Friday, January 13, 2012

Photos From My Iphone

No my laptop isn't fixed yet and yes I've finally figured out how to transfer my cell phone photos to Picasa. Last night I began to learn how to have fun with picasa. Beware: I could get carried away with silly photos. But for now, hre is a retrospective from my phone, some dating back a year or more.

For starts, this week: It snowed. The flamingos in my yard found the whole thing pretty surprising.

The sky's been radiant.

Oh dear, Mr. Sushi! You are looking at the best California rolls anywhere in the world: Mr. Sushi in Boston Massachusetts. I order these, shrimp tempura rolls, and chicken terriaki rolls (nothing raw for me) and I groan and moan as I eat each one (as in orgasmic) . Maybe you'd prefer not to meet me for dinner :^)

Cupcakes into caterpillars: how clever! (discovered at a preschool graduation)

For two years, every Tuesday at 10 am, for fifty minutes, I sat here with my five and then six year old little client, under the stairwell, in front of the library, in an old school, this corner decorated by a creative librarian. Most schools I visit don't look like this. What a difference this kind of effort makes.

hahaha, Speaking of schools, this is the sign outside the nurse's office at a local high school .

Tonight I am going to transfer photos to picasa from my old canon powershot camera, not my new camera that isn't working any better than my laptop. I am 'cleaning house' abit because JB and I are in Provincetown for four days, which right now is an empty quiet gorgeous solitude of a town in mid winter. I have time!




  1. The flamingos look like they are having an orgy in the snow, or playing crack the whip! LOL!!!
    Enjoyed our chat today~~nice to have time to talk and decompress.
    Hope your electronics mojo improves; I could fix you some gris-gris for it? ;-)


  2. Aww nice. Flamingos always look cold, even in the warm. I'm hungry long will it take me to get to Boston?

  3. anne, you know i like passionate fun! so more power to the flamingos!always wonderful to talk with you xoxo. my electronic mojo will never improve. i accept my fate :^)

    hells, robin suggested i give them hats and i just might add scarfs. you come to boston, mr. sushi is my treat. ♥

  4. I am laughing at the nurses note to non seriously injured students. And I love your alcove for talking to kids.
    Thanks again for all the so very nice things you have to say about my art!

  5. Ummm....I kinda think the California rolls are better in California! (just sayin')

    Dang I love the store on your header photo. And it's my favorite color!

  6. lynn, those nurses didn't fool around! you are most welcome. i mean those words

    annie, true enough, maybe equal but i can't imagine better. they're ORGASMIC, annie. honest they are. the little store is here in provincetown and it has just closed after years and years. you will hear me talking about ptown blah blah blah. i'm in love with the place!

  7. I found a line in a book that went, "She was callous even for a nurse," and I've said it to Peggy many a time in the years since. I think the nurse with the sign might fit that sentence. Anyway, these are great photos.

  8. fabulous you are getting away to peaceful Provincetown. Thanks for the photos. Those cupcakes are so fun. and thanks for your kind comments re; my poetry.

  9. I'm gonna have to meet you at mr sushi some day, sounds like quite a show

  10. This reminds me of that scene from When Harry Met Sally - lol ("I'll have what she's having.") I do love California roll, it is my favorite favorite favorite. You crack me up. Love the flamingos. They look like they are plotting to leave your yard. xox Pam

  11. snow, i could tell you about a nurse i know/knew who makes callous sound like a day at the beach :^)

    suki, it's pretty quiet here! good for writing, that's for sure. as for your poetry, easy enough to offer compliments and applause xo


    pam, we dress those flamingos up in the summer time. now i'm thinking about old hats and scarfs. who knows though, maybe they'll move in with lori for the winter. p.s. re: harry meets sally: uh, yeah, kind of like that... :^)

  12. I've been to #9 a million times and I don't remember seeing those flamingoes!

    You'll love Picasa. It's a blast!

    Rememnber me, by the way?? Your long lost silent friend.
    I hope that will change soon!


  13. Mmmm sushi. Although I especially like the raw stuff.

    (The snowy flamingos are epic.)