Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily & The Desert Animals

Hello Mr. Froggy

& Hello Mr. Fat Rabbit with Little Ears

How Are You Timothy Turtle?

Oh You Scary Sort-of Lion!

I see you Ms. Giraffe.
Why is your head sticking out of the ground like that?

Oh you silly smiley face!

And who are you exactly?

It's an animal person! Looking too serious if you ask me!

And why oh why is kj willing to pay me
$ 25 dollars for this photo?
She says it's to gain back her reputation
after calling the pickle pictures something else.

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you.
Sincerely Yours,
Emily V.V. Rabbit


  1. I see you Emily! Happy, happy Thanksgivng to you and to all your many friends and relatives. xoxo

  2. Emily my dear...you have magic eyes! hop along now and have some tofu turkey.

  3. annie, thank you. i wish you frozen peas on earth.

    ms mim, tofu turkey? how about chocolate squash and minced jellies? and maybe topped with radish sprinkles. right?

    your friend,
    emily r.

  4. Ha ha Emily! These are great - especially Timmy Turtle! Hope your family Thanksgiving is wonderful! x

  5. emily, you have friends in the most appealing places. I always knew the desert was alive with wonders, just never this many!

    Happy Hoppy Thanksgiving!

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  7. Excellent Emily! From India happy thanksgiving.

    By the way are you sure its Timothy? I mean I am identified with Lance..


  8. What an imagination you have Emily. I hope you will enjoy thanksgiving. I wonder what your favorite dish is. could it be jelly bean pie?

  9. suki, you won't believe it! my very favorite is jellybeans with holidays sauce (did i spell that right?)


  10. hello caroline! it's nice to hear from you and kj said so too. i couldn't figure out how timmy turtle ate from way up there plus didn't he get dizzy?

    thank you lori. the desert was appealing but i didn't see any apple peels.

    shubhajit, i will go and meet lance. !

    yours truly

  11. Emiwee! It's me, Wrobin! Brrr....it's cold out here in San Fwancisco this morning...38!!!!! It's a good thing I don't have a lollie/jelly garden.... everything would be fwozen!

    I wish we were having hot chocolate with marshmallowwwwws....

    I wuv all these "dessert" photos!!!
    I had no idea you were such a good photogwapher.....but then, you are a multi-talented wrabbit! (I think that one "annonomwous cweature" looks like a Dwagon!)

    Sending you many, many, MANY hugs and kisses! (Please save some for Stella, JB and of course, KJ!)

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear, adorawable Wrabbit! MUWAH!

    Your Partner in Cwime!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole gang, Emily!!
    Love and hugs.

  13. I saw most of them!
    Just like looking at clouds.....
    HAW and love!

  14. Happy thanksgiving to you as well. Wish we celebrated it here, always makes me feel hungry! Lovely shots, really must go rock hopping over there one of these days,.

  15. wrobin, i hope no one makes fun of the way you talk. if they do you should let me know and i will throw frozen artichoke hearts at them.

    thank you marie who i am just getting to know and so far i like you and kj definitely likes you so happy thanksgiving to you too.

    marianne my best friend, yes! yes! like looking at clouds. except these were rocks oh or sometimes wood from trees. kj said you have been sick so please get better fast

    baino, kj said you are going to have quite a time when you visit the USA but you should not drink wine and climb rocks at the same time. at least i don't think you should just in case

    yours truly
    emily r.

  16. I had trouble seeing the animals before but now (with lots of eye straining and imagination) I see most of them.

    Most importantly I see a penis ;P


    May your jellybean pie
    reach to the sky
    and may your carrot cake
    have chocolate flakes.
    May lollipops be free all day
    and many blessings come your way :)