Friday, November 05, 2010

# 5: too far

It's November and it seems to me there is sadness in the air. Not just mine, and not just a sadness you can recognize or even challenge: this is more like a familiar blanket that wants to cover the outside, maybe for protection, maybe in honor of a time past or of something lost.
The last few days on the blogs--on my favorite wonderful blogs--there has been honesty, poetry, and inspiration about feeling less than chipper fine. I'll take those three gifts anytime.
So here is Poem # 5: not so silly today but surely no one expects silly from me ALL the time :)
The words spill out and over

Like floating cherrios

In an undersized bowl.


I cherished my own tenderness

nourishing me calm and wild;

Lifting me up and outside myself,

But too far, too far.


Secure and grounded

But when the view does not excite

I turn the corner and there I am

Still looking, still wishing:

Too far,too far.


  1. Lovely. No you can't be silly all the time. I find sadness is welcome as well as joy. It is bound to come, but know it will also leave just as quickly.xoxo

  2. I totally get the blanket of sadness KJ... It happens to me every autumn... the dying of plants and trees losing their leaves. The dark and dismal rainy days... I go inside so much more... introspective I guess...

    Hey wouldn't it be fun if I came for a visit! : )

    Love & Hugs to you ~

  3. I like your pemvery much.This time of the year does have it own sort of sweet sadness.

  4. You're preachin' to the choir dear friend.♥ A tough month so far for me too. But hey, here is my 2 minute poetic effort. And remember, I don't have a grasp on grammar, meters, nuthin! Okay. No judgin' ;)

    I'm overcome by disappointment
    Must be something in the ointment

    To ease my aches
    And pains and woes

    And rights me when
    I'm in the throes

    Of disappointment
    Towards myself

    Time to put this
    On the shelf

    I guess for now
    Until somehow

    I can love life
    right here
    right now.

    back to work.


  5. I like to think of it as a time of inward reflection.
    I see it not as sadness so much as a turn inside for review.
    It helps me deal.
    With the seasons, we too change. I believe modern man believes he should go and go and go.
    It is all prefect... the slowing to prepare.
    I love your words that are so effortless or seem to be to me!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. tough days. and silly all the time - au contraire!! have a lovely weekend

  7. annie, good for you! i don't welcome sadness and joy equally and quickly for me is not always quickly enough!

    pattee, autumn, yes. you've said this beautifully.

    angela, 'sweet sadness' that is a sweet description, but i'm not always able or willing to see it that way!

    lo, you my dear friend write fantastic poetry. whatever meters we don't know you're using, you're doing them just right!

    marie, i love to follow the way you see things. you are wise. it is indeed turning inward. ♥

    mim, one step at a time, together strong....

  8. hahaha! what does it mean that a serious comment has 'drompie' as its word verification? :) :)

  9. Yeah, less than a week into the month and I'm not pleased! Ack.