Monday, January 09, 2012

A Monday Thirteen Mish Mash of Just Words

Hello from New England where the temperature is almost warm and there is no snow so far this winter, for which I am happy and grateful. My camera has not been fixed, nor my laptop, so I am left in the undesirable position of not being able to post my own photos. Thank you to my inspirational friends on Facebook: I unabashedly claim their choice of photos for my own.

So here is my random mish mash:

1. Was anyone else surprised that just about nobody kisses anybody on the lips except for their partners and children? Not best friends, not close neighbors, not comfortable coworkers. No one. Why is that? I know that when these two guys I didn't know every well kissed me on the lips I pulled back. But why would I be awkward with a kiss from someone I know, cherish, care about? Is it a DNA thing? I don't think it's just cultural. I'm still curious.

2. I did not expect to be so sad about losing my dog Stella. Not this sad. I won't upset you with the gory details, but I'm certain Stella sent word last week. I live on a dead end circle with only four houses. Strange cars rarely park here. But she brought a scene in front of our house, which JB and I bought witnessed, where a horrid man got out of his car and brutalized his dog and his dog looked like Stella. I walked to the window and scowled at him. I knew confronting him would make things worse. So during the time he and his dog 'walked' into the park next door, I took a three minute shower and decided I would go outside and tell him about losing my dog and tactfully offer to buy his. I decided I would spend money JB and I do not easily have. He was obviously cruel and angry and I hoped I could sway him with money. But the car was gone. The man could not have gotten back to his car and driven away in that amount of time. I watched him walk into the park and it was not possible. But Poof. Both JB and I were astounded.

3. What do I think? I know Stella would not upset me like that for no reason, and I was very upset. I'm haunted still that I did not save that dog. I think one of three things:

--Stella wanted us to know and to thank us for what we rescued her from

--Stella wants to be sure we give a good home to another dog who deserves nothing less;

--or: we traveled in time somehow and we saw Stella's prior life.

4. Chills. I'm not embarrassed to say I am convinced the guy and his car disappeared before it was logically physically possible.

5. Change of subject: I am resuming a one night a week writing group. I don't like that I'm no longer writing short stories and my silly-serious poems because my writing time is poured into my second novel. This is no small matter for me because I don't like trekking out on cold dark winter nights.

6. Likewise for my Pilate's training. I am stretching these muscles and they are loving it. But I am overweight and it is not easy, The instructor says I am strong but not flexible. I am trying to advance to at least look like a third grade ballerina. I want to move gracefully. I have a long way to go.

7. Mr. Ryan turns five years old this week. Five years ago I had very few children in my daily life. Now I have grandsons and little clients. I sit on the floor and play "chutes and ladders" and then it's an achievement to get myself upright. :^)

8. Every time I buy groceries at Trader Joe's I bring home at least one new product. Probably I have done this a hundred times and I have been disappointed only once. My favorite finds are Milton's multigrain bread, TJ's frozen french onion soup, and milk chocolate covered cherries.

9. I am not getting tougher as I get older. I am still getting softer and more vulnerable. But I am also understanding more about what I do and don't understand. And that affords me a certain lack of confusion.

10. I have published one novel and have four manuscripts unfinished in various forms. One is a career search how to; one is about the science and practice of happiness; and one is about the tails and tales of ms. emily rabbit. Plus the novel I am working on and will indeed finish and publish. I wonder what it will take for me to focus on all of these. I wonder if I ever will.

11. I love love love love love my iphone. Love it.

12. I don't know how it is that I still feel hopeful despite the total mess and dysfunction of the political world. But I do. I proportionately know so many more good people than bad. That has to count for something important.

and finally:

13. Where would you travel to if you could go anywhere in the world? I have four priorities: Italy, Africa, France, and China. Oh and probably Bali.

Here's wishing you a good week.

love kj


  1. France. And I know what you mean about growing older but not getting tougher. Hey, we just have to settle for better looking, right?

  2. You MUST stay at the least informed about politics of today, you have to know who is reaching into your pocket and for how much.

    That is an odd encounter with the ghost of comment other than odd.

    I to am getting older kj and I find that I like turning to gristle and become less savory to them who only see me as a side of beef at their next fund raiser.

    Only you could enjoy chutes and ladders at our age...but you know it can be played on a table with chairs.

    As for the rest DO NOT forget to have some "me " time once a day OK don't want you losing your grip or anything there kiddo.

    Deep in the hills of Virginia or West Virginia would suit me fine as a travel destination.

  3. I'm so sorry for Stella, and for that poor dog being so mistreated. I'm sorry for your lap top and camera. That's alot to be missing. Your writing does make up for no photos though, you are a wonderful writer kj. Really.
    Happy birthday to Ryan, oh my three under five, does that take me back. happy 'birth' day to Jessica too.
    And I'd say Africa, but it's already on the calendar, so I say Iceland. Hopefully that's next!

  4. I wonder about the things that are shown to us, too. I don't know if the man and his dog vaporized, or what, but how sad that that poor dog was being bullied. I am hopeful, but not as hopeful as I once was. I am living more in the moment, which I do love. I know which things are the things I should be worrying about, and I am getting better at letting go of the others. Traveling? Italy popped into my head first. XOX!

