Monday, November 15, 2010

Poem # 13 (I'm behind) Ladies and Gentlemen, We're Headed to Fargo

It was a long go

We ended up in Fargo

18 hours on planes

Could have made us insane

But no no
We didn't complain
The consistent refrain
Was 100% vacation glow!
Hahaha! JB and I left home with leaves still on the ground and without a grain of thought or knowledge that we would end up in a blizzard in Minneapolis. The plane couldn't land. Did you know the airport in Fargo North Dakota might be the smallest airport on the planet?
Anyway, having a ball! A comfy day in Tucson with family; a magical evening in Phoenix with Linda Shepard (a terrific more-than-blog-friend: more on that later),;now in Sedona in the sweetest place with a kitchen, living room, gas fire place, and very very comfortable bed.
We are going to relax and gallivant concurrently.
I am behind on my poems but I just might catch up. Know what? I miss you guys. You are part of my life. ♥


  1. oooooh.....I am first!

    Missing you dreadfully! But, happy you and JB are enjoying the splendours of Sedona....

    That snow in Fargo!!!!! It looks wonderful to me.... (although it currently is 75 here)!

    I KNEW Linda would be as wonderful as her blog glad you have met another friend!

    Enjoy every moment!!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. The Southwest is a font for creativity.....even I wrote poems there.... so, I bet the Muse will appear to you too!


  2. Aww love it when you travel you have such interesting photos. Blizzards? Aweseome I've never seen one.

  3. hahaha, the first thing I notice is the word veri is : exale ;)

    I read that it was 60 degrees and sunny in Minniapolis the day before the blizzard!

    So glad you were atill able to meet up with Linda. I want to hear all about it!

    And we miss you too. But we also want you to go have a wonderful time and eat lots of Mexican food!


  4. A blizzard! Crazy. And I was just sitting here feeling grumpy about 52 degrees and drizzle.

    Glad you are having a good trip.

  5. So glad you happily made it. You feel closer, Have a wonderful time! I love the new header and know about this wonderful ceramic sculpter who made those sculptures

  6. Hmmmm....fargo. Great movie, but why were you there???
    Glad you are having fun and enjoy it all

  7. Wow! that photo! it looks kind of scary, i'm glad you and Janet were safe.
    Have a wonderful time!

    (is the header photo cactus? or giant pickles. heehee)

  8. robin, missing you too. snow in fargo: now there's a title for a short story! yes, linda is wonderful. it was a great treat for me. ♥

    hells, just wait until you see this scenery: it is like a miracle. the blizzard in minneapolis only lasted through the afternoon, then the snow melted. xoxo

    lo, i don't see how i will not be able to call you to fill you in on this and that. i may wait until i win $ 1000 playing the slot machines :)

    cs, this is a nice vacation. leisurely and active at the same time. thank god i can walk again, no limp, no complaints, so that makes everything a okay. :)

    annie, i AM closer! sedona reminds me of santa fe quite a bit. about the scuplptures, yes it is beautiful but i can't help laughing. i know i am going to have to say something about my giggles if lori doesn't beat me to it (heehee)

    mim, the plane had to land there for fuel. we'd been circling around mnpls for a long time, hoping we could land. not my favorite way to fly! xoxo

    lori, heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!