Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Sometimes Six Words are More Than Enough

Artwork For Sale on Etsy by Zeng
Hello everyone! It's me, Emily. This week I am writing about kj's novel, kind of, which she is calling 'a novel in a paragraph' even though it's not always one paragraph.
kj is trying to write using only words that can't be left out because if they are there is no story. And she is trying not to use any words than can be left out.
Then today on the radio I heard about these books where people and I think rabbits too wrote a memoir about their lives using only six words. This is like the Six Word Saturday that kj sometimes does.
Anyway I thought it would be fun to do this too. Here are some examples from the books:
Loneliness: one egg in the pan
My life made my therapist laugh.
You want me to do what?
I still practice my AcademyAward speech.
And here are some of mine:
Get Lost! You over ripe Banana!
You are boring so go away.
If you are not nice, trouble.
Sometimes trouble is worth the fun.
Rabbits are smarter than every fish.
And kj told me I should include this six word novel,
by Ernest Hemingway,
because she says it really tells a whole story just like that:
For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn
I would like everyone who reads this today to write a story in six words. You can copy mine if you have to but why not try your own this one time? Maybe somebody will want to be friends with you just like that.
Yours truly,
Emily Rabbit


  1. I have a six word answer I sometimes secretly want to give to the question about when I might like to go out with someone again: "How about never? Does that work?"

  2. Kj - What planet am I on that I didn't realize you were an author? I am an author, too (children's books). I suck at marketing, too! I love that you suck at it! See how much we have in common? (is that 6 words: see how much we have in common - dang, it's 7. I'll work on it.) I'll be back with 6 words. :) xo Pam

  3. "Life is like that, it is!'
    Great post, made me think and this is going to be rolling around in my head for days now.
    Glad you had a great, if exhausting weekend.
    "Somethings are worth getting tired for".

  4. Someones love can span many miles

    Life is a bowl of cherries

    My pugs have a easy life

    Love lost is worth the gain

    Beauty from within shines bright outside

    Imagination should flow not be blocked

    Oh I better stop while Im ahead
    Too much of a good thing
    I run at the mouth endlessly
    I shall say goodbye right now
    One last thing is not forever
    But tomorrow will be as sweet

    Love kisses hugs my gypsy sister

    xoxoxo xoxox xoxxo xoox oxoxo xoxoo

  5. Today I did what I wanted.

    Housework can wait, the mural calls.

    Stop eating the birdseed, fat ass squirrels!

    Leftover Chinese food. God is good.

    My printer is so fucked up.

    Printer is STILL fucked up.

    I promise not to swear here.


  6. cs, i love this one and i won't be forgetting it! actually, i can't wait to use it. okay so it won't be about going out again, but it could work with a salesperson, or a fundraiser, etc etc etc :)

    pam, it is a treat for me too that we are both writers. you will find some excellent writers here on my blog, including marion and renee (of course) and lolo and melissa and's nice to get to know you! ♥

    marie, my fellow grandmother, i know you know about things worth getting tired for! i'll be thinking of six words too this week.. x0x0

    sonia!!!!!! how did you do this so easily and wonderfully?! my favorite is the first. how easily i know this is true from blog friends and heart sisters and gypsy sisters. ♥

  7. HAHAHAHA, lo. these are hilarious! you can say 'fuck' on my blog this one time just because you are so funny. fat assed squirrels and difficult printers. good thing you were at least blessed with the chinese food leftovers. xoxox!

  8. i choose to love anyway, dammit!

    of course i know my ass from my elbow (hahhaha) this was so fun to say i lost track of the word count. blame sonia and lolo--they got me rolling

    oh i just realized i am answering for emily and she is going to be very upset about that. she likes to run her own show on animal wednesdays. ooops


  9. cs, it's me emily. you should ignore kj. can't you just hear me perfectly saying this i am going to start using it right away.

    mr. ohare: emily, when are you going to finish your homework assignment?

    me: how about never? does that work?

    hee hee hee

    e. r.

