Saturday, January 07, 2012

On the lips

I'm curious: who and how many people do you kiss on the lips?


  1. My husband only. I don't want to give or receive germs. ;-) I'm a cheek kisser and a hugger. I think I gave my husband my recent cold. Now he's feeling miserable. Must have forgot and kissed him on the lips while still contagious. More than you asked for I know. Okay, My husband.

  2. My kids, my grandmother. and my love. Other than that I can't think of more. How about you? you didn't "kiss and tell" for us, so, spill the beans:-)

  3. Nowadays only my husband.
    My kids used to kiss me on the lips but they are older (and wiser) now :)
    Here in Holland we kiss a lot on the cheeks, 3 times.

  4. trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


  5. My hubby, my brother in law, my smallest nephews and my smallest god-sons. Kissing friends is not all that common amongst my english friends although the cheek/air mwah mwah sort of thing does go on. I prefer a big hug myself.

    With my smallest nephews we also do something called a hooble-digger which involves kissing and rubbing noses back and forth plus up and down. It comes from a childrens TV program that they both loved when they were toddlers. I know they won't want to do it for much longer so I'll enjoy whilst I can!!!

    xx Jos

  6. Only my husband. I am more a hugger than a kisser. And there is nothing wrong with a good handshake and a friendly smile for people I don't know so well.

  7. My hubby~~that's it. When my folks were still alive, they were included.
    Otherwise, BIG HUGS are the order of the day, and I do mean BIG! I have often lifted smaller people up in a hug! ;-)


  8. Hubby only. Kids when they were little but not now!

  9. Hubby,grandkids of course, South African family....sons do hugs and pecks on cheeks.What about you KJ

  10. My husband. My kids when they were little and some other little kids who kiss that way. I'm not really a cheek kisser with friends either, but I hug a lot.

  11. I have no husband or boyfriend or kids, but I do kiss a few guy friends on the lips very quickly lol and my cats and my dog Bella, but they don't really have lips do they :-), but I hug a lot.xoxo

  12. oh boo hoo. no one. although sometimes when i see old pajamas he kisses me briefly on the lips and sometimes not.

    you know what i miss just as much? Holding hands with someone.

  13. I asked because twice in the last month I have been kissed on the lips by someone I greeted but did not know well. I was surprised that I felt uncomfortable

    I kiss jb, my grand kids, my friend Liz, my friend clara, i think my niece, and Stella. My daughter jess air kisses as i kiss her cheek. I don't mind kissing my friends usually on their chheks and for a time I kissed alot .

    I don't avoid hugs and I appreciate them whether I am the giver or the givee. Many of my clients hug, all ages from 5 to 55

    Human and animal and bird touch is good for me :-)

  14. I am a kisser and a hugger.
    Dear friends, hubby, Madi, kids and loved ones.

  15. Just one....and not as often as I'd like.

  16. Shhhhh,,,,the Boyfriend's listnin'.

  17. I once kissed my aunt on the lips, accidently. It was supposed to be a cheek-kiss!

  18. B.Loved, Colette, McKenzie, Aliah, mostly I am a big hugger, kiss on the cheeks because that is the way we were brought up, except when we were children under six or seven, when we had to curtsy and kiss the hand of the really old members of the family, i.e: my ninety eight year old Great Grand Mother. I love to hug my friends, walking hand in hand with them or arm in arm as I recently did with Karen G. all over town. It feels good to have close contact with those we love.

    And I agree with you, it is very cheeky to kiss someone on the lips because I for one find it incredibly uncomfortable and it sure makes me edgy about that person. But then again, I am old :)

  19. Bob and Tyler. Otherwise it's cheek kissing for me... Although there are a few friends who always go for the lips (I try my best to be ready with a quick turn! Ha!)

    I love hugs! Great-big-two-armed-squeezy hugs!

    x(but not on the lips! hee hee!)o

  20. Brian and Emma :)

    Emma gets them more frequently although Brian and I smooch daily!

    carol kisses me and barb on the lips (a quick peck) but I turn my cheek for a quick hug. I'm not comfortable with that. I've never even kissed Uncle Don on the lips.

    I was snooping on your blog today in case you noticed I lingered a while.


  21. My wife.

    Bears are big at hugging, though, as you would expect. Gentle hugs, not back-breakers.

    Blessings and Bear hugs for 2012.

  22. Just Hubby...I read your comment as to when someone kissed you on the lips and I would have felt uncomforable as well.Big hugs and kisses...on the cheeks,( : Cat

  23. mark, hahaha! you are incorrigable! and doesn't it depend? :^)

    everyone else, maybe we should rethink this. what's the problem, so few kisses on so few lips? really. i am going to experiment. such experiment may solidify my initial reaction. i am seeking volunteers as givers and givees.