Monday, October 11, 2010

Easy People

I love this song. It was written by my writing guide, the occupant of the Big Yellow House, my friend Nerissa Nields, who performs it here at the Iron Horse in Northampton with her sister Katrina, who sings like an angel. They are known as the Nields and I am glad I walked into Nerissa's house one evening a few years ago, to begin to write.
The song makes me want to cry, I think because I wish Easy People for myself and for everyone I love and for that matter for everyone.
I'll let Nerissa and Katrina say the rest.
Note: why I cannot figure out how to properly copy paste a video is a small mystery, but this is the best I could do. Forgive me, Nerissa, for being left of center. But thanks to Marianne, I can advise you to double click on the video and you will have the pleasure of a full screen!


  1. I love this! Poetry and song are so closely linked in my heart. Robert Frost's banjo tomorrow....mondays he records a song himself.

  2. If you double click on the video it will open in a full screen....
    Beautiful song and performance.
    Hope you are Ok and rested dear after your Yart experience.
    I am home from a short trip and just had a good night sleep.

  3. easy people. Weren't we just talking about that?
    This town could certainly use some ;)

    Too early to put my speakers on. I'll come back later to enjoy the song.


  4. Lovely song, Kj, Lucky ducky. I hope you are having time to relax.

  5. Ah, KNOW I cried as watched this video...(insert "flapping hand" gestures here)....such beautiful, true words...

    Wouldn't it be great if everyone we knew WAS an "Easy Person"? Sigh.... but it sadly isn't always the way of the world... still, we must continue to go forward and love and hope and live....

    Love your new Avatar photo!!! Wow - KJB! And....back to "The Light Stays On" Casting....Glenn Close gets my vote!


    Love to you, JB amd of course, Stella!!!!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. That really is beautiful. Lyrics are my favorite poetry.

  7. so lovely. i like hearing sisters sing. their voices so often go together in a beautiful way. like the McGarrigle (sp) sisters.

  8. Hi Hunny i just popped in to give you a (((Hug)))

    ...and (Ps) When you add the clip, just look at the width measurement (there are two of them)and reduce them (ie) if it is 640 change it to 340... Find the measurement that looks right for your blog *kisses*

  9. ah i loved it too. how beautiful it was. have they made a cd kj?

    it's on you tube though so i can save it to listen to again and again. it's really really lovely.

    i'm glad you shared it with us. it's easy for me to see you are easy people.


  10. This song is so lovely! What a bonus for you to be friends with someone who can sing like an angel. I want easy people in my life,'s time. xo

  11. diane, my fellow writer, thank you for stopping by. i've been swamped but i'll be by your place soon. xo

    marianne, thank you, thank you. tsupmwah! when things slow down for me abit, the first thing i want to do is write to you. ♥

    thank you mark. i'm glad you like it.

    lo, did you hear it? did you hear it? i love the content look on nerissa's face. i was at that concert. it was fab. xoxo

    annie, relax NOT! i can't believe i haven't yet recovered from the YART fair! it's my own doing: i think i avoid boredom and suddenly--i'm swamped!

    robin, do you mean that skinny looking picture of me you took during the YART? i KNOW there is another side (wider--haha) but thanks for a feel good shot! and yes to easy peasy people. i want mostly easy peasy people! xoxo

    shubhajit, i'm glad. i owe you multiple visits. i'll get there, my friend! ♥

    cs, what a great thought. i think that's true for me too. xoxo

  12. barbara, i am so glad you liked it!

    suki, i don't know those sisters but i agree with you.

    vicki, tsupmwah! tsupmwah! thanks the advice but honestly, i don't even know WHERE to find those numbers!!!!!

    lori, the nields have a dozen or more cd's. i have some favorites if you ever want to know more. ♥

    marion, i love having songwriters in my life. it warms my heart. xoxo

  13. Wonderful. Tears, so good!!