Monday, February 25, 2008

The Boo Hoo Flu

This is dedicated to Debra Kay and of course, my own sorry state of a self:
First my head
Keeps me in bed
Then my lungs
My teeth and tongue
Sore and tight
It’s just not right
My arms and legs
Weigh two kegs.
I deserve
To be better served
Than this sore throat
That can’t emote,
Even my toes
and both elbows
Not to mention
No attention
To all my chores
And open doors.
On my sleepy pillow
I’m a weeping willow
I rest my head
And pretend I’m dead
I feel like lead
tied to a bed.
Damn! Damn!
I’ve been slammed!
There’s nothing here to misconstrue
I have the fricking flicking flu.
Fortunately and however, all things shall pass... :)


  1. Slightly more literal than your usual stuff, but very cute, and to think, you managed to pull out of your stuffed up head. Now that's a feat!

  2. Bummer! Flu stinks. I hate the headache part or just about everything with it. Did you get a flu shot? That helps. Get well soon.

  3. Well done. I've taken to blogging in fingerpaintings, words are failing me these days. Living alone, I can indulge in the primal groan though, that seems to help a bit, for about five minutes. My next fingerpainting I will dedicate to you!

  4. fricking flicking flu! I'm off to get flu shots next week - just had our last weekend of Summer and had a flu almost the WHOLE time! Won't survive our Winter otherwise ... your poetry is SICK! That's a compliment :)

  5. It's making the rounds! Get well soon:>

  6. just gotta rhyme sometime, rm. :)

    ces, of course i got a flu shot. don't ask me how i got the flu, but i did, and it's been a doozy.

    debra kay, i'm going to try a primal goan. i hope my dog stella doesn't think it's a mating call.

    anon, my poetry is SICK? that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.

    carla, yes, it's making the rounds and then some. i've slept more than i did all of last month!

  7. Im amazed that you can still create a gem like this with the flu!

    Im gonna slip into doctor mode and say... rest.. fluids..more rest..vitamin C... and a few things that make you laugh ;)

    Love and soft healing light,


  8. Oohhh, too bad! I bring you some flowers to cheer you up. Get well soon, KJ!! Look here:

  9. Are you better ye? I hope you are. Have a beautiful Monday.

  10. "fricking flicking flu"

    Oh No! The Triple F!


    Hope you are feeling much better soon - and Debra Kay too!

  11. This is fun, the words, I mean, not your flu, of course.
    My wife has it as well.
    I hope your get better, real soon!