  10. ms. yoborobo, yes kj is an author but don't you think it's more impressive to be a rabbit? i do...

    ms. marie, hello, i heard you are very nice but that sometimes you throw things? is it true? if it is, we can be friends because i throw things too. and i like to. :)

    sonia, love lost is worth the gain. please tell kj that so she will stop sulking 100%. i told her to only love anyone who loves her but she said it's not always that easy. then i told her 'wise up, move on, laugh more' so there.


    emily r.

  11. lololo, oooooooooh! you are not supposed to swear in front of little me. ooooooooh. and the f swear of all swears. oooooooooh. ps try kicking your printer and banging your fist on it at the same time. maybe you could yell that word too, everything at once.

    affectionately yours,

  12. Emily, I will give it a go: Adventure. She left her umbrella home.
    Beauty.Sunshine hitting the Taos mountain.
    Love.Open heart.Open arms.Give.
    Change. Let it come. Let go.
    Bliss.Be still.Be real.Breathe
    Heart sisters.Kj.Renee.And others.
    Okay, I have to stop, my brain hurts :-). xoxo

  13. It was too late to sing.

    I am concerned about Tasha's wig.

    For twenty cents, Herbert bought paradise.

    Simon loves Mary. Mary loves Rachel.

    Okay - I am not very good at this, but I said I would be back! ;) Pam

  14. I love Animal Wednesday so much!
    All the wonderful animals we see.
    Thanks for such a fun post!!


  15. I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

    11 words. I break the rules.

  16. jeez, annie, really nice! i like the heart sister one the most except you forgot me by mistake so it is really 7 words,right?

    pam, i showed kj what you wrote and her jaw dropped. she said you are definitely a writer and now she is excited you have found eachother. she can get mushy so watch out but mostly she is fun.
    i like the simon and rachel and
    mary one just because. :)

    hello ms. teri, it's all about fun, right? did you know i got arrested once for having fun and of course it was not my fault but that is behind me now and thank you for saying nice things. :)

    most sincerely,
    e. rabbit

  17. mim, i break the rules too! so we can have fun together, right?! i like that you used 11 words, that is a good idea. and did you paint those ducks for me? i was afraid to say f____ duck on your blog and kj won't let me say it here even though it is f____duck's name and lololo said it twice already.


  18. kj thank you for stopping by and good luck in the give away. OWOH is the best thing I could have done at this time.
    All of these wonderful artists lifting me up. I am so grateful.
    I was in pain and your words also lifted my heart up, thank you so much!

    Oh and Emily, I won't throw things at you, do you have some one else I could chuck things at? shhhhhhhhhh...I love it!

  19. marie, throw eggs at the sink and/or the garage wall. and don't forget to stomp your feet and cry very loud from your stomach. and throw frozen brussel sprouts at the walls if it gets really bad.

    i'm sure all this will work.


  20. Cocoa, cream, milk, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla. Ahhhh....


  21. oh emily, this is too much pressure, can i have some of my wine and chocolate first and then i'll be able to think better?

    wine and chocolate fix most everything!

    hey!! that was six words!!
    yay me!

    ♥ lori

  22. Emily-I said "and others" I had to include all the heart sisters and it would have gone over 6 words, however, I should have broken the rules :-).

  23. Emily, I am not very good at thinking at five am. All I could think of was Easy come, easy go...that phrase is now stuck in my head and I know it will be there all day. And it's only four words. But here's another one...One for you, one for me!

    (PS...the muse must be sitting somewhere and having her first cup of coffee, hee hee!)

  24. Interviews give me the heeby jeebies!

    Wisdom is not always part of ageing

    I shall not grow old gracefully

    Today I will smile at strangers

    Tomorrow I may stay in bed

  25. ms emily you really really rock
    had to write lots of reallys
    had my birthday today you know
    kj sent me a great message
    i love her lots you know
    do not cry, love you too

  26. Thursday.

    Still can't walk.

  27. Hemingway had a way with few words, didn't he? Sorry, can't stand memes myself - I'm the cat who walks by herself.

  28. What a challenge. I will give this a try since I have a three (maybe four-day weekend) in front of me. It will take me at least a day to mull it over and let it work on me.

    Hemingway's six words were so poignant and sad.

  29. Hmmm.. six words...
    Kj, as always, a challenge!!

    Here is mine for the week:

    Without pain, would one recognize joy?