Wednesday, November 03, 2010

# 4 of 30: Ode to Phat Cats

Pass the cake
for heaven's sake!
I need a donut
This very moment!
Please please
Where's the cheese?

Who cares for lean?
I want ice cream!

I'm ready to bite
A mocha delight!

Muffins and candy
Come in quite handy

Salads and fruit
are yuk absolute!

Look! I see licorice
inside that cute dish!

No scale for today
Instead creme brulee

Vanilla icing?
Who cares about pricing?

Portions and diets?
Don't ask me to try it!

Sweets take their toll?
I'll have two eggrolls.

So what if I'm taking
three slices of bacon?

I'd tell you to chill
If my mouth wasn't filled

Yum! Whee! Give me more
til my stomach gets sore

Unhealthy? That's right!
But what a fun night!

Happy hollidaise?
Here's brownies to praise!
What's that? I look ill?
I'll take a chocolate pill!!


  1. when did i become so intellectual anyway? :)

  2. You crack me up always, kj! You are a delight!

    Love those cupcakes! 2 please!

  3. i think the name of this post ought to be,

    yum yum yum!

    oh my kj you have a magical imagination. and i love the header photo, wine and bread, yes please!

  4. Hahaha!!!
    Great poem! Even I can foloow this one ;)


  5. I'm with Lori - yum yum yummy!!!!!

  6. Unfortunately, I think I have been living this poem for the last week or so - lol!! You are too funny! xox Pam

  7. Wow what a poem..its a yummy delight!

  8. I hope you saved a cupcake for me. fun poem.

  9. silver, this is the best compliment i've received in months! thank you, thank you ♥

    lori, look who's talking about a magical imagination: my sf with the skills to back it up! ♥

    marianne, yay!!!!

    mim, we collectively cannot eat our way through the holidays, right? right? xo

    pam, how well i understand. it's the halloween candy, isn't it? i had to buy candy i don't like in order to protect myself. how wrong is that?!

    budh.aah, hello, thank you. welcome back.

    suki, what could i extract from you if i offered you three cupcakes? hmmmm....... xoxox

  10. A-ha-ha-ha! I KNOW when that cover shot was taken! ;)

    A DELICIOUS poem! It is so SWEET!

    (Ms. KJB, the cupcake atop the display..that's the COLOUR I am aiming to create next year!!!!)

    Sending you many, many, MANY HUGS!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. :-). Someone is on a diet.This is so fun Kj. Keep going! xoxo

  12. Give me green beans
    instead of ice cream

    and fresh broiled fish
    in my candy dish

    you can tell by the bulge
    at times I indulge

    so bring on the wine
    the chips and the dips~

    second thought, better not!
    it'll go to my hips ;P


    tee-hee :)

  13. Can I say I love this poem????

  14. Oh this is the perfect poem for me today, I want to eat everything in sight.
    Love, One phat cat.

  15. Hee! Hee! For my daughter's 18th coming up, we have not one but two cup cake towers and a giant cup cake birthday cake! Wish you could come and share some X:-)

  16. If you peek on facebook you will photos of my personal cake-which was really a cupcake in a solid chocolate base with a solid white chocolate shape of frosting-I ate the cupcake and nibbled on the molded chocolate but tossed it....keeping over a pound of solid chocolate around can come to no good.

  17. xoxo we share the same cake display