Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday 13: Miscellaneous

1. I have no clothes. Honest. Somehow in our move last year my winter clothes disappeared. Everything but a couple of sweaters. So today I went shopping. I bought two tops, two pairs of pants, a sweater, a blouse, and a camesol.

2. I also bought sneakers. So I can walk in the Isle of Capri and the park next door.

2. I haven't heard from the blog police (Jessica) in a while, so I must be posting more descreetly

3. Did I already mention that jb and I commissioned a dog communicator, which is a fancy word for a psychic, to tell us about Stella's life before we got her? She spoke to Stella over the phone and told us what she said. Everyone we know is making fun of us but we thought it was great. And helpful.

4. The last time I was in Italy was 30 years ago. I will soon go again, with jb, to the Almalfi Coast.

5. Cherry Pie has tagged me for my favorite songs. I know my very favorite is George Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me".

6. Woo Hoo! The season opener of "Lost" aired last night. This is an awesome series, on every Wed. night. I don't watch much tv but I don't miss this if I can help it.

7. Last Monday the Big Yellow writing group resumed. It is called that because Nerissa Nield's house is big and very yellow. I was so glad to see Kris. I can't describe how great it is to hear people read their work outloud, and to read mine.

8. One of my favorite jokes is "How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?"
Answer: Just one, but the lightbulb has really got to want to change....) (smile)

9. This weekend Jess and I are taking my mother to her family reunion. There will be over a hundred people there and I will know about 20. My mother is the oldest and is known as "Aunt Rose".

10. No firewood, alas, in the household yet. Neither jb nor I can lift or carry--my back and her knee. We are thinking of putting an orthopedic doctor on retainer (smile again)

11. Our friend Heather is coming for the weekend. She and jb are enrolled in collage workshops at a nearby artisan school Sat. through Monday. When we get together, we talk all night and usually end up doing or discussing some kind of art.

12. Jess came to visit and stayed over last Friday night. We made pancakes Saturday morning and looked at pictures of her when she was a baby. Nothing--I mean nothing--is better than this kind of time with Jess.

13. I know I have misspelled two words in this post. One of the best teachers I've had used to say, "Perfect isn't coming today".


  1. Okay. I was stopped dead on my tracks on No. 1. "I have no clothes. Honest." Quite frankly, I have never tried blogging in the nude...

    What does the blog police do and who is she?

    kj, sometimes, I think of you as the best friend I should have met...

  2. ces, "the best friend i should have met." i like that. thank you sincerely. everybody in blog land knows we have a mutual fanclub.

    the blog police is jessica. she lets me know when i say something too revealing, ie once i posted my mother's name and the blog police gave me a citation immediately

  3. 13 made me laugh out loud that's a good one! 3 is cute! 5 now that's a beautiful song! i love Lost too! This Thursday 13 is so delightful and your life sounds fun!

  4. I like the idea of #3. I often wonder what kind of life Jango lived before I brought her to live with us.

    Great list, as usual, kj!

  5. I just love that you have a phone psychic for your dog!! (I do love visiting you on Thursdays -- or just after.)

  6. So are you going to tell us what the psychic said? Or are you hoping one of us will instinctively know thus providing you with a back-up should the other psychic prove unreliable?

    And the songs don't have to be fabourites, I loathe some of the ones I picked, but they just need to have some significance to you, the soundtrack of your life.

    Starting with Bay City Rollers doesn't bode well for mine. Gershwin, on the other hand, is great x

  7. What a fanatastic 13!!

    #3 -- how cool! A friend of mine and I were just talking about this the other day -- she said she tried to do it with a squirrel, who said to her, "Hey, lady, you got a nut?" I want to hear what Stella has to say.

    #6 -- You should have seen Eli and I watching the first Lost of the season (hands frozen and full of popcorn half-way to our mouths because we were mesmerized) I *love* the new female character, Henry/Ben still gives me the heebeejeebies, and I'm still trying to decide what I feel about the Others!

    #11 -- one of my all-time favorite college art courses was in collage and assemblage. It still hightly influences any artwork I do today.

    So good to read these 13 -- xoxo

  8. melissa, i felt so bad for jack, being trapped and trying to claw his way out.

    and the others living in a neighborhood community. seeing the plane break in two during their bookclub. unbelievable. i'm glued in for the season yet again.

  9. cherrypie, the psychic said she spoke to stella but not in words. she said stella at age 7 had never been a "pet"--she was on a chain outside most of time. occasionally her owner--a male--would take her hunting with him. stella had no idea how she came to be lost. she went out of her way to say she tried to be a loyal dog.

    she also said she was sick and overwhelmed at first here. she asked to be left alone and not forced to meet new people. she said we only know half of her--that she will be more loving and enthusiatic once she feels better.

    she told us it embarrasses her when we introduce her as a shelter dog--to let go of her past and stop feeling sorry for her. to live with her in the present!

    there was alot more, but that's the jist. after this "talk" it seemed that everything lightened up and we are all the better for it!!! honest.

  10. kj, oh for crying out loud. That psychic's pronouncements remind me of Raven in That's So Raven. Surely animals know whether they are loved or not. Even my daughter's rabbit hop to me to be cuddled and clambers up when I pass by her cage in the morning when I am wearing a suit. She knows I am going to work and it will be a while before she sees me again. She waits for my pet. I sympathized with her when she had rabbits out of wedlock after we left her with the pet store when we went on vacation. I was very upset and I told the store owner that they were treating the rabbit like an animal. Surely, those were my feelings I was introjecting to the rabbit, but I don't think she feels embarrassed that she had illegitimate rabbits or she herself cannot trace her lagomorph lineage? She's happy that she is loved, that she gets romaine lettuce and fresh carrots, yogurt treats, hay, nuts, grooming and rabbit perfume.

    Dang! I can be a rabbit pyschic!

  11. ces, push me too far and i'll arrange for the animal "communicator" to talk to your little rabbit and find out what he/she really thinks about the rabbit perfume. and other family secrets.


  12. cherrypie (and others): you can see i have now lost credibility with ces because i spilled the beans about the dog psychic.

    i am open to any suggestions to regain my dignified status.

  13. Whose family secrets, the rabbit's or mine? The rabbit may have more interesting secrets.