Thursday, March 17, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Good Advice from Emily Rabbit for Hard Days

Photo stolen but I don't know from who
Hello everyone, it’s me, Emily!
Where have I been? I’m not telling except I will say that I got suspended from school for sticking gum under my desk and then falling on the floor and kicking and crying when Mr. O’hare told me this was the 50th time he had told me not to do that and he was going to call my Mother and it was not my fault when I accidentally kicked Mr. O’Hare’s leg and he got so upset his glasses fell off and fell to the floor and it also wasn’t my fault that I was too busy crying and kicking to see that I rolled over his glasses and they broke and then when he sent me to the office I was so upset I knocked over two plants and they fell on the principal’s appointment book (it was not even my fault she had just watered those plants and the water got everything wet) and when she started yelling it made me cry and kick even more because really, who wouldn’t in a situation like that when everything is going wrong especially when it’s not even your fault?
Anyway, I thought I would tell you what to do when too many things happen all at once and you get blamed or punished and then you start feeling bad or sad when you really should be feeling glad because everyone knows that life is too short to let things get out of hand and feel bad when feeling glad is better for not just yourself but for everyone else too?
1. throw throw throw: I myself throw frozen peas and when I’m REALLY upset I might throw frozen brussels sprouts but either way give something a good slam and it will help you feel better. Some people hit tennis or racquet balls and kj likes to throw rocks in a pond. kj says you can even throw out old food from the refrigerator or clean the garage and that probably will help just as much.
2. Keep talking: why keep everything inside if saying something will help you get it out and maybe even you will get good attention? Okay, this didn’t help me too much because I still got punished for breaking things at school but I still felt better having my say about it (especially about the mean principal) and even though I had to write an essay apologizing I wrote 20 pages before I said the 'I'm sorry' part and on page 13 I snuck in that I thought the principal was a crybaby.
3. Wait an hour or a day: things can get better fast. Why worry when it’s possible that your problem is going to either correct itself or not look so bad if you can just wait it out? (You can always eat jelly beans while you're waiting)
4. Never underestimate the benefit of a good whine: (even if it’s just to yourself.) (I don't mean a good 'wine' because rabbits don't drink wine). Being brave and nice all the time is too hard and not the smartest, don’t you think so?
5. Take out your jelly bean collection and admire how nice it is. It always helps to enjoy something that make you happy. When I look at all the colors of my jelly beans, I immediately forget my problems especially the ones that are not even my fault and instead I nibble or notice how luscious my jellies are. That's what you should do too.
There. I hope that you have missed me and I will try to write more often from now on but I haven’t written not just because I got in trouble at school but because I have been busy getting in trouble other places too and even though trouble be bothersome to some, I am having a very good time not being good and I may even get paid for some of it but that is a story for another time which is not now.
Sincerely Yours
Emily V.V. Rabbit


  1. I couldn't agree more Emily,,,that principal IS a crybaby!
    I mean it was only water,,not like it was spilled milk, or anything.
    We have missed you,,,and it's always good to hear you haven't been spending your time being bored. Or boring.
    Jellies always make everything better,,so make sure kj always keeps in a good supply.Sounds like you're gonna need 'em.

  2. I might suggest throwing popcorn as an option. LOL. Thanks for your life advice Emily. I needed that. And hope some green jelly beans come your way today (thursday, St. P's day.)

  3. Good advice RR. I'll add one more. If you're having one of those days, go to bed early so it can hurry up and be tomorrow!!

    I like the one about the jellies. I surround myself with things I love too, and it helps.

    You're so wise, Ol' Irish Bunny ;)


  4. Dear Emily V.V. O' Wabbit,

    May your day be filled with peas and brussel sprouts (all green thingies) to throw - should you need to...

    May your garden begin to thaw from Winter's cold so the new crop of lollies and upside down cakes begin to bloom!

    May your basket be filled with tons of green (and other colours) jellies! know, the "Big Wabbit" Holiday is coming next month! Time to stop causing twouble at school and other pwaces - and start thinking about a new swimsuit!!!

    Lastly - I am so impwessed that you did not charge KJ for your advice! (And KJ is relieved - you were costing her a fortune!)

    Happy St. Patwick's Day to you and yours!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  5. Ah, Emily...I love this post, especially this sentence..."when you really should be feeling glad because everyone knows that life is too short to let things get out of hand and feel bad when feeling glad is better" are so right. This is all such good advice! Especially the one about cleaning out the garage...really hard work always helps me to put tough things into perspective.

    And I'm glad you managed to insert the fact that the principal was a crybaby. It was time someone told her/him that!!

    I can't wait to hear about your adventures/troubles that you've experienced lately! Have a happy St. Patrick's day, lovely Emily!

