one bit that purring can do the same. That's why we do pet therapy at the hospital. Did you know there are pet therapy rabbits too? Maybe this is something you'd be interested in, but I know how busy you are with all your business ventures - good luck.

    Please tell kj that I'm so happy for her visit and glad she's feeling better! Now I'm off do some purring!

  3. Oh, forgot, kj, love the new map header!

  4. gosh Emily. You are so clever. I have two purrr machines myself so guess I'm set there. Prrrrr to you.

  5. ms robin, what is your wproblem with the w's? just wondering... :)
    do i know the easter bunny? i certainly do. he is related to my cousin Bradford Bunny and his wife used to help my Mother clean rabbit holes when one family moved out and another moved in. until they moved from Bunny Boulevard up the road to Rabbit Road.

    ms. susan, hhhmmmmm, maybe i might be interested in pet therapy. do you know how much it pays? do i have to get dressed up? will i have to let just anyone pat me: i am particular...

    ms. suki, WHAAAAT? two purr machines? WHAAAATTTTT?

    yours truly,

    emily r.

  6. That purr machine you painted sure looks a lot like my bundle of purr!!!!!
    The things you tell are not new to me . Already before I read those studies I was convinced the purr of cats are healing!
    I once had a cat that would lie on top of you when you were ill and purr.
    I would love love to have cheetas for a more tenor purr, but I think the rest here would not agree......
    Great you have a visiting cat!
    Even better is a cat of your own saves a lot of doctor bills!

    And Emily indeed you are wise! But that's why we are best friends!
    And not only for that reason.
    When ever you get ill you just come to Holland and we have six purr machines here so you will be up jumping and rolling down hills in no time!!!!!!


  7. Ms. Emily,
    I forgot to tell you that Tigers do, indeed PURR! Two friends celebrated their 20th Anniversary and rented out "Marine World" just for our party of 10..(for three hours). The highlight was meeting (up close and personal) a gorgeous Bengal Tiger. She had a lead and a handler.... but, I went right up and began giving her a "Kitty Massage"...and yes, she began to purr..... think 500 times the volume of Uncle Kitty - but a purr nonetheless....and her eyes closed in that "oh-that-feels-so-good way"'.

    Just had to share - and - we al thank you for the FREE ADVICE!


    ♥ Wobin ♥ (Stil having a wee problem with those w's....)

  8. This is brilliant, I totally loved reading this. I wonder where I can buy a purrring cd? I need my bones to heal and I would try this as it sounds totally wonderful, thank you Emily!

    KJ, thank you too for your lovely message. I really love listening to different accents. If a soft voiced Scottish person phones me up from a phone company or other, they could totally sell me anything,lol!
    I think Emily as certainly sold the purring to me and it didn't cost anything. What a wonderful gift!

    I have written for Renee on one of your earlier posts. Have found your new blog about Renee, which is an awesome idea and gift.

    Sweet dreams my dear friend!


  9. marianne, do you think the airlines would sell me a ticket to come visit you or would i have to sneak through? and if i snuck through and got caught, would i get arrested? as you know my last jail experience was very hard. ps best friends forever!

    wobin, i would like to hear that. i'll bet that would cure anything, right? i wonder if we could record the tiger purrs and sell cd's at fairs and sears? just wondering...


  10. I never knew about Uncle Kitty and the stress reducing visits he was giving to JB. I love that!

    Sometimes a 'notch' is taken out of the left ear by animal rescue groups for feral cats once they're spayed and neutered and then released.This helps to let the people know not to capture them again because they've already been 'helped!"
    Oh, feral mean homeless and a little wild, but not always wild. Sometimes just lost or forgotten. So sad :(

    But maybe Uncle Kitty got the ear thing in a knock-down-drag-out cat fight and he kicked the other guy's butt!!

    I bought you something today Emily.
    Ssssshhh. It's a secret! Be patient ;P

    Okay, time to go do stuff.
    Later, fur-face!

    Oh, but before I go, thank you for telling us how healing it is to purr!! I think everyone should have a cat around. Except Joss because she's afraid of them.

    Lololo ♥

  11. dear kj,

    watch out for your credit card. emily wants to go shopping.


  12. Now HERE's a new business I believe in. The Power of Purring!
    Dear KJ,
    Thank you for putting together a book of Love for our dear friend, also for her family. Right after she passed I felt her by my face.
    Please count me in for a contribution. Is there any criteria?
    I miss our Renee.

    Love and many blessings to you KJ!


  13. I love to hear a sleek kitty purring - it's a soothing, delicious, relaxing sound. You are SO right Emily, as usual, love you

  14. Hey Kj ~My cat lays by my head when I have a head-ache and purrs.. or lay on me when my stomach doesn't feel good...

    The healing of pur I love it!

    I just bought your book and can hardly wait for it to come!
    Much love

  15. Hi Emily,
    Nice drawing of Uncle Kitty. I have a little black cat statue out in my garden. He doesn't purr. I'll take your advice and purr to myself tonight.

  16. Emily, you must have watched the same show my mom did, she told me all about it as I have 3 purring cats! Her cat Max likes to sit on her leg where her pain is and he purrs. My cats are regular purring machines, so I am very lucky.
    If you would, please give a kiss to
    Uncle kitty would you? And one for yourself too :-). And sneak one in on Kj.

  17. julie, can you hear my scottish accent? it's me, lass, would you like to buy some wee colored pellets to use if your jellies run slow? eh, lass?

    lololo, a present? for me? oh! oh! what? when? oh! and lololo, would anyone try to take a notch of my ear because if they did i would scream as loud as i could and i would kick and BOOHOOHOOHOOBAAHA and i might even say the F word. it wouldn't be my fault, right?

    middle, HOW did you know i had that credit card? wow. ( i put it back because you blabbed)

    constance, kj says there is not cry-teria, whatever that is. she says just write or do whatever you for renee. she said go to and you will get ideas and maybe be happy to see renee's friends purring about her.

    mim, a sleek kitty? what about a fat kitty? or an out-of-shape kitty? we can't all be sleek, right? okay, i am though but i don't purr. as you know, i just whine


  18. pattee, cats must like you and they are nice to you so you must like them too and you are nice to them. it;s good to know that's how it works, right? kj says yipee that you bought her book. she hopes you like it and she wants to know if you do or don't.

    chewy, good, i hope your purr goes well for you. i think you will like it alot but don't do it at the post office because they will think you are strange.

    annie, three kisses? i don't know, annie, i have never kissed uncle kitty and how will i kiss myself? i will give kj a very quick kiss and i will tell her she has to kiss uncle kitty and then me, okay?


    emily v.v. rabbit

  19. Emily, baby! I don't even know why I visit you, since you never visit me. KJ just visited me though. I had about given up on her, and there she was.

    "why tell someone they are weird if...they are more likely to be nice to you and maybe even take you shopping?"

    If you weren't Emily Rabbit, you would be Mother Teresa Emily Rabbit. I mean you are SO thoughtful toward KJ. She doesn't deserve you, you know, but then who does?!

    "this is just my opinion but you know I can be very smart sometimes"

    I know you can. In fact, I remember a TV commercial that said, "When Emily talks, people listen." ...I just realized that it was E.F. Hutton that that commercial was about, but it SHOULD have been about you, and you know that I know what I'm talking about here.

    "I am not charging for any of this advice this one time."

    Oh, man, that reminds me that I owe you $4,845 for past advice. Only, remember when you told me to buy Enron, and I lost all my money? I sort of thought you owed me for what I lost plus interest. So far, your stock tips alone (since then) have made me a millionaire a thousand times over, but what with the interest that I'm charging you on that five grand, I figure it might be a few years before I can see my way clear to cutting you a check.

    Hey, kiddo, tell KJ hello for me, and go out and buy yourself a carrot daiquiri and tell the the bartender to put it on the tab of your old buddy, Snow. Yeah, right, KJ says your underaged, but I KNOW you're not going to let that stop you.

  20. Emily, that works :-). xoxo

  21. TTo travel in a suitcase would be cheaper than to buy a ticket.......But where would you find one going this way??!!
    Choose a lead box to travel so the x- rays won't detect you!
    If you get caught I will bail you out!
    You see I have a solution for everything!

  22. i forgot what i was going to say, i got totally distracted reading snowbrushs comment (best comment ever).(hopefully you don't mind i read your comments emily).

    where was i?
    oh, purring and kitties. i am with marianne, i would like to have a cheetah. i have a big picture of a cheetah hanging in my living room, do you think that counts? i can't have a real one now because owen is afraid of cats (they are almost always bigger than him). so i will just pretend my cheetah photo print is making soothing sounds.

    i am glad you are not charging because i think i am all out of money.

    bye emily,
    ♥ lori

  23. Thank you Emily. I will practice my purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  24. Dear Emily,

    I am all for free advice. Today I am going to go cat shopping. I don't think my neighbors will mind me borrowing their cats for a few days, do you? No, I didn't think so. I am going to put all the cats in one room, then I am going to sit in my rocking chair. I will be careful. Once my sinuses are clear, I will let them go back home. Thank you! If this works, and you get a Purring Franchise, please let me know. I could be your Mid-Atlantic rep.


  25. Bad Bad Alice purrs on me...she rubs her head up and down my arm and purrs. She's cute like that. Not azela...blossoms on a dwarf nectarine tree. Tooooooo hot here for azelas. **kisskiss** Deb

  26. I missed the sound of purring so much, Emily, I put a virtual cat on my homepage. Each time I go on the computer, I am greeted with the most beautiful purr you can imagine!

    I own two big dogs that would not like a cat, I don't think. Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the Rabbit visitor we had the other day. He tried to escape from the dogs and got all tangled up in a vine and I had to rescue him. That doesn't happen very often, Rabbits are pretty smart, but he was young and got scared and confused.

    Poor little Rabbit...I hope he found his family and has forgotten his scary adventure!

    Lots of hugs and love to you!

  27. here's 'purring' at ya too.please tell kj i think it is time she started writing children's books now.

  28. very informative post Emily, and thanks for the free (one time only) advice.
    I think you've got it all wrong, as, you see:
    Once you get credit for the start-up of this new business, you will be famous, and highly sought after.
    Therfore, you should be able to get as much as 12 dollars from kj for guest hosting this blog.
    Anything else would just be wrong.

  29. Emily...I think this one of the nicest posts ever from you. You deserve one lolli for your garden, and maybe get paid....Im allergic to cats now...but maybe they have purr cd's.

    Love ya Em, kiss KJ for me