Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poem # 11: Hope Floats Part 2

Hello friends. How much I appreciate your visits here. I am not yet half way through '30 days 30 poems' and I will soon be tested. On Saturday I will be heading to Sedona Arizona for a week of R & R.
How will I possibly manage to write poems and eat enchiladas at the same time?
Hope Floats Part 2
Remember “hope floats?”
Sandra Bullock acted in that
Before mr. cowboy screwed her tight.
I believed her then
And even as I’ve been screwed tight too
I still see gritty hope
Bobbing, floating, bouncing with the current,
Impervious to correction
Confident in direction
My god she said my book was trash
And still I wish for her
The ending she desires
How old was I
The first time I discovered
Will can trump gravity
Was I only four
When I spread my fins?
I should let go
I should sink and be done with it
But it seems I don't.
Probably because along side the hope
Look! Right beside it!
There is my corkscrew

Of a life
Holding on to my Daffy inner tube
Floating bobbing bouncing above a stubborn water line.


  1. Hold your head up high
    over that water line.


  2. Sometimes the white water of life just grabs hold and won't let loose. So find a log and hang on for the ride. White water always calms.

    Wishing you well,

  3. So THAT'S where my corkscrew went!!!!

    Lots of great lines in this one KJ.
    We'll help you keep your head above water~all of your peeps.


  4. Yes, have a wonderful time!
    even if you don't rhyme.

    poor Brian, i hope he's okay too.

  5. Relax..... Don't forget to bring your magic wand!


  6. I wonder who put up that sign. Brian himself? His jilted lover? A jealous ex-girlfriend? That sign is a poem in and of itself.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful vacation! and keep breathing deep, cleansing breaths. and enjoy yourself.....OK???

  7. It is possible to write poetry with an enchilada? I know it would be messy, but you might get some interesting results. :) There is no doubt in my mind that you will continue to float, even if you have to armor plate your Daffy tube and defend yourself with your corkscrew. I hope you have a wonderful, restful, fabulous week. xox!! Pam

  8. lynn, thanks! i haven't drowned-took in alot of water maybe :)

    annie, hahaha! you are so right! if hope floats, a log's even better! i'm headed to your place. i appreciate your visits, annie ♥

    suki, i think think think i will!

    lo, knowing you and so many peeps have my back is its own giant liferaft!!! (with a big giraffe head bobbing up and down). i'm keeping your corkscrew :)

    lori, thank you sf

    silver, now where did i put that magic wand???! hugs back to you too. look up: i might be waving!

    mim, ha! i always imagined that brian's best man put up that sign, i'm pretty sure on the morning of his wedding. i wonder how brian felt about it! thanks for your well wishes.i'm breathing, breathing. you too, mim, okay? ♥

    pam, i love that you get me. you always do: you notice the parts of what i write that make me laugh or that i especially am happy about. thank you prudie1. ♥

  9. I like what Lynn said. I think you can take the weekend off, make it up at the end. I wish you were coming a little closer to Taos :-(.
    Have fun, I love Sedona. xoxo

  10. Hang on, kj, for as long as you need to. You can sink anytime you want; you can come right back up, as well.

    I love the header, I sincerely hope Brian is alright... artist's place. I know you will write fantastical poems there, along with your stunning photographs! Have fun...I will be thinking of you!

  11. The great thing about floating is you can do it with minimal energy, just by not fighting the water.

  12. I was caught by the sign as well. Poor Brian. Yep, get in, shut up and hang on. It might be a bumpy ride but man, what a ride and it's better than the alternative.