  5. hello kay, nothing like france. i would alternate between paris and southern france. you've made me laugh about being better looking. sometimes i actually think that :^)

    mark, no worries about me not staying informed. i am a political junkie--i follow it all. thanks for the obvious caring about me in your comment, mark. you know i appreciate it. xo i take good care of myself but the inequities and brutalities get to me. how could they not? that said, i see successes too, where there should be none. we do what we can do...

    thank you dear lori. someday i hope i see myself as a good writer, maybe even a better than good writer. someday i hope to take photos a third as good as yours. xo do you know the icelandic government is offering incredible travel deals now? i know three people who have gone there inexpensively and loved it. go. next. :^)

  6. ah pam, there you are. if time is not linear, and there are learned scientists who confirm it isn't, who's to say janet and i didn't slip into a portal of stella's life? it was heartwrenching. i know you feel it too, pam. i want to wind down abit and yet there are those in need. animals. dogs. my stella.... ♥

  7. Aaahhhh, fascinating.
    Thinking about the logically,physically impossible things that happen.
    A mind bender for sure, but I think there's maybe a lot that goes on of which we are unaware. Maybe there are parallel dimensions that occasionally we are allowed to glimpse?
    Or perhaps I read too much.

    I am getting stronger in my old(er) age,,,,but that strength is on the inside. My body doesn't tolerate what it used to, and I'm only now starting to realize that, to my great dismay.

    As for the sad state of political affairs, I also stay informed though most of what I see, read, and hear sickens me.

    God bless you for playing chutes and ladders,,,I hate that game, and always have.

    As for a travel destination,,do you know anyone with a good, used, time machine for sale?

  8. Uh...Italy. Duh! Love my iPhone more than you. Neeener Neener.

    Kisses on the lips. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Is it a religious thing then? My good friend Bob is a lip kisser. I always look over at my husband like, "It wasn't me dude."

    I like lips. If I wasn't married would I care? It's not DNA. I don't give a shit about germs, rarely wash my hands, and even more rarely am sick. I don't know. One more truth to discover.

  9. Dear kj, thank you for you kind words on my blog. Your Stella story is a wonder. I like to think that your beloved dog is communicating with you in some way. I have felt Katie's love and presence in new ways since her passing, & I think it's possible with pets, too.
    Travel: Provence, Cap Ferrat, England or New Zealand.
    I'm glad to have met you through Allegra & Renee. Blessings to you!

  10. There is more between heaven and earth, Karen. Some things you cannot explain logically.

  11. So sorry about your camera and laptop.... I know I would miss my *poor ol'camera*....although these past few weeks have left me unable to get out and photograph much...(perhaps that's just me aging... sigh..)

    As for the *Stella Sighting*...
    I feel it's Stella's way of saying you and JB should rescue another both would provide such a wonderful, loving home for an animal who needs one. many places I really want to visit and re-visit:

    New Zealand

    I could go on and on - ..


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  12. strange tale of the dog.

    hurrah for the writing group

    well, I am flexible but not strong so together we would make a fine flexible/strong woman. LOL

    Happy birthday Mr. Ryan

    France someplace warm and sunny

  13. I'd love to read your book on happiness. Poor Stella, I know how you feel. Travel? Everywhere but first, the US. I80, the man I adore and the people I've never met. Your hot tub!

  14. Oh of the major things that haunts me is from about 40 years ago where I saw someone being mean to a dog and I didn't do anything about it. I still witness it my mind and I think of that dog so often. And here you rescued darling stella from an abusive situation and made her the happiest loved dog ever. It's a good thing you did. I think she was sending some sort of loving message - she would.

    Galapagos and maybe Fiji And Kenya. And Scotland again. And Sicily to live for a year.


  15. Ah Stella. I think it was a visit of sorts, but why the abuse? Stella knew you KNEw her story already.
    That bastard. I hope the dog gets away.

    Travel? I don't do that very well but I'd want to go to Holland to visit my dear friend marianne (our dear friend!) and Marja too! And I would love to travel the back roads of ireland and sing in the pubs with the locals. County Cork, etc. I'd just lie on the green hillsides and make pictures out of clouds.
    And I'd love to go to Banff. That would be spectacular!

    have I told you I miss you?

    We need to catch up ;)


  16. So many ponderable thoughts from you today. So few things Bear can say tonight.
    Blessings and Bear hugs for 2012.

  17. I loved this sneak peek into your world. Wish I could discuss these things at length with you over a cuppa. And just for the record: Africa. And my favourite London haunts.

  18. France, Switzerland, Finland, Scotland, and New Zealand.

    Your Stella story is surreal, stunning, and spiritual. I think that, given what it was, you might have been given that glimpse into Stella's past life while she was thanking you for saving her and suggesting that you save another. It is a marvelous episode that I will long remember, kj.

    The kissing....and not even their children when the children become adults (or at least that was the way it was in my case). My mother tenderly kissed me on the lips a week before she died. It surprised me so, and she definitely had her own agenda by not asking for the kiss but by using that element of surprise. Afterward, she said, "There. That was a real kiss between mother and daughter."

  19. Terrible the abuse of the Poor Doggies Hate it.....

    And offcourse your in pain over Stella ........

    The travellist is mine to except Africa already have 2 Africand in muy Home ;))

    Big kiss on the mouth from B&B

  20. #13. Italy, Holland, Ireland, Bali.

  21. I'm catching up, kj! This is a beautiful post. You know how I feel about the Stella experience and I still feel the same. She was showing you and JB what you rescued her from,thanking you and also, I think she was reminding you to continue with the rescue work.

    Happy Birthday to Mr., how time flies!!! Gee whiz! xx