  6. I just came by to say hi. I am at work and don't have time to read such a long post but it looks like a fun one. Perhaps later this weekend I'll return. Take care!

  7. Wonderful advice, Emily... although wine doesn't usually hurt either ;)


    p.s. Please tell KJ I still need to learn how to make a heart :)

  8. Of course I missed you!!

    Love that school story I saw it as a movie in my head;) Sorry you got suspended. Too bad some people in schools have never been young themselves and don't have any sense of humor...

    Well some good advices there!!! Thanks
    Don't be away too long now dear!

    and HUGS

  9. Hi Emily! I am wondering if you have ever thrown frozen fruit, like a bag of strawberries? Seems to me they would give a pretty good 'thunk' when thrown. Maybe I'll try it later today and report back to you. :) xox Pam

  10. marion, that principal! do you know people like that too? i am thinking of using the popcorn kernel idea on her. do you think this will get suki in trouble as it is really her idea and if anyone got in trouble, it would probably be her, not me, right?

    lynn, 'SUCH A LONG POST?' WAAAAAAAAAAAA! i am not going to be paid for my writing this if anyone thinks i write too much and too long. maybe if you read it you will want to read even more. if you don't, are you okay lying about it?

    kristin, i told kj and she is going to tell you. do you think i should try some wine? i will if you recommend it.

    hello marianne!!! (purr purr) (hahaha, rabbits don't purr but you know what i mean, right?) don't you just hate fuddy duddies? i do. what do you think of suki's popcorn idea?

    pam, that is a fantastic idea!!!!!! i will let you know. i like you alot alot. i know you would get in trouble with me with no problem

    emily r.

  11. babs, you have been getting in trouble too, haven't you? i won't tell anyone.

    suki, popcorn? NO!!! i've tried it and it's no fun. it doesn't even bounce. BUT: you could leave the unpopped kernels on the floor for someone you don't like and maybe they will slide on them and fall and then you can enjoy that.

    lololo, go to bed early? WAAAAAAA!

    ms. robin, you are very smart. but i am alittle worried about your speech. are you okay? did you lose a front tooth?

    yours truly
    emily rabbit

  12. Emily Rabbit,
    what mischief abounds!
    I don't write you poems,
    You run with the hounds!

    I'm all for expressing
    what's dear in our hearts,
    But maybe the 'sprouts
    aren't quite where to start.

    We all have our days
    when life throws a curve
    and sometimes it's nothing
    but learning to SWERVE!

    So save up the peas
    Put the 'sprouts in the freezer;
    Poor Mr. O'Hare,
    (yes, you think he's a geezer)

    Would probably enjoy
    a nice bunny hug
    from Sweet Emily R.
    and then maybe a mug

    Of good bunny-cocoa
    and you both could just chat.
    At the end of the day
    it's as simple as that

    To clear up the problems
    that vex us these days.
    And then go hop of
    and play, play, play, play!

    Not that I think you will take my advice Emily....but hey, I'm old and have been there....

    Anne...armed with a 'sprout-proof shield

  13. i love your advice, emily. (and at first i actually thought you said never underestimate the benefit of a good wine ;-) but either works for me.

    i used to go and lock myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes (ok, probably not long at all when the kids were little) but it worked.

    you are a wery wise wrabbit.


  14. Emily, I've missed you so much! You really have some good ideas! The only advice I'm not so sure about is the talking one: it is very therapeutic, but you have to make sure you're talking to a trustworthy person or maybe the person you're having an issue with directly. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is sometimes hard to live down. Thank you for sharing, and say hi to kj. Lots of love and jelly beans!

  15. oh emily - you little rabbity rabbit you! you are so cute. be good and don't throw potatoes - that's all I ask

  16. Ms. Emily, you are the Queen of Rabbitland. Wise, beautiful and with a certain ehm... how do you call it? It!! Yes, it.
    When I have a hard day, I will think of this post and of you. Ab-so-lu-te-ly!!!

  17. anne!!
    i know i'm bad
    but afterall
    i'm just a rabbit
    with a haul
    of jellies
    and sprouts
    i should be nice
    but what about
    first i'll throw
    alittle ice?
    (i missed you and even kj did too)

    amanda, the bathroom is a very good place to fall on the floor and kick, don't you think so too?

    margaret, i think you should keep your heart in a cotton bag and not wear it on any sleeve unless you are sure the other person understands it cannot be dropped or it might break. myself, margaret, i only talk for real to nice people. the rest of the time i just whine. is that what you do too?

    mim, i promise.

    thank you wieneke. you are so nice i will give you 8 jellybeans if you want them but you should tell me what color because i don't like to share the green ones.

    yours truly
    emily r.

  18. i saw a bunny this morning!! and i said HI Emily!! (really) haha!