Friday, January 20, 2012


She was one of my very first visitors when I started my blog five, maybe even six years ago. She and I have written together for as many years, and we have had group pajama parties here at # 9. This year we saw the moon and ocean at midnight in Provincetown, she still in her pajamas, and we've written sad stories in small journals in Vermont with a very special mutual friend.

Most likely we both understand more than we wish we did about things that cannot be understood. She's a good friend, a good person, a good mother, a terrific writer. And now she is going to Jamaica to serve.

I've missed Melissa's blog since she shut it down a good while back. But she's back. Please stop by and say hello and welcome, if you don't mind. You'll find her at I've absconded the illustration above from her first new blog post. That should tell you something about her.

HELLO MELISSA! WELCOME BACK!! i love circles that come around!

Love kj


  1. Ah, I love those circles and I have been learning this, pushing myself out of that comfort zone more and more.
    It is good to have friends like that.
    I will go visit her.

  2. This (as Milady says) made my eyes leak. Thank you, KJ! :) It's good to be back!

  3. i love this illustration and am truly glad that someone so intelligent is back! over to her blog now..

  4. Nice to have a friend return!

    I thing mostly the magic is outside our comfort zone, but sometimes a within it, too. But then, I think the magic is fairly pervasive.

  5. that is an awesome drawing. and i'd just like to say what a good friend you are to do this, and right now i am in the thank goodness its friday zone!

    off to meet melissa!

  6. Visited and followed. What an interesting woman.

  7. Yep thrilled to see her back on board. She's been a Facebook friend for almost as long so lovely to see her documenting her adventures.

  8. Oh, yeah; one other thing.

    "All my life's a circle."
    ~ the late Harry Chapin.

  9. nice of you to point her new blog out. love the drawing.

  10. If I am one with all that is where is my comfort zone?

    why is my word verification swine?

  11. I love hearing about friendships like this!!! Wow! Lucky you two!

  12. Love that sketch!
    Something to ponder .......
    Happy for you a good friend returned.
    Hope to show up in real some day.......