Monday, November 22, 2010

Not a Poem: Don't Miss This Fabulous Turkey Dressing Recipe

Thank you M
This is my annual contribution to what I hope is a silly giggle of a thank-filled Thanksgiving holiday this year. It's too good not to pass on to others, don't you think? Please feel free to take it, make it your own, and share it with friends and foe alike.


  1. :-). Happy Happy Thanksgiving dear Kj and to JB and Stella too.xoxo

  2. Ha! I love this... too funny! I might just have to share this recipe :)


    p.s. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation - welcome back!

  3. geez you got me. I'm reading "popcorn" and thinking "oh that clever KJ...:)

    have a wonderful one dear friend

  4. This is TOO funny! I was reading it seriously....thinking..." ummmm popcorn...that's original"...till I got to the end (so to speak).....HYSTERICAL!

    Be careful where you stash the receipe though....Emily might really decide to make it! !!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  5. annie, i implore you to reread this recipe :)

    kristin, heeheeheehahahee!

    mim, we're both up late again :)
    you are so much a blessing i will give thanks for on thanks-giving day. take care, i hope your trip goes well, as well as possible. and i hope your turkey is moist!
    and i hope the gravy is yummy!

  6. hmmm...i will not be making not want turkey a** all over my kitchen...heehee

    happy thanksgiving dear!

  7. robin, heeheeheeheehahahee! (i am redundant, forgive me) :)

  8. Hahaha!!!! I can see it happening!
    In my oven there is no room for a turkey..... :(
    Can I do the trick with a chicken?


  9. Will this recipe work in the microwave?

  10. I have to confess, I glossed over the popcorn. This would make for an exciting Thanksgiving! Like the 4th of July, only culinary. :) xoxo!

  11. cute and funny. Hope you have a wonderful day w/loved ones feasting and laughing and enjoying life.

  12. I am just sooo tempted to try this out. I know I know, but really you can't be sure it won't in fact turn out to be just brilliant! And it'll be fun too. Maybe when Oliver is next over we'll do a controlled trial with a chicken. He'll be saying "it blew the ass of it" for weeks afterwards whatever happens. It sounds so funny when he tries to do an american accent.

    Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving KJ, you and everyone you love. xx Jos

  13. HA!
    I think I made this recipe once.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING,kj,,,,to you and all of yours!

  14. Always a winner! Happy Thanksgiving KJ!x

  15. This I gotta see. Nothing better than an ass blowing!!! The link to this was given to me by Jos...dear heart...who knew the laugh would do me good :)