Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poem # 15 which is more a play than a poem

Sedona, Arizona

Scene I, Act I: A black unmarked police cruiser pulls behind a white Toyota Prius and a tall handsome man with a white shirt approaches the driver.

Woman: Officer, I don't know why you've pulled me over.

Man: Do you have speed limits in California?

Woman: Oh, yes. Jeez. I live in Massachusetts. This is a rental car.

Man: I've been following you for two miles. You were going 45 miles an hour in a 25 mile zone, 58 miles in a 45 mile zone, and just now 67 miles an hour. What's going on?

Woman: Gee Officer, I'm sorry. I was oblivious.

Man: What's going on?

Woman: We're lost and we were busy arguing about whether to use Mapquest or our GPS.

Man, grinning: Are you friends? What's going on?

Woman: Yes, we're friends. We're just mad at eachother right now.

Man: Where are you headed?

Woman: To the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Man: Let me have your license and registration please.

Act I, Scene 2 The man returns to his car for several minutes and approaches the woman, handing back her papers.

Man: You're going in the right direction for the Grand Canyon. Slow down. I'm just giving you a warning because you have enough problems already.

The woman smiles and touches the man's hand.

Act I, Scene 3

Woman # 2: He's the chief of police.

Woman: How could you tell?

Woman # 2: His badge said so.

Woman: Oh.

Hello everyone: I am invoking creative license to reframe this play a poem. I require a certain amount of latitude this week because I am on vacation and my rhyming has been overtaken by interesting vacation events.

AAARGH still! I am somewhere that will not let me download photos so I am lucky I can post even one. I can't wait to show you more of Sedona and its red rocks, Las Vegas and its incredible glam, The Grand Canyon and the glass walkway, and my visit to Linda of Arizona Skies.

Meanwhile, I tried all day today to mostly observe the speed limit and I am going to try again tomorrow. :)


  1. Silly me. I didn't know the Grand Canyon (National Park anyway) had a west rim.

  2. yeah...I thought it was north and south rims. oh well.
    my niece lives in Sedona. Will you go visit her and do some family obligation for me and get it over with???? she's italian and cooks well. what's that??? you don't want to take on my family obligations? Well...I never!! in that case...I don't call this a poem and you are on the hook for another one.
    xoxo :) mim

  3. No canyon goes on for ever so just as every jagged hole in the ground there are 4 rims.

    Did you have a good tail wind or who was pushing to get a Prius up to 67 miles an hour?

  4. Loved this :-). Isn't the Grand Canyon the best! I love Sedona too, even though I live close, I never seem to get there.Happy trails. xoxo

  5. well you should have taken ME along so I could have been the back seat driver and prevented this scenario. Would love to see Sedona. Hope you made it to the west rim but as some people seem to indicate there isnt a west rim???

  6. Hello from a frustrated blogger who cannot get reliable Internet access, and ah! all these amazing photos. About the WEST rim if the grand canyon, it is new and it had a suspended glass bottom bridge hailed as an engineering miracle. BUT it was not worth the hype. The glass was scratched and the bridge took all if 30 second to circle around. AND this section of the canyon did not compare with the glorious north and south rims

    okay! I'll be back, one photo at a time!

  7. Never mind, upload when you get home, you know I rely largely on travelling vicariously. Hope you're having a wonderful time. The police here would never be so forgiving. Haha at Walking Man . . he has a point!

  8. North, South or West Rim....what I love is this photo - with the blue sky and the "ghost-like" shadow of the Moon faintly showing.... it's the wonder of our world - and that photos can take us to where YOU and JB are...and we all see the same Moon even if the surrounding vistas are different!

    This post is hilarious!!!! (Sad about the West Rim glass already being scratched.... I wasn't in favour of this being built at the onset.....)

    Enjoy, enjoy..... yummmm...Southwest Cuisine.....

    Love to you both,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. You are in some of the most beautiful country!

    My dad is lucky enough to live in Sedona Az part time...

    On vacation AGAIN!!!!! You lucky!

    Love and hugs ~Pattee

  10. Oh, you little lead-footed devil! Well, at least you are on VACATION. I hope you are having a great time! xo Pam

  11. mark, btw, the prius flies. i am myself very surprised, but it easily hits 90 and i have to slow down. maybe it is because the arizona highways are so barren, or maybe i'm used to my toyota rav,but i'm pretty impressed. :)

  12. Oh how I miss the west :(

    Look at those colors! I'm finding beauty here every day though. That's my goal, to love where I am at this moment.

    Slow down AJ Foyt!!! Or is that KJ Foyt?

    I actually got quite lost with my GPS yesterday. I think Mandy and I were arguing, I swear!

    Thanks for the call~I was at The Christmas tree Shoppe.

    Please have fun on this last day of vacation.