Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poem # 16: Vacation Brevity

I've moved to Route 66 and become a hairdresser


Blogger refuses

to be inclusive

Requiring brevity

when I'd much rather levity.

Still, here are few

of my recent to-do's.

You'll have to guess where I've been

Desert, Canyon, City of Sin.

They'll be more

That's for sure

There's still a train and a jeep

Before this trip's complete!



  1. you'd make a fine hairdresser

  2. Oh, I miss my Joshua trees! I'd tell you to hug one, but they are a little spikey. Blogger is annoying all of us, and is the main reason I do not post more often. :) Have fun, and I love that hairdresser pic. :) xox!

  3. oooooh, aaaaah, wonderful photos!!!

    hahaha, the hairdresser shot! Great car mural.

    What wonderful atmosphere with the Joshua Tree shot. Sigh.

    Last day. Don't waste a moment!


  4. Oh, I would have snapped that hairdresser shot too! Too funny!!

    The other shots are gorgeous.....bringing back memories of how delicious everything smells.... (the desert, the high altitude, the vegetation....sigh...) and the
    Vega$ photos......(you lucky "babe"...a-ha-ha)!

    Thank you for making the effort to "tame" blogger while you are away!!!

    "Get your kicks on Route 66"!!!

    Buenas Dias, my Amigas!!!

    Con Amore,

    ♥ La Robina ♥

  5. annie, thank you

    mim, i can talk and snip at the same time. :)

    pam, i didn't know the name of the joshua trees. they are definitely spikey. california to maryland is definitely different. Tsup pam!

    suki, they are massive and stunning.

    lo, not the last day, pumpkin. two more full days. not heading home until sunday. today we're in search of votexes and a pink jeep trip through the canyon. it's funny how jb and i rarely plan anything in advance but we manage to do wonderful things before we're done. miss you lo! ♥

  6. I hope you are having a wonderful time. I love you encounter witht he man. LOL!!
    Good thing you weren't in California, you would ahve definitly gotten a ticket. The state is broke.
    CHP gives tickets for everything.
    You are so close.
    Beautiful pictures, sorry I missed the penis' or is that penii?
    Love the breasts.
    Have a great time you two.
    Love and hugs.

  7. The wonderful rock formations keep my imagination going..Happy happy days for you sweet Kj!!Keep sharing!!Hugs,Cat

  8. Ah! I love the joshua trees!! and the red rock and everything desert. So glad you two are having such a fine time! and it looks as if you were obeying all traffic laws in the first photo!

  9. What a trip you are having!!!
    Looks so great!
    Wishing for some dessert weather here!
    Thanks for your tips on blogger regarding the pics I will try next time.
    I have been busy and now I am not feeling well . Don't feel to post anything..... haven't created anything either........
    Just doing some blog visits before my friends think I have forgotten them....
    But dear I haven't believe me!
    Just watched all your wonderful holiday pictures!
    Happy you are having succh a good time, you deserve nothing else then that!

    Hugs also for JB!
    and love from me