Saturday, November 06, 2010

Poem # 6: Expecting

This is not a new poem, but when I wrote it I was lecturing myself with good reason and for me there's still a good reason. I encourage whatever intepretation you may prefer and I hope the underlying message of demand free gratitude peeks itself out.

It’s a no win game:
You can shake your head and pace
And run your fingers
Through your hair
But you can’t expect.

You can let little tears
Fall on your keyboard.
And remember how crazy
That voice within can be
But don’t you dare expect.

It’s fine to ask.
Go ahead and put it out there:
Release your hopes from the tattered box
Where your little heart holds a toothpick for protection.
Go ahead and try, but you better not expect.

Because expecting lands you
The wrong way on a one way street
Where you lose your way no matter what.
You might get what you want, maybe,
But only because,

Not for any other reason
You might hope for.
This is how it really works:
First, you have to trust yourself
And then you have to trust

That considerations given
And choices weighed
And sometimes changes made
Are perhaps strictly for your benefit
and isn't that wonderful
But even still:
Why complicate the gift?


  1. okay then....

    I likes this one KJ

  2. I learned a long time ago that once a thing (whatever) is given it is no longer mine. When something is not mine I do not even think about it. I find it hilarious when someone gives a gift and they don't get the wanted response.

    Give without expectation of return and you will find your return high among the stars.

  3. did you write the poem in the book also?

    I agree w/Walking man about letting go of gifts once given. on the other hand, it is pretty human to have expectations. on the other other hand, so many spiritual teachings teach that it is our expectations that cause us the pain.

  4. Another beautiful poem.
    I feel such a connection to the words you write... From the ode to a phat cat to today's entry - the all speak to me in their own unique way.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  5. mim, thank yous my always friend

    mark, oh that last sentence. that belongs on an award winning fortune cookie :)

    suki, no i didn't write the book words. myself suki, i've learned it's okay to ask. i want to be able to ask freely when it feels right. it's what happens after that that causes problems... :)

    kristin, TSUP! thank you. that means alot! and likewise and ditto to you. xo

  6. So much truth behind this poem.....wise words, dear KJ....
    "Walking Man" and Suki have said it best....once you have given something it IS no longer yours....but still, it is hard NOT to have expectations.... yet, it is that anticipation of hope and expectation that causes such great pain when it does not happen.

    It is difficult to find the right balance between having hope and dreams and giving (no matter what one is giving)freely....but we keep on aspiring to reach those lofty levels.....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I do get this, and I agree, but somehow I think it is right to expect good things and to expect that ALL things are good. I have stopped asking for things(well, except for the long life of my animals and loved ones :-)and I have started loving whatever comes, however hard, it has become my spiritual practice.

  8. There are two master-keys. One can open anything out these.

    One, we will all die. I mean we have to leave this body just like a garment one days.

    Two, nothing is in our hands. because whatever we desire that desire is not in our hands. so the work and the fruit of that particular work is not in our hand. coz we can't or don't know how and where this desire comes.

    So, nothing to expect. because expectation always brings turmoil mental state.


    This is very different piece of writing, and I like it very much.

  9. Hey Cutie Patootie!

    Nice to be back and I've sooo much to catch up on. You are one prolific and fab writer.

    Loved the last three poems! What I love most isn't the meaning, although that is truly kj'ish and wonderful.

    Its your syncopation and word choices that evoke a moment unlike any other. You always put the reader exactly where you want them. Then you get silly like Ogden Nash and the joy of the day is contagious. It makes me want to skip somewhere and laugh out loud. And I do.

    You are the most centered person I know.

    Love, love...

  10. It's a tough task - to want and ask.

    (Um, I just realized that's my mini-poem for the month.)

  11. So much wisdom in these words they are beautiful, and left me thinking a lot my dear KJ. I specially loved when you said
    "That considerations given
    And choices weighed
    And sometimes changes made
    Are perhaps strictly for your benefit" I like this because the choices and considerations one they are done, they are done, there is no use in wondering if they where right. Maybe there are always right because that is the only way that life can be
    Send you love and a big hugh

  12. One of my favorites.

    Really. I love this.


  13. Lovely poem.Yes we should not expect. It often leads to disapointment perhaps to hope is better.

  14. It's beautiful kj. you know that Buddhist philosophy says all suffering comes from expectation? it's true.
    I liked the ending of this poem.
    I'm so impressed how you are writing a poem each day.

  15. I like this, a lot.

    First you have to trust yourself
    and then you have to trust

    It's so strange to me sometimes how a few words can have so much meaning.

    ♥ <-- woo hoo! I am becoming truly proficient!

    xx Jos

  16. Nice!
    I always like to say
    "maybe, just maybe, the universe is conspiring in my favor".