Sunday, November 07, 2010

Poem # 7: Snip Snip

If you were three and barely tall
Would you like the barber's chair at all?
How brave of you sitting there
Hearing snip snips to your hair.
Do you wonder if you might lose an ear
and if you do how will you fare?
Ah, but there's your Mommy right nearby
Grinning at how great you try
You tell yourself it's all okay
Your ears will make it another day!
Snip Snip and then a hop
To your best reward: a lollipop!


  1. The photo did not come through for me, but I can imagine it :-).

  2. oh, there it is :-)just as I imagined. Darling. xoxo.

  3. A classic shot to be treasure for many years. He looks a little apprehensive, but very brave! Awww.

  4. Gawd I 've seen toddlers howl at the barbers. Never bothered mine but I'm sure some think they're going to get their ears lopped off.

  5. your poem reminds me of Robert Lewis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses. My first book of poems to read and I still own it somewhere in the depths. A brave soul to let someone have at him with those sharp scissors!

  6. Oh classic, I think moms feel it more than they do the first few times....

  7. Very cute, I still don't like getting my hair cut because I worry they'll nip my ear.

  8. Precious little brave guy there!
    Glad he made it through the ordeal
    in that chair.
    Poem cute
    Hair gone
    ready to brave all his freinds on the play ground.

  9. annie, i'm glad you can see it because mr. ryan's expression says it all :)

    barbara, apprehensive and brave. he is. and those are two compatible qualities also familiar to me!!!

    hi hells! howyoudoinghoney? ♥

    suki, you say the very nicest things. even when i know better, you make me feel proud of my writing ♥

    hi dianne, he is a brave little guy and i think he looks proud of himself in this picture

    mim, TSUP!

    cs, i never thought of that. probably because i'm always too busy thinking they'll cut my hair way too short!

    lynn, his hair is SHORT! sometimes i wonder if it would be curly if his mom and dad let it grow...

  10. Oh my goodness that little face.

    I think you should frame this photo with this poem, it's really perfect. (sometimes perfect works!)

    so sweet.

  11. ohmygawdhowcuteisthis!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the penguins and surfboards.

    Okay, so now I have to make this about me.
    I once went to a guy to have my haircut because he was supposed to be some phenom with women and hair. He cut my freaking ear!!!!!!

    I kid you not. He didn't even know what to say as the blood ran down my plastic cape. And the haircut, it sucked. Yep,pretty bad.

    SuperCuts baby. That's what I do now and then I come home and dowse myself with the right number 'red' and I look good enough. At least the red isn't blood from your ear produced by a good looking guy who can't find your head because he's looking, ahem, somewhere else. ;P


  12. These moments are priceless!

    So also, was when Jack cut his own hair.
    Now he says "only the haircut lady or Babs can cut hair,,,I made me look silly"
    (and boy, did he!)

  13. Ahh so cute!!!!
    Both that lovely kid and your rhyme !

    I still have a post of yours I have to comment on from a while ago but things are pilling up here......
    But I will.

    Had quite a trip to NY........ Very tiring . Glad to be back home.


  14. lori, i knew this woman who used to grin and say "perfect didn't stop here this morning!!!" it always made me laugh ♥

    lo, are you sure he was looking ahem somewhere else? i don't think any hairdresser has ever looked at me ahem somewhere else. i'm going for cleavage next time i get a haircut as an experiment.
    love from your friend the aspiring babe :)

    babs, 'the haircut lady or babs' awwww, that is SO cute. isn't it great how much he loves you? ♥

    marie, many of us are blessed with OMG cuties! we lucky ducks we are :)

    marianne, take your time. next time in new york you will have company for dinner! i hope you get to rest up before you have to head out again. ♥

  15. Snip-snip... Love this poem!