Saturday, December 01, 2012

Little Gifts # 1

Ah the holidays in Provincetown. 

Besides for New Year's Eve festivities, this is the last weekend of the season here in this town of 3500 residents that expands to 20,000 each summer. 

This weekend is Holly Folly, when almost every store and shop offers 40-50% discounts on everything. Nobody wants to carry inventory all winter.

Commercial Street in Provincetown is filled with holiday lights. This is the bank; the same bank that has original oil paintings on its walls, not the candy cutter home equity rate and marketing signs most banks plaster everywhere. 

And the store windows.....

 And new slants on how a Christmas tree can look

and colors and words everywhere.

Meanwhile, back at our little place in Provincetown, a dog who has recovered from a five day seizure tucks his legs in every which way and settles in. 

I love the holidays, always have. I know that is not the case for many. I"m not sure how I've escaped hard memories and unrealistic hopes, but starting this weekend in Provincetown I am once again going to try to fall into the parts I like and avoid the parts I don't. 

I'm going to try here on my blog through the end of the year  to post what I hope are 'little gifts'. I did a post on little gifts a few days ago but couldn't get the video I wanted to upload correctly. I tried a zillion times. 

But this time of year I'm into little gifts: words, pictures, inspirations, human connections, gestures, acts. That is my hope for my blog this season. I figure we may all be too busy to visit and comment, but over the holidays I'd like to offer a little gift each time a friend or visitor stops by here.



  1. I like your take on the holidays and it's beautiful where your are! I LOVE this time of year and am all about little gifts. I am using my budget to do things with my daughter this year that she loves while I am on break rather than making Christmas morning as abundant. She loves my time with me in it and I love her in mine ;). It's always a pleasure to see what you're up to over here. I like your style of doing/viewing life.

  2. I had to look up Provincetown and now that I know where you are I can see why businesses slow down in the winter. It gets cold, too cold up there. (My son was born in North Adams.)
    I love that pink tree and have actually started thinking of making one for myself.

  3. I want to live in ptown! (of course, I might as well say I want to live on the Moon, because it ain't gonna happen!)
    I am done decorating (I think!) and ready to just kick back and enjoy the days.
    I have avoided malls, super-stores, etc and focused on the necessities of the season.
    Surprisingly, things are calm and sort of going with a flow......I like that. ;-)
    My little gift was from my friend Jan, pointing me toward Pandora Radio, which has some amazing Jazz.....

    From *the Pea* and I~~

  4. Well, this sounds like a lovely idea to me - positive thinking, little gifts, happy days. I love it and - like you - am determined to enjoy this season.

  5. Although I've never ever been there, I feel I know Ptown so well already. Love these photos as always.

  6. Lovely tour through Provincetown at the holidays. thanks for your little gifts. i know i will have fun unwrapping them. cheers, suki

  7. Seriously. I have to move to Ptown. But I'd need a place to escape the really wintery stuff. I think your little gift to me has been to let me daydream about life in another part of the country. Hope you don't mind my virtual self always tagging along! Holly jolly ho ho ho! xox

  8. Seeing those wonderful pictures of P town is a gift to me.
    Seeing Chase lying peacefully there is a gift too!
    I decorated the house yesterday and I am getting in the mood now for the holidays.
    Enjoy the holidays inP town dear!

  9. Little gifts. Simple gifts.

    Tis a gift to be simple,
    Tis a gift to be free

    The place looks wonderful. What a fine place for a get-away. But poor Chase. I do hope he's doing better!

    Blessings and Bear hugs from the Bear who is trying to hibernate.

  10. What is that reflection in your kitchen over your sweet dog? It looks like an angel over him, protecting him.

    I like your idea of little gifts. Beautiful photos. Thank you.

  11. I love how greys fold themselves up like pretzels.

    I also love the Christmas season, in spite of troubling childhood memories.

  12. I know you won't mind if I just stick to my own holiday routine of "this is all fuss and bebother for...a fat credit card